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There is no affiliation on this website to any breed or registry. I am not trying to sell you anything or convince you of anything. [I may offer paid ads to support the site]. I answer to only you and me. I am Donna Grace, a lifetime AI tech and retired Montana cattlewoman [Bucking V Outfit]. I have always loved miniature cattle, and have owned a mini Beltie and a mini Highland in the past, and a buffalo. When we ranched I bred and marketed several breeds (including commercial cow-calf herds, and purebred registered seedstock cattle including Limousin, Simmental, Marchigiana and Salers). I have AI'd registered purebred cattle all my life.
I keep this updated on the homepage of I list as many miniature cattle breeders that I find who wish to be included. I list breeders of miniature, unusual, rare, heritage, or other specialty breeds (and species) of bovine. As content and listings increase, the Directory format may separate by breeds.
Submit a Breeder Directory Listing: email with • ranch/farm name • website address • breed • proprietor's name(s) • city & state • 1 tel no • 1 email • a small blurb is welcome, but keep it brief. Thank You for your listing.
Miniature Bull Sire Directory. This is a directory of miniature bull genetics -- frozen semen or embryos available to cow owners. Bull owners need to gather as much information listed on right as possible for their Sire Directory listing. If you have or know of more sires that belong here, send them or their info to me so I can add them to this free directory.
Submit a bull to the Miniature Bull Sire Directory: email with photo of bull • bull's name • breed • ranch/farm name • website address • proprietor's name(s) • email • blurb about the bull, FS (his height), BD (chondro) status, polled /horned /dehorned • weight • birth weight • calves' BWt • registry • semen price / straw • location, shipping & ordering information, etc. Thank You for your listing.
I am happy to list an ad for any miniature cattle or specialty breed bovine you have for sale. I don't charge for classified ads at this time. I depend on you for updates and removal of ads for cattle when sold.
Pinned Ads are for products or services and go on the left column of the classifieds page. Paid Display ads for cattle post to the right along with the free ads. When your ad here sells successfully, send $25 (check, Facebook or PayPal; we'll follow up then). If your sale concludes but not thru this site, let me know and I can take it down (no charge). Suggestions for what to include in your ad: »
Submit a free Classified Ad: email with description • breed • Fullblood, Purebred, composite or crossbreed (see glossary for definitions if unsure) • BD (chondro) status • age • gender • color • LOCATION (your state) • phone • email • Thank You for your ad.
DISPLAY ADS or Pinned Ads are offered as a paid option for guaranteed photos, top placement and to remain until sold, or for a specified length of time that works for you.
This site is a central source website for all breeds of Miniature Cattle--from English and Zebu--to old Heritage--to newly developing breeds and composite crossbreeds; as well as any "exotic bovine" such as Beefalo, Buffalo, Yak, Watusi, Water Buffalo, etc. I will soon be uploading pages with information and resources for all the different breeds and species.
I am not affiliated with any miniature cattle registry. I have been a member of many different livestock, horse & stockdog registries over the years. I started an international rare breed registry in 1999, which is still flourishing today. As the founding president, I had years of experience inside that registry. I am familiar with the needs and concerns of breeders. I am also very aware of a registry's purpose and responsibilities in meeting the needs of its members and the industry. I personally frown on registries with conflicts of interest, when registering animals that only they (the registry founders) have produced from proprietary composites that anyone can (and do) produce. If a registry produces a composite, and proclaims it as a new breed, with a proprietary trademarked name, and does not accept other animals with the same composite makeup, that is a conflict of interest, and is only serving registry officials and owners. That is not serving the industry. A registry should serve its members, not vice versa.
On the links page, we have a cattle gestation table, a Glossary of cattle terminology. We have a page on How to Make Money with Miniature Cattle; a Frame Score page with charts, tables, scores , illustrations and corresponding height divisions and terms. We have a page about the genetics of BD dwarfism that exists among some miniature cattle and what you need to know about it. We have a page with a chart and formula for how to determine the weight of cattle with measurements. We have a page that explains & illustrates Body Condition Score, which also includes a Calving Ease score chart, Temperament Trait scoring charts, and an ear year chart. In the works: A page about all the different miniature cattle breeds and comparisons, and a page about all the different mini and homestead cattle registries and comparisons. A directory of Miniature-Cattle Facebook groups.
Wherever you live, you can keep in touch with the local Auction Barn managers, and let them know to keep a watch out for a special animal that could come through the local barn any time. They often will remember you, or keep that info handy and give you a call when something unusual shows up that you were looking for. Auction barn animals must be quarantined from other healthy cattle for a time. Contact your local livestock veterinarian for advice. If you know of another barn I should list here, let me know and I will add it. Submit a Local Auction Barn: email with • name of Livestock Auction barn • LOCATION: State • LOCATION: City • phone • website • Thank You for your submission.
Readers' submissions and suggestions are welcome and encouraged. Feel free to submit helpful miniature cattle information, articles or links that you'd like to see on this site. reserves the right to edit submissions to keep in line with this website's dedication to objective impartiality. Email me any time:

Thank you to all, it is truly an honor to be involved with so many great people. This is what it is all about, working with you and your breeding programs and goals to continually improve Miniature Cattle and this industry. Your success is our success.

CAVEAT EMPTOR / Bucking V Outfit, makes no promises or guarantees, express or implied, about any breeders, animals or registries listed on the Miniature Cattle website. All transactions between breeders and visitors to this site are the sole responsibility and at the risk of those concerned parties only. strongly recommends first-time Miniature Cattle buyers to spend plenty of time researching Miniature Cattle and their genetics, and their breeders, and to listen to as many opinions as possible before making a financial investment in their first minicows or specialty bovine breeds.

No preferencial support of any registry, breed, breeder, or program, over another, is intentional. The purpose of this website is to provide facts for comparison, with as much complete and unbiased information as possible about all aspects of miniature cattle and their ownership. Any ommissions or mistakes are purely unintentional. occasionally re-posts information gathered from internet public domain areas. The intention is to network, be helpful and productive, and perhaps increase traffic to your site too - not to overstep any bounds. If I have neglected to give any proper credit, or if you want something of yours posted here to be updated, changed or removed, just let me know.

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