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Most Miniature Cattle are used to provide healthy homegrown milk and/or beef on a small acreage. Some are also considered family pets. Some Miniature Cattle breeds are remnants of old breeds that have survived over the years. Miniature Cattle breeds are selected for beef and/or milk production in a miniature size, for their friendly temperaments -- and sometimes even for bright colors or fun markings. Lots of Miniature Cattle are mixed cross-breds or composites. Crossbreds are usually not registered, and are produced by small homesteads to meet their particular needs. Composites are planned cross-breds that meet specific purposes or standards. To record the breeding and degree of achievement attained, composites are usually registered by their breeders. Specialty breeds included here are not miniature breeds--although most are smaller cattle. They are unique or niche breeds of bovine. Most are rare here in North America. Some are heritage breeds, that are rare and are being preserved or recovered from the past. Some are unique bovine species, such as Yak or Bison.
Dexter     • White Dexter



Traditional Small American Beef Cattle
The traditional small sized Angus and Hereford beef cattle of yesteryear have been preserved over the generations by a few breeders, and today are making a major comeback. Today's American Aberdeen Angus (or Lowline) and traditional smaller-framed American Hereford cattle are demanding a second look in today's beef market due to their profitable performance, efficiency and calm temperaments. These original breed cattle are selected for beef production, and are not generally considered to be Miniature Cattle.



Miniature Cattle Breeds

go to top Belted Galloway
Sunny Brook Camelot
Breed: miniature Belted Galloway semen
Bull: Sunny Brook Camelot reg# 10875
DOB: 9-3-2006 - BW: 67
Semen price: $30 a straw (5 straw min)
Parrotte Cattle Co LLC • Jason & Chelsea Parrotte • Stockton Missouri • 660-953-0271 • email: • Registered Lowlines and Belted Galloways. Focusing mainly on Registered Lowlines, Registered Belted Galloways, and Lowline x Beltie crosses. We are a small family run cattle operation that strives to have calm-natured, structurally sound, quality beef with desirable conformation.


go to top Dexter (Irish Dexter)

American Dexter Cattle Association
registered ADCA Dexter A.I. Sire Directory:
Artificial Insemination Bulls

Euchee Creek Farm
Cushing, Oklahoma

Euchee Creek's Red Sonny
He has a wonderful disposition, he is DNA tested A2/A2 and homozygous polled. He is Red E+/E+ B/b for color which means he will pass on wild red to his offspring, and Non Carrier Chondro; Non Carrier PHA. His dam was one of our best cows. He was 45" at his shoulder as a two year old. Sonny is a super easy-to-handle easy-going bull. He has super hooves. Comes from lines known to improve both hooves and udders. $75/ straw, 10% discount for 5 or more straws.

SF Ferdinand (ADCA) Someday Maybe Farm Forestville, NY
Traditionally bred bull, genetically horned, calm, even temperament
dark mahogany dun (Ed/E+), carries red
non carrier of PHA and Chondrodysplasia
Milk Protein Test is A2/A2
47" at the hip at nine years. 63" from shoulder to pins
$30.00 per straw

Galaxy - Freedom Farm bulls Freedom Farms LLC Warren & Sally Coad
For Sale: Semen on 4 Registered Dexter bulls.

FF Freedom's Habanero #036252 homozygous polled, A2/A2, red homozygous dun, Chondro Positive, non PHA. This is a Valor son. Height at 1 yr. 37" at the shoulder, nice docile bull! Limited availability. $75/straw.
FF Freedom's Valor #026101 heterozygous polled, A2/A2, red homozygous dun, non Chondro and non PHA. Height at 5 yrs 46" at the shoulder. Extremely well mannered docile bull! $50/straw.
Aislinn's Red Dandy #031407 homozygous polled, A2/A2, red carries dun, non Chondro and non PHA, great calm temperament! Height at 3 yrs 44" at the shoulder. $75/straw.
FF Freedom's Galaxy # 032420 homozygous polled, A2/A2, red carries dun, non Chondro and non PHA, super docile temperament! This is a Valor son and my personal favorite. Tends to throw his temperament and bulk on his calves. Height at 3 yrs 44" at the shoulder. $100/straw.

RDC-Rainbow Lucky Ace
Clay & Patti Adams
Wakarusa Ridge Ranch
Overbrook Kansas
For Sale: Dexter semen from 30 registered Dexter
A.I. bulls to choose from, collected over the past 40 years.
~ Patti Adams, Dexter Cattle Enthusiasts


go to top Scottish Highland cattle
miniature Scottish Highland bull

BD1(-), 39" tall at five years of age
straws $100 each, 2 straw minimum
+ shipping out of Pontiac, Illinois
Contact Kathy Kruk;
Duncan has one calf on the ground so far out of a 42" cow;
calf height at birth was 24" and weight was 52 lbs.

