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  • Chondrodysplasia (BD) (AKA Chondro, Bulldog calf, BD gene, Dwarfism).
  • Skeletal dysplasias are disorders of the bone and cartilage tissues.
  • Dwarfism is the most common result, and occurs in many animals.
  • There is more than one kind of dwarfism in cattle.
  • In miniature cattle, there is one kind of dwarfism we know of (BD).
  • BD1 dwarfism first occured in Irish Dexter cattle centuries ago. BD1 & BD2 exist today only in Dexter, no other miniature breeds (unless they are crossbred with Dexter). Read the rest of the story here ...
height classifications
small aluminum measuring stick Frame Score (FS) Charts. Frame Score charts are an objective, consisten, convenient method used across all breeds to predict the future mature height of young growing cattle. Theoretically an animal should have the same frame score throughout its life.
Miniature Cattle range in FSs from 0 to •6. Miniature cows mature up to 43" tall.
Classic (small frame, midsize ) cows are FS 1 to 3, with mature cows 43"--48" tall.
Modern (standard size) cows are FS 4 to 8 with mature cows over 48" tall.
See Frame Score charts for both miniature bulls and miniature cows, including printable versions, with all size classifications and heights for comparison. Industry standard for terminology applied to Miniature Cattle; how to properly measure cattle height, here...
Weight Measurement Formula & Weight Chart: How to Measure Miniature Cattle to Estimate their Weight. Measure weight formula and charts for cattle and newborn calves. Cattle scales are expensive and usually not cost effective for homesteaders or small herd owners. But there are 2 methods to measure cattle for weight estimates. Method 1 uses 2 measurements, the heart girth and the body length, and a formula. Method 2 uses just the heart girth measurement and a special (inexpensive) livestock weigh tape with approximate weight markings on it. Or, use a plain cloth tape measure and a measure weight chart. A free downloadable printable version is provided here...

Hans Peterson

More Charts:

  • Body Condition Score (BCS) charts
  • Disposition (temperament measured in chute & corral) Score charts
  • Calving Ease (Difficulty) chart
  • Ear Year (tattoo) chart

(left: Hans Peterson, MI)

What is a Breed. An excellent (Cliffs Notes style) history of type, breeds & purity of British and Continental breeds in America. Beef Magazine.
Creating Breeds and Composites,Texas Cooperative Extension and Texas AMU

How to Make Money raising Miniature Cattle, small frame, heritage, or rare breeds of cattle.

The advantages and disadvantages of raising small cattle.
Glossary of terms
Miniature Cattle pages on FacebookMiniature Beef & Dairy Cattle Glossary of Terms. Proper terminology will help miniature cattle owners and breeders align more accurately with the rest of the cattle industry, and can help assist new buyers and even new sellers (new to cattle ownership) avoid misunderstandings.

Miniature Cattle Facebook Group Directory
(group name, approx number members summer 2018, main admins). There are quite a few FB groups about Miniature Cattle. There are also regional groups listed below each region on the classified ads page, as a convenience to shoppers.
open up a Calving Gestation Chart
Calving Gestation Chart: A cow calving table. The gestation period for cattle is approximately 279-292 days from the first mating or about 9 months long. Generally younger cows and smaller breeds calve up to 10 days earlier than the average, while older cows and larger breeds can calve up to 10 days later. The American Hereford Association offers this handy online gestation calculator.
Perris Mini Cow Halters
open large printable version
Perri's mini cow halters
“Derby” Nylon Small Cow Halter: black, blue, emerald green, hurricane blue & raspberry
“Weaver Leather” Nylon & Leather Cow Halters: blue and black (also available at TSC)

