Belfair Cattle Registry (BCR)

Photo credit: Renee Ekum,Triple E Acres Farm, Wisconsin

Belfair Cattle Herd Book Registry Incentive for New Members:

The Belfair Cattle Registry offers new members who join the opportunity to register or transfer any animal regardless of age for the special price of $10 per animal during their first year of membership. Registering and identifying your animals is an investment that can increase value by knowing and documenting their ancestry.

Belfair Cattle Herd Book Registry Rules and Regulations

Registry Forms & Fees

We will have Belfair forms and fees made soon. In the meantime, the International Dairy Cattle Registy (which is a large dairy cattle registry in the International Livestock Registries open herd book) offers the same basic forms and the same low fees, and you are welcome to use them for now. Just indicate on the paperwork that the application is for the Belfair Cattle Registry. You can print off pdf forms, mail them in with a check, or you can email a filled out form and call ILR in Missouri and pay with a credit /debit card. The registration certificates will be printed for Belfair Cattle. If you have any questions or need more instructions, you can call Dennis Russell or (me) Donna Grace. My number is 406.591.6568. Text me first, and I can call you back, because I get truck loads of SCAM & SPAM phonecalls every day, and my voice mailbox fills up fast.



Belfair Breeders Group (Facebook) Belfair Breeders Group on Facebook

Dairy & Dual Purpose Quality Assessment:

Dairy Cattle Conformation Traits: Classification: Breakdown, an easy-to-use visual guide on how to judge desirable dairy cattle conformation (


Belfair Cattle Registry (BCR)
an International Livestock Registries (ILR) Herd Book