Trembath Mtn Ranch
Miniature Highland Cattle are fairly rare and we have the largest herd in the U.S. Our mini genetics go back 30 years. Trembath Mtn Ranch CA (formerly Blue Dawn Farm OR) Miniature Highland bulls frozen semen list (Spring 2016 prices)
We have a number of bulls available with semen priced from $60 to $750 per straw. Semen under $200 per straw is 4 straw minimum. Semen $200 or more per straw is 2 straw minimum. FOB Oakdale, CA 95361
Trembath Mtn Ranch, PO Box 22, Fiddletown CA 95629,  209-245-4900.
BDFs Malcolm
2003 40" (@2yrs) dun bull, BD1(+)
frame score -3.5
Semen $150 / straw, 2 straw minimum. FOB Oakdale, CA 95361.
Trembath Mtn Ranch,  209-245-4900.
TMRs Graham
2005 42" (@3yrs) black bull, BD1(+)
frame score -2.5
Semen $50 / straw. FOB Oakdale, CA 95361.
Trembath Mtn Ranch,  209-245-4900.
Pattersons Ceasar
2008 41" (@4yrs) (red base) brindle bull, BD1(+)
frame score -3
Semen $50 / straw. FOB Oakdale, CA 95361.
Trembath Mtn Ranch,  209-245-4900.
note: Ceasar is 3/4 Highland, 1/4 Dexter
TMRs Hamish
2008 36" (@3yrs) (light red base) brindle bull, BD1(+)
frame score -5.5
Semen $350 / straw. FOB Oakdale, CA 95361.
Trembath Mtn Ranch,  209-245-4900.
Ruatiti's Mac Tavish
2003 36" light red bull, BD1(+)
frame score -5.5
Semen $400 / straw. FOB Oakdale, CA 95361.
Trembath Mtn Ranch,  209-245-4900.
note: bred by Ruatiti Fold, New Zealand
2005 39" (@11yrs) black bull, BD1(+)
frame score -4
Semen $200 / straw. FOB Oakdale, CA 95361.
Trembath Mtn Ranch,  209-245-4900.
note: For Sale w/ some retained breeding rights: $4700


go to top Jerseys, Miniature, Lessor, Irish (Belmont), mid-size
Dexter Corner Lessor Jerseys

Dexter Corner Lessor Jerseys
Tim O'Donnell
Altamont, IL
Lessor Jersey bull semen for sale.
All bulls are registered with the IMCBS.
Semen is shipped frozen by UPS regular ground
shipping in Illinois approx $80
shipping outside Illinois approx $125

Tim got his first Jersey in 1974. He started the Irish Belmont Jersy (by breeding purebred Jersey down in size with Irish Dexter). Now he breeds the pure miniature Lessor Jersey, which he breeds to improve udder and increase milk production in Belmont/Irish Jersey and Dexter cattle. He introduced the miniature Jersey breed nationally and internationally. He was the first breeder to have semen drawn and to offer it for sale nationally.

Rush Farms Kristoff ~ A2/A2 heterozygous polled, 31 months - 41" to the top of the hip, 100% Foundation Pure Miniature Jersey

TDH Dino Smurf ~ A2/A2, homozygous polled, 35.5" @ 17 months of age, sweet disposition, excellent milking background

Fraziers Credentials (Rio) ~ A2/A2 heterozygous polled, 41" at 27 months, great little bull, wonderful attitude and terrific milking lines.

TDH Miniature Jerseys

Toni Duke & Tiffany Hairston, Danbury, Texas.
phone 281-704-0920 email
$75 per straw, buy 10 get 1 free

Sure Shot, LLC
Sara Haas
Gering, Nebraska
(303) 931-9950

Mix and match bulls from the selection.
The shipping charge is approx $100-$125 per shipment.

International CSS semen available for most countries.
We have semen already stored in Canada
available to Candian customers.

