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This site is designed to be a free, comprehensive resource packed with well-researched information to help anyone who is fairly new to owning cattle; either miniature cattle, or other breeds of cattle that work well on homesteads. I am a retired rancher from Montana, and have owned registered & commercial cattle of many breeds; I have bred (both bulls & A.I.) and raised cattle on farms and ranches my whole life. Along with my lifetime of experience, an animal science degree in beef cattle with post grad emphasis on genetics, I have also spent years compiling a lot of special and useful information just for this website; for those who want to own cattle on a small acreage, and don't have time to do the research. I have lots of resources, graphs, charts, tables, lists, directories, classified ads, and anything else you can think of, to get started (plus lots more to come). Welcome and enjoy.

  Introduction to Miniature Cattle


Miniature Cattle breeds - art credit:
Breeds of Miniature Cattle in North America
10 Things to Consider When Choosing a Breed

Heritage Breeds of Cattle for the Small Homestead
Other Specialty or Exotic Bovines
Breeds of Miniature Cattle in other countries
  Shopping for Miniature Cattle

Miniature Cattle pages on Facebook


A little confrontation - Starburt miniature Herefords, Scotland Classified Ads Breeder Directory [the original homepage]
Miniature Sire Directory
Miniature Cattle Facebook Group Directory
A directory of FB groups about Miniature Cattle, and rare and heritage breeds for the homestead. Includes other useful groups, such as Livestock Transport, and Best & Worst Transport Reviews; both maintain Black Hat Transporter and Shipper Lists in files.
Directory of Auction Barns
Also see Biosecurity Closed Herds and Quarantine,
Also see DNA & Health Tests for Cattle (still in development)

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Learning about Miniature Cattle


Miniature Cattle for Sale

Why Own Miniature Cattle?
(the advantages and disadvantages of raising small cattle)
6 Markets for Selling Miniature Cattle

small aluminum measuring stick

free printable frame size comparison chart for cattle for printing
Frame Score (FS) Charts are an o
bjective, consistent method used across all breeds to predict the mature height of young growing cattle. Theoretically, an animal has the same frame score throughout its life. If you measure to determine the FS of a 12 month old calf, you should have a good indication of what height that calf should mature at. Basically, Miniature Cattle measure in FSs from 0 and lower. Cows are classified as miniature if they mature up to 42-43" tall (measure females at 3YO over the hip for the industry standard). Small frame cows (classic or mid-size cows) have FSs of 1-3, and will range from 43"-48" tall at maturity. Standard size (or modern breed) cows are from FS 4 to 8 and cows will mature over 48" tall. See charts for cows and bulls, printable versions, formulas, size classification terms, and comparison heights across breeds here...


Weight Measurement Formulas & Charts:
measure a miniatue cow to estimate her weight How to measure miniature cattle to estimate their weight using formulas and charts for cattle (and newborn calves). Cattle scales are expensive and usually not cost effective for homesteaders or small herd owners. But there are 2 methods to measure cattle for weight estimates. Method 1 uses 2 measurements, the heart girth and the body length, and a formula. Method 2 uses just the heart girth measurement and a special (inexpensive) livestock weigh tape with approximate weight markings on it. DIY's can use a plain cloth tape measure with the weight measure chart; a free downloadable printable version is provided here...

Judging Age of Cattle by their TeethGuide: How to Estimate Age of Cattle by Their Teeth.
Printable chart: How to age cattle by their teeth
8" x 20" reference poster (right) opens into separate window

temperament (source: Pinterest)More Charts:
Body Condition Score (BCS) Charts this page also includes:
     • 5-score and 9-score beef cow BCS charts
     • 5-score dairy cow BCS chart
     • formula to figure how much hay a cow needs in winter
     • udder score chart (for use with beef & dairy cows)
     • calving ease /difficulty score chart
     • 2 temperament charts (measured in chute & corral)

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Miniature Cattle » Breeding and Genetics

Aberdeen Angus - 1955, Perthshire
Miniature Sire Directory
Tests for A.I. Sires

How to Calculate Bloodline Percentage in a Pedigree

miniature Sire Directory Chondrodysplasia (BD)
(Everything you Need to Know About Dwarfism in Miniature Cattle).

DNA and Health Testing for Cattle
Lists of testable traits & health conditions
10 interesting facts about DNA mutations
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Coat Color (CC) Genetics this page contains 3 articles that together cover most of the coat color genetics in cattle. First, is a short article about the genetics of black and red (including the infographic also linked here on the left). Second, is a brief overview of the unique dun dilute color found only in Irish Dexter cattle. Third, is a discussion of coat color genetics in Galloway Cattle, by Alan S. Bias. The color genetics of Galloway cattle apply to many breeds of cattle. Included is a list of links to most of the main resources online about coat color genetics in cattle.
    genes for cowboys
Genes for Cowboys