Click here to open a size chart to help order the proper fit in a small cow halter
How to Tie a Quick Release Knot (to use on the lead rope when halter training; adds safety when tied)
Breeds of Miniature Cattle
Guide to Miniature Cattle breeds, old breeds, new breeds, composites & registries. Breed traits, facts & comparisons, with registry links.
in development now: Heritage Cattle Breeds & Registries. Breed traits, facts & comparisons.
in development now: Unusual & Specialty Bovine Breeds & Registries. Breed traits, facts & comparisons.
Should You Dehorn Your Cows? Youtube video, 7:10. This video addresses several aspects on whether horned or polled cattle might do better. Years ago, one of my favorite professors in animal science beef cattle course said, if you have a cow you really, really, hate, dehorn her... that is the greatest amount of suffering you can put a mature cow through for the longest possible length of time. I never dehorned any of my cattle, and always refused that chore at brandings. I don't mind horns on my cattle. I never did paste (disbud) my calves (although I have done for others), but that is the humane way to dehorn, it is easy on the calf. This video is perhaps a bit soppy, but the research and info is very interesting.
Judging Age of Cattle by their Teeth


Guide: How to Estimate Age of Cattle by Their Teeth.

Printable poster (left): How to age cattle by their teeth: 8" x 20" reference poster


Calving Season: Feed at Night, Calve During the Day, By SDSU iGrow Extension, Mar 22, 2018, Western Livestock Journal. “Yes, feeding affects time of calving,” Harty said. “Feeding cows later in the day and evening will increase the number of calves born during daylight hours, when it is easier for livestock producers to watch them more closely.” (Ranchers have known and practiced this for years, it works for sheep too; to make your calving, lambing and kidding season a little less stressful, feed your pregnant stock every evening before dusk. They tend to spend the night ruminating and wait til morning to give birth--the baby determines what day it is born, the mother determines what time of day it is born).
cattle working form

Good Record Keeping is an important part of raising healthy happy Miniature Cattle. Here is the first of many .pdf forms (more on the way) that can help new cattle owners keep records and start forming their own tailor-made yearly (and monthly) cattle herd health schedules. Disease prevention, pest control, and health issues will vary, according to where you live and the breeds of cattle you raise.

Cattle Herd Health & Transport Record Forms (left) free download printable pdf; have a whole page coming of excellent record forms to choose from, ideas to make up your own custom forms that will help you.
(~ adapted from forms posted by H&R Mini Herefords, OK) customize as needed for your herd.

mini Bucking Bulls!
When Mini Bulls Come to Town's Miniature Bucking Bull page. Associations, contractors and mini rodeo bull breeders.

"Flank It" is the Logo of Gary Leffews Bull Riding World school, sponsor of the International Miniature
Bullriders Association World Finals--Sept 13-15, 2018 in Oklahoma. “Practice does not make perfect, unless you practice perfect. Come train with the Guru! We have great mini bulls for all levels of riders.”
Genes for Cowboys. Want to understand the genetics behind breeding cattle a bit better? This is an online reference book written to help ranchers and agriculture students understand genetics relevant to beef cattle. Inheritance Patterns; Inheritance; Mendelian Inheritance; Chromosome Considerations in Cattle; Fertility; Cattle Traits of Interest; Polled, Horned, and Scurred; Coat Color; Behavior Genetics; Genetics of Beef Quality; DNA Testing for Cattle; Gene Mapping; General References and Links to Cattle Genetics Sites. By Sheila M. Schmutz, Ph.D., Department of Animal Science, University of Saskatchewan, Canada.

Manure Scoring (who knew?)
Manure scoring can help cattle owners determine what (if any) supplementation their cows may need. Cattle do need to be in good health for manure scoring to be accurate. Manure scoring is a valuable tool to determine the quality of nutrition the cow has recently consumed, and it can be used effectively to adjust supplementation to prevent loss of body condition. All by looking at the manure pat. There is also a free app available for your smart phone, Cow Poop Analyzer, put out by Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service. With the app, you have pictures to compare to what you see in your pasture, that help determine the approximate crude protein and digestibility of their current forage / food intake.

Bull or Heifer? ...the Old Timers' Way -- How to influence calf gender, passed down “grandfather homestead wisdom”

Cattle Facts Facts & tidbits about cattle (some helpful, some interesting, some fun)

Farm Wife Facts (strictly for fun, well, some "facts" might be useful?)

the Farmers Almanac

As Useless as Teats on a Bull? Well, we would like to question that old saying. Australian Newsletter, "Hormonal Mail", April 2016

The Farmers Almanac
- Best Days To: (castrate, harvest etc)
for Farm Animals (check here for online dates).


Guernsey portrait: Milk Cow Face,


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