Sure Shot Southern Comfort, PB, (-), homozygous polled, A2A2, $75
Sure Shot Johnnie Walker, PB, (-), (de)horned, A2A2, $75
Echo Valley Farm Jameson, PB, (-), polled, A2A2, $75
Sure Shot Ambassador, F/P, (-), (de)horned, A2A2, $75
Sure Shot Maker's Mark, PB, (-), (de)horned, A1A2, $75
Dexter Corner Avitus, (-), homozygous, A1A2, $75
Sure Shot Legend, F/P, (-), homozygous, A1A2, $75
Memory Lane Crown Royal, F/P, (-), homozygous, A1A1, $75
Rocking Robins Tristan, (-), polled, A1A2, $75
Sure Shot Captain Morgan, F/P, (-), polled, A1A2, $75
WR Maybejustalittlebull, F/P, (-), polled, A1A1, $75
GJ Romeo, (-), polled, A1A1, $50
Dexter Corner Boy George, F/P, (-), homozygous, A1A1, $75
Dexter Corner John Boy, F/P, (-), polled, A1A1, $50
Sure Shot Hocus Pocus, F/P, (-), polled, A1A1, $75
Sure Shot Phoenix, F/P, (-), A1A1, $50

Rocking Robin Tristan, under 40" at maturity. His sire was imported from the Isle of Jersey, bringing excellent strong new genetics, well attached udders, and consistently small offspring. He is a mellow wonderful laid back gentleman. A1/A2. $75 a straw.

Rocking Robin Ranch
John & Robyn Hutchison
Prescott, Arizona
928-925-6886 ~ email

more miniature Jersey semen for sale:

  • Rocking Robins Noble, 37" tall to the hook, polled, A2/A2. $150 per straw with delivery or multiple straw discounts available.
  • Rocking Robins Brach, 36" tall to the hook, A2/A2, polled, docile, straight body, excellent tail set and nice back line. Semen is $50 /straw with a 5 straw minimum.
  • Rocking Robins Cooper, under 40" after five years of age. Solid, straight, great dam, superior sire, excellent disposition. Semen is $50 /straw with a 5 straw minimum.

Star Haven Valentines Gus Star Haven Valentines Gus • Mini Jersey bull, 41.5" @2 yrs • A2/A2 • Chondrodysplasia Negative • DNA on File • Nice Correct bull • Dam has a nice udder, milks heavy • $45 /straw • Buy 10 straws, get one free.

"Covington" Registered midsize Jersey bull. A2/A2 shipped semen.
He will be dual registered with IMCBS and AJCA. It is rare to find a small AJCA registered Jersey bull, especially one with such great genetics behind him.
Covington is A2/A2 and comes from amazing milking lines with dams rated excellent. He currently measures at 42 3/4" at the hip we expect him to finish around 43-44" tall. This guy is full Jersey with production records and proven milk-ability behind him. He is a pretty blonde with nice correct conformation, and an easy going temperament. $45 /straw.

• Shipping is additional. (Ship any # of straws for approx $100) • Paypal accepted Haven Heritage Farm & Dairy • Mario & Heather Fabrizio • Myrtle Missouri • 417-938-4721 • email:

Arrowhead Ridge Miniature Old World, Heritage Jerseys
We have semen available from 2 AMJA&R registered foundation purebred Miniature Jersey bulls, and an AMJA&R Halfblood Belted bull. Our bulls are tested for Bangs, TB, Johnes, BLV, BVD-PI, Listerosis, BlueTongue, Anaplasmosis, Campylobacter, and Trichomoniasis. We are located in scenic Gage County, in southeastern Nebraska.
Pvt. Pyle (AMJ183) (right). Pvt. Pyle's grandparents were imported from the Isle of Jersey, he was 43-1/2" at 3 years of age. 5 straws for $100.
Little Professor (AMJ791). Full-Miniature, 36" at 2 years, polled. $50 per straw, 5 for $200
Oreo Double Stuff (AMJ790), Dam: 38" Miniature Belted Galloway Sire: Riverview Son of Fat Louie, Full-Miniature, 36" at 2 years of age. $35 per straw, 5 for $140.
Pvt. Pyle
South House Dapper Dan
Mini Miracles Farm
Breed: Miniature Jersey
Bull: South House Dapper Dan MJHB 0083 A2/A2
Dapper Dan has great color, disposition and size. He measured 38.5" at the hip at one year of age and his semen is excellent quality.
Semen: $50 per straw
Contact Owners: Pete & Sandy Michael
email phone 903-784-0674

 Falster Farm - Karl Emmett Falster Sr
purebred registered Mini Jersey Bull
KNF Orlando Bennett
Frozen Semen - $25 per straw - no minimum
This bull has lovely coloring and a calm and gentle disposition. He measured 36.5" at the hip at one year of age, at maturity 44". His excellent quality semen is available in USA (not for export). Ships F.O.B. from Canton, Texas for about $95 nationwide.
KNF Orlando Bennett

Buster Brown

MM Miniature Jersey Semen for Sale:
DC MM Buster Brown
- Miniature Jersey
registered w/ the IMCBR & Miniature Jersey Herd Book
Sire - Bedrock's Reno ~ Dam - DC Princess Grace LC
Buster Brown is 41" at 4 years old (measurement taken at hook bone). Tested negative for bulldog gene, BVD & Johnes disease. A1/A2 Beta-Casein. Semen $75 a straw. Purchase 10 straws get 1 free. Call Mark Haarman, Effingham Illinois, 217-343-9840 or
Johnny B Good MM Miniature Jersey Semen for Sale:
BCC Johnny B Good
- Miniature Jersey registered w/ the IMCBR
Sire - Johnny Bob ~ Dam - BCC Aggie
Johnny B Good is 38" at 3 years old (measurement taken at hook bone). Tested negative for bulldog gene, BVD & Johnes disease. Semen is available, introductory rate $65/straw. Shipping is approximately $100 -- $125. Call Mark Haarman, Effingham Illinois, 217-343-9840 or
Peaches Pie, by Luck
South House Just My Luck

Registration: Miniature Jersey (93.5% pure)
Registered with AMJA, IMCBR & MJHB
Height: 36" at 3 years
Beta Casein: A2/A2
Horns: Heterozygous Polled
Negative for Chondrodysplasia (dwarfism)
Price per straw: $65 (buy 9 get 1 free)

South House Farms
South House Just My Luck has a great temperament, and comes from good milking lines. Luck has been passing on his small size and has been primarily used on standard or mid-sized cows to bring the size down. He has been producing short, stocky calves with a really compact build. Heifer (above left "Peaches Pie") is an AI daughter.

Jewell's Little General - A2/A2, lovely painted fellow with a great attitude and very good dairy type, expected to mature well within the miniature height. He is buff/fawn with large white patches and has very good udder genetics and conformation. His mother is a very nice mid-sized cow and his sire is a lovely painted miniature. Use General to improve udder quality and add color. Negative for Chondrodysplasia (dwarfism). Price per Straw: $75 (buy 9 get 1 free) $240 (female sexed straws).

Sunshine Acres Integrity - A2/A2, horned and 41 inches at around 3 years old, horned, has really nice conformation, and is a purebred registered with IMCBR & MJHB. Negative for Chondrodysplasia (dwarfism). Price per straw: $75 (buy 4 get one free).


go to top Texas Longhorn
L'il Abner - the 1st Al Certified Miniature Texas Longhorn Bull. Winner of TLBAA 2011, 2012, & 2013 Horn Showcase with the longest horns. $100 / straw, minimum 5 straws + shipping.

SS Micro Chief Romeo We call Chief our heifer-making machine. He produces great Miniature females. $100 / straw, minimum 5 straws + shipping.

Home of the first TLBAA registered miniature Longhorns. Semen from either Abner or Chief will produce great offspring for your herd. Why own a bull when you AI to the best? email or 972-978-6677.
Legacy Longhorns Jason & Lori Marshall • Blanchard Oklahoma 316-208-6932 • • We raise miniature longhorn cattle in Oklahoma. We also have miniature longhorn cross cattle. Our focus is conformation and color. Our miniature registered longhorn program emphasizes horn length. We currently have one of only three AI certified miniature Texas Longhorn bulls in the country.
Legacy Longhorns
go to top Zebu
KSK Red Diamond
Munch Ranch
Larry Munchrath
Eustace Texas
phone: 903.887.6378
Miniature Zebu Bull: Grand Champion KSK Red Diamond, only 50 straws left (2016) from this colorful bull @ $25/each (domestic) $50 (international) with no minimum. Ask about straws from other small AMZA registered Zebu bulls. Semen is stored at Champion Genetics, Canton Texas.


Miniature Composites

go to top miniature Bucking bulls
D&R Mini Bucking Bulls

D&R Mini Bucking Bulls
Rick & Denise Rector
Lehigh Oklahoma
580-258-0319 ~ email
We offer semen on 6 proven mini-bucking bulls

  • Dirty Harry
  • Nitro
  • He's A Dandy
  • Chunky Monkey
  • Valentine
  • T-Bone


go to top Panda
Kung Fu Panda
Pandarosa Miniature Ranch   We offer Mini "Panda" semen on
   Kung Fu Panda • $75 - can ship most places in US for $125
• Travis Heck • Buffalo Illinois • 217-652-2518 •
• with Otto Rentschler • 8286 Oak Crest Rd • Dawson Illinois 62520 • 217-836-6886
• We strive to produce Miniature Panda colored cattle that excel in the show ring and pasture. We have selected the best Lowline Angus, Miniature Hereford, and Belted Galloway cattle we can find to produce our cattle.


go to top American Toy Sundog
 Festus Owner/Seller: Terrie Thompson Osowaw Acres Miniature Cattle Walling, Tennessee, 931-761-3278.