Want to study cattle genetics a bit more? This is an online reference book written to help ranchers and agriculture students understand genetics relevant to beef cattle. Inheritance patterns; Mendelian Inheritance; Chromosomes in cattle; Fertility; Traits of Interest; Polled, Horned, Scurred; Coat Color; Behavior Genetics; Genetics of Beef Quality; DNA Testing for Cattle; Gene Mapping; References and Links. By Sheila M. Schmutz, Ph.D., Dep't of Animal Science, Univ of Saskatchewan, Canada
open up a Calving Gestation Chart
Calving Gestation Chart - opens full size in a separate window. The gestation length for cows is approximately 279-292 days from conception, or about 9 months long. Generally younger cows and smaller breeds may calve up to 10 days earlier than the average, while older cows and larger breeds may calve up to 10 days later than the average.
The American Hereford Association offers this handy online gestation calculator.
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Mini Beef Cakes

mini Beefcakes Care & Feeding of Miniature Beef Cattle;
beef cattle conformation, selection
Butchering, Harvesting, Meat cuts
Natural beef, GMO free, Organic beef
Antibiotic-free, Hormone-free
How to prepare and cook Grass Fed Beef (recipes)
Miniature Bucking Bulls coming to a town near you this summer...

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Mini Milk Maids

mini MilkMaids Miniature and Midsize Dairy Cattle Breeds
Breeding, Care & Feeding of Miniature Dairy Cattle by Milk Maid Lorinda, ID
Using Miniature Bulls in Dairies as Calving-Ease Sires
(breed dual purpose cows with more milk & meat)
by Suzy Minck (Milkmaid Ranch, TX)
A1 and A2 Milk
“Do I Need to Bangs Vaccinate my Heifers?”
Grass Fed Dairy, Raw Milk, GMO-free, Organic, Milk & Cheese Recipes

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Homestead Small Herd Management


cattle working formHerd management: Record Keeping, Health Program Calendars
Good Record Keeping is an important part of raising healthy happy Miniature Cattle. Vaccinations, disease prevention, pest control, and health issues will vary according to where you live and the breeds of cattle you raise.
Cattle Herd Health & Transport Record Form (left) Here is the first of many .pdf forms that can help new cattle owners keep records and start forming their own tailor-made yearly (and monthly) cattle herd health schedules... free download printable pdf; stay tuned for a whole page of links to forms to choose from, and ideas to make up your own custom forms. (~ this form is adapted from H&R Mini Herefords, OK)

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vintage breeds of miniature cattle Calving Season: Feed at Night, Calve During the Day, By SDSU iGrow Extension, Mar, 2018, Western Livestock Journal. “Yes, feeding affects time of calving,” Harty said. “Feeding cows later in the day and evening will increase the number of calves born during daylight hours, when it is easier for livestock producers to watch them more closely.” (Ranchers have long known and practiced this, it works for most livestock; to make your calving or lambing season a little less stressful, feed your pregnant stock every evening before dusk. They tend to spend the night ruminating and wait til morning to give birth. Generally, the baby determines what day it is born, but the momma (her environment) determines what time of day it is born).

How to Influence Gender of the Calf Naturally (is it just folklore?)

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  horns are loved on rodeo bucking bull stock Should You Dehorn Your Cows? [video, 7:10] Interesting research on whether horned cattle function better than cattle with the polled mutation. If you do dehorn, paste de-budding is the only humane way to dehorn, done when a calf before the horn buds begin to grow.
Cattle Guards: What you don't know could really hurt (your livestock)
Herds of Cattle Fax Lots of cattle facts & interesting tidbits of information
Cattleman's Glossary of Terms. When you don't know what it means, check here first.
Farmers Almanac times

The Farmers Almanac - THE book for planting and working your livestock by the signs; best days to castrate, harvest etc. ONLINE: check here for dates.

As Useless as Teats on a Bull? Well, we would like to question that old saying. Australian Newsletter, "Hormonal Mail," April 2016

Manure Scoring (who knew?)
Manure scoring can help cattle owners determine what (if any) supplementation their cows may need. Cattle do need to be in good health for manure scoring to be accurate. Manure scoring is a valuable tool to determine the quality of nutrition the cow has recently consumed. It can help prevent loss of body condition--all by looking at the manure pat. There is even a free app available for your smart phone, "Cow Poop Analyzer," put out by Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service.

“Attitude is everything in life. You can either complain about what happened, or remember how sweet the milk tasted.”


    How to Tie a Quick Release Knot (use on the lead rope when halter training for safety when tied)
open large printable version
  Click here to open a full size chart showing where to measure to order the proper size halter.

Perri's mini cow halters
“Derby” Nylon Small Cow Halter: black, blue, emerald green, hurricane blue & raspberry
“Weaver Leather” Nylon & Leather Cow Halters: blue and black (also available at TSC)



Homestead Cattle Links » Miscellaneous ...and Just For Fun

    Cows: Please Close Gate From Big to Small to Big to Small: A 3-article Pictorial History of Cattle Changes Over the Years
Farm Wife Facts
Homestead "Cow Crafts"
Vintage Cattle Clipart, Cattle in Artwork
Webdesign Fun: Cattle Clipart & Backgrounds
Free adult coloring pages featuring cows, & gift ideas
(I have run across so much neat free stuff, thought I'd
gather it up and share here when I get caught up)
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some BC BS on the ranch
Homesteading articles
Self Sufficiency articles
LGDs & Stockdogs
Homestead & Self Sufficiency hard-to-find specialty products
(Have researched some pretty neat stuff that I am going to try out, and will recommend to readers if I approve) ... stay tuned ...

Miniature Cattle pages on Facebookmore about this website

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