Composite Breed: The Toy Sundog breed was the brain child of Ralph Sower. The rare American Sundog Toy Cattle were derived from a combination of breeds. Ralph (who then resided in California) bred up a toy breed composite to be very small and an exceptionally docile pet cow. He used Zebu, Dexter, Lowline and some mini Longhorn. He had, at one point, set up a registry for this breed, but passed away, taking the registry with him.

Bull: Festus is 36 inches tall at 5 years of age, BD1(+). He selectively bred these toy cattle to be small, docile and friendly, pet-quality cattle. Festus is a prime example of all of Ralph's years of hard work; a very mellow bull. Festus has put color on most of his offspring so far and 100% of them have been 19 to 21 inch birth height, even when bred to large cows. Limited straws available at an introductory price of $50 per straw plus shipping. 3 straw minimum.


go to top Western Heritage Miniature Cattle
Pillard Western Heritage Miniature Cattle Dustin Pillard started with miniature cattle in 1993. Since that time he has owned about every miniature breed there is. He always liked like the smallest, most colorful animals. Western Heritage cattle was a vision he'd held for years, like the orginal Spanish cattle that came to the great USA centuries ago. Those cattle were hardy, efficient and came in a rainbow of colors. Other regional strains developed in America, like the Florida Crackers and the Pineywoods cattle. Roll them all together and Western Heritage is what you have. Only the Miniature Western Heritage cattle are about 1/4th the size of their standard counterparts. Ideally, Western Heritage Miniature Cattle measure under 36 inches. Miniature Western Heritage cattle should display uniformity in size and type, yet display all attributes of old western cattle. Their conformation is similar to the Longhorn beef cattle of the Old West. Cows are classic and feminine while the bulls are muscular and athletic. They should look similar to cattle in old west cattle drives. They have natural calving ease, they are efficient grazers, and are as easy to care for in the winter as they are in the summer. They are friendly, sociable cattle, that love attention. They come in a wide variety of colors and patterns, including brindles, spotted, roan, speckled & tri-colored animals in black, red, yellow, white, grey, dun, blue etc. Although still officially in development, the Western Heritage Miniature Cattle type is set, the herds are growing, and this handsome composite is gaining in popularity. To find out more, contact the founder of the Western Heritage Miniature Cattle composite: Pillard's Miniature Cattle, Rockwell, IA, ph: 641-425-3082, email
Whitehall Flyway Miniature Cattle, Littlestown, PA
Western Heritage bull: Vinnie (Vendetta) Whitehallflyway
Height: 32 in. at 5 year old
Herd sire – Proven
Composite breed: ½ miniature Zebu x ½ Western Heritage
Semen straws: $100 each (2 straw min + shipping)
Multiple straw discount – call or email for more information or (717) 359-8294


Traditional Small American Beef Cattle

go to top American Aberdeen Black Angus
There are quite a few Aberdeen and miniature Hereford cattle out there now and their numbers are growing steadily. I have included only a few here, to showcase these small but serious breeds of beef cattle. These AI sires are some of the best in the world. They are ranch bred by professional cattlemen in successful beef programs, and will come with stacked generations of EPD records--leaving little guesswork to their daughters' production, calving or carcass data. Average size mature cows generally weigh 650--1100 lbs and stand from 36--46 inches at the shoulder. Average size mature bulls weigh from 900--1500 lbs and stand from 39 to 48 inches. The average birth weight of fullblood calves is 42--52 lbs.

• Aberdeen Angus • Duff Trust Me 2525
This is, without question, one of the best bulls ever produced at Duff Cattle Co. He is very complete and well balanced and will sire great, low maintenance females in any breed. If you want low birth, performance and tons of eye appeal in a highly marketable package, this uniquely bred sire has as much to offer as any you will find in the country.

Duff Cattle Company
13990 North 2220 Road
Hobart, Oklahoma 73651
office: 580-726-3313


• Fairwyn’s Machine 201M, reg. #FM1307
Birth Date: 2002
Birth Weight: 64 lbs
Frame: Height: 45 inches
Weight: 1460 lbs
Price: $16/straw; $35/certificate (February 2016 price)

Our EPD Genetic Predictions:
Calving Ease: *****
Udder: *****
Fleshing Ability: *****
Disposition: *****

Pharo Cattle Co., Cheyenne Wells, Colorado, phone: 1-800-311-0995

Machine is an extremely stout and powerful fullblood Lowline. Some refer to Lowline Angus as miniature Angus. Lowline Angus are the real deal, and I believe they have a definite place in todayís beef industry. We have used Machine on our 6-frame cows to produce thick, easy-fleshing, 3-frame offspring in one generation. Machine is also being used to produce predictable, high-quality grass-finished beef. He is co-owned with Two Rivers Organic and Dakota Lowlines.
• Lazy G Bruce, reg. #FM4636
Birth Date: 2006
Birth Weight: 63 lbs
Price: $16/straw; $35/certificate (February 2016 price)

Our EPD Genetic Predictions:
Calving Ease: *****
Udder: *****
Fleshing Ability: ****
Disposition: *****

Pharo Cattle Co., Cheyenne Wells, Colorado, phone: 1-800-311-0995
Bruce is a fullblood Lowline bull. We don’t think we have ever seen a bull of any breed with a disposition as good as this bull has. Bruce’s sire (Kintyre Robert the Bruce) is one of the all-time winningest Lowline bulls in Australian history. Bruce’s dam is a very structurally correct cow that was imported from Australia. He is a well-muscled bull with excellent feet and legs. Bruce works great to reduce frame size in one generation, as well as in grass finishing programs. He would be an excellent choice for use on first-calf heifers. Bruce is co-owned with James Rogers from Idaho.
• Vitulus Exceptionabull
Breed: Ausline ~ Lowline
Registered with: ALCA, Ausline, CLA, ALR
Current weight: 1697 lbs; current height: 49".
Progeny Average BW: 25 - 30 kg
North America Base Price: Semen: $35 USD
Certificates: $100 USD for fullblood, $35 USD for percentage
This bull's semen is certified for export [from Australia] to Canada, United States, and other countries. Order semen from Kate Gray, owner, Southern Star Elite Cattle Co.
Exceptionabull has won over 30 show championships and his progeny win show and carcass competitions. Combining moderate size with easy fleshing and excellent carcass traits his genetics are a number #1 source for producers of grass fed and speciality beef. He has lots of eye appeal and presence and offers tremendous depth of rib and muscle shape. Exceptionabull is a great bull for improving carcass scores in beef production. His size and fleshing ability will improve beef quality and efficiency in any herd. He is a modern sire. And the Lowliner is breaking into the beef market newer demands due to their small size which equals more meat and less bone, less feed conversion, earlier marturity, easy fleshing abilities, tenderness and flavour plus all rolled into one small, docile package.
Bar J Hosea
We have semen available, $5 straw. We used him when we were starting out. This is an excellent opportunity for someone starting out to get quality genetics at a low price.

Lazy G Lowlines

Glenn & Nancy Chapman
16103 153rd Ave SE
Yelm, Washington, WA 98597
(360) 894-5829
MiniCattle Country
For Sale: frozen semen from several Lowline bulls offered.
Licorice ALR reg. # 5918 • Licorice is a miniature fullblood Lowline black Angus bull, had a birth weight of 27 pounds and was only 19Ē tall. Now mature, small framed, clean slick Lowline bull, about 38”tall, 700 lbs. Throws small, short, feminine heifers, and small, short well balanced bull calves • Semen: $50/unit • 5 straw minimum order • shipping charges are additional • Greg Dillon • Lapwai Idaho • 208-843 -2929 •
go to top American Aberdeen Red Angus
Neenah Creek Red Kuervo
• Neenah Creek Red Kuervo
Fullblood Red Lowline bull
owned by Dale Krebs • Grand Marsh Wisconsin
Frozen Semen sale price until May 2016 was $20/ straw
10 straw minimum -- to order -- 608-584-5605.

• Lazy G Red Label, reg. #FM9419
Birth Date: 2009
Birth Weight: 54 lbs
Price: $25/straw (2017 price); call for price of AI certs

Our EPD Genetic Predictions:
Calving Ease: *****
Udder: ****
Fleshing Ability: ****
Disposition: *****

Pharo Cattle Co., Cheyenne Wells, Colorado, phone: 1-800-311-0995
We have been wanting to add a Lowline Red Angus bull to our AI lineup for a long time. They are extremely rare — especially ones that are good enough for our program. Some refer to Lowlines as miniature Angus and Red Angus. In our opinion, Lowlines have a definite place in today’s beef industry. By mating your 6-frame cows to a Lowline bull, you will be able to produce thick, easy-fleshing, 3-frame offspring — in just one generation. That saves years of time! The resulting 1100-pound momma cows are perfect for all environments. Red Label would be an EXCELLENT choice for use on first-calf heifers. He is co-owned with Lazy G Lowlines.
Murrumbong LGL Bluey
His average BWs have been 42-46 lbs for fullbloods and 55-60 lbs on commercial cows.
$25 a straw

Lazy G Lowlines
Glenn & Nancy Chapman
16103 153rd Ave SE
Yelm, Washington, WA 98597
(360) 894-5829
Jipsey Rose pure Scotch Angus bloodline For Sale: Embryos--Rare Original Bloodlines--Pure Scotch Angus. Be part of the restoration of a grand old breed. These are Pure Scotch Angus Embryos (Native Origin Angus) out of the famous Dunlouise herd located in the county of Angus in Scotland. These original bloodlines of the Aberdeen Angus have nearly gone extinct and have been reduced to only a few remaining bloodlines DunLouise Cup Bearer, Pure Scotch Angus Embryos (Native Origin Angus)that have not been genetically altered. We offer thanks to a modern day Scottish breeder Mr. Geordie Soutar and his family at Kingston Farm in Angus, Scotland for rediscovering and recovering what has been described as nine of the last pure cow family lines in Scotland. These embryos are available here in America, and are pure straight Native Origin Angus breeding with Kingston Farmís Dunlouise breeding on both sides of the pedigree. Registerable with the American Angus Association. $800 ($750 ea for 4 or more). Contact Gary Daugherty, Faith Valley Farm, Gatesville, Texas ☎ (254) 205-0554 or email


go to top Miniature Hereford
WW Prince William “Willie”
Semen available for non-registered use
$20 per straw, no minimum

Semen for sale from several miniature Hereford bulls. Contact us for more information, so we can help you choose the bull that fits your breeding program.

Double W Ranch (Texas Panhandle area)
Steve & Charlotte Williams
ph: 970-264-1014 cell: 806-336-9818

KNF General Stan Waite
Karl Emmett Falster Sr • Winnsboro Texas • 903.629.3034
Breed: purebred registered Miniature Hereford (0000 bull)
Bull : KNF General Stan Waite • DOB: 5-26-05 • Stan is perhaps the shortest polled Hereford in the world. All muscle with tremendous breeding virility. A Classic Hereford attitude; willing to travel a little further and work harder to get the job done. Sound economics: Raised and maintained on grass alone. Frozen Semen: Export Certified Dual Registered Miniature Hereford semen • $50 per straw • Cert $125 • Ships FOB from Canton, TX for about $95 • nationwide & Canada

KNF Cibolo

Karl Emmett Falster Sr • Winnsboro Texas • 903.629.3034
Breed: purebred registered Miniature Hereford
Bull: KNF Cibolo • DOB: 11/6/2003 • Cibolo is one of the Old Breed bulls in this country because of his lowline, high volume, body depth and muscle. Cibolo was one of two bulls in the USA selected to establish new blood lines in New Zealand. He stands 45" at the hip yet weighs 1100 lbs. Genetically gentle, he passes that gene on to his offspring consistently • Sound economics • Raised and maintained on grass alone • Frozen Semen: $50 per straw • Cert $125 • Ships FOB from Canton, TX for about $95 nationwide.

JS Farm • bull: WP Augustas T
Miniature Horned Hereford
Sire: Judkens Stagger Lee • Dam: Miss Missouri 6323
Semen Available • contact John & Janet Snyder
17170 E. 850 N. Georgetown Illinois 61846 • 217-504-2861

WP Augustus T

PRT Miniature Herefords. Semen for sale from RFD Strikers Ezra, son of 2014 national grand champion Striker. Ezra is an awesome bull. He sires great calves. $30 /straw, 5 straws for $125. Shipping is additional, from Cottage Farm Genetics to you, which is a flat fee of $110. Live breeding service may also be available. Joelton, Tennessee.

Strikers Ezra

P&D Ranch Fillmore YC2 "Shorty" AHA# 43230236 • DOB 04-30-11 • Homozygous polled mini Hereford
Wonderful temperament and great looks. Hip height 41.5", 1200 lbs at 4 years of age. Shorty will only sire polled calves. Sound and soft on the move, great length of spine and neck with a large deep rear third. Disposition is exactly what every small herd owner wants and he passes it on to his offspring. We've been using Shorty to cross on Angus heifers to make the perfect classic sized recip cows and he has not disappointed. If there is enough interest we will collect sexed semen.
H and R Ranch • mgr. Holly Schafer • 918-960-1752 • $25 /straw (6 straw minimum) $100 /certificate.
H and R Ranch was founded by Chuck & Beverly Dale in 1977, one of the oldest polled miniature hereford herds in north Texas. Ranches are in Heath, TX and Ardmore, OK.

Quips Victory

2JT Ranch • Mini Herefords • Jeff & Jo Thompson • Dickinson North Dakota • 701-483-3390 • email • We offer semen from our herd bull, KAP Quip's Victory. Cost is $50 per straw, additional $50 per registration certificate.



Specialty, Heritage & Rare Breeds

go to top Beefalo

Beefalo bull semen ~ 36.92% Bison
$50 /straw
Contact owner: Chris L O'Neal
7770 CR 2580
Royse City, TX

beefalo bull
go to top Belted Galloway

Blue Fire Omen 35106-B (USD). Omen (right) was produced from some of the best genetics in the world. Checkout his lineage: Green Aprents, Anderson Hill, Boreland. Fertility, thickness, gentle disposition and longevity are the hallmarks of his line. Omen is used to produce predictable, high quality grass-fed beef. He is a very calm bull that will also produce cattle with eye appeal and the presence to win in the show ring. Omen's dam (left), Anderson Hill Tilly, is pictured at 10 yrs of age, in her working clothes. She herself was calved from a 14 yr old cow imported from Britain by Anderson Hill Farm. [update] Omen sold in 2016. He was around 46" tall when he left and he taped 1200 lbs with a beef weight tape. He was definitely a smaller but well muscled bull. I have a maternal half sister and she also is a small cow, around 44" tall and thick. Omen's semen rating is superior, 90% motility. $25 per straw, sold in 5 straw lots, semen certs $5, ships from New Holland, Pennsylvania. Contact us to place an order. Blue Fire Farm • Farmersville Station New York • Jenny & Phil Stroh • 585-689-0754 • email

go to top Galloway

Breed: Black Galloway [standard size]
Bull Name: HB Moto Moto 3342 • frozen semen available
Owner: Blegen Galloways
Contact: Harley & Michelle Blegen
Location: Roundup, Montana
Phone: 701-212-0112
or find us on Facebook
go to top Mashona Cattle ~ rare African breed

• Mashona 337
100% Mashona; polled with scurs
Birth Date: 2005
Frame: 3.0
Mature Weight: 1600+ lbs
Price: $20/straw
Our EPD Genetic Predictions:
Calving Ease: *****
Udder: *****
Fleshing Ability: *****
Disposition: *****

Pharo Cattle Co., Cheyenne Wells, Colorado, phone: 1-800-311-0995
The Mashona is an indigenous breed from Africa that originated with the Shona people in Zimbabwe. The breed was developed under natural selection without any external inputs for thousands of years in an extremely harsh and unforgiving environment. Mashona cattle have very low maintenance requirements. They are very fertile and easy fleshing. They are highly mobile grazers that have the ability to browse. They have early carcass maturity and finish well on grass. Mashona excel in hot and/or humid environments with low-quality forages. They work well on endophyte infected fescue. They have a very high resistance to parasites and disease. Best of all, Mashona is a Bos taurus breed. They are much smaller and much more fertile than Bos indicus (Brahman) cattle. Pharo Cattle Company plans to use the Mashona breed to create a Heat-Tolerant Composite that has more fertility and efficiency than the Brahman crosses. At this point, the Mashona 337 bull is the best we have found.
go to top Randall Cattle ~ rare heritage breed
Howland Homestead Farm • Randall Cattle • Phil and Dianne Lang • South Kent Connecticutemail • We raise rare heritage Randall cattle. We sometimes have Randall cattle breeding stock available for sale. In 2001 we and Cynthia Creech formed a breed Registry for the Randalls, The Randall Cattle Registry, Inc. We are seeking new breeders who will appreciate and preserve Randall cattle as they are, feeding a forage diet and using them on the farm or homestead producing milk, meat, and draft power. If you would like to be a part of the Randall cattle conservation effort with this genetically unique cattle breed, please contact us. We also have Randall semen for sale at $20. per straw, shipping paid by the purchaser.
go to top Wagyu
Bull: Rueshaw, polled Wagyu X Akaushi
Birth Weight: 60-70,
Weaning Weight: 580-690
Yearling Weight: 1000-1300
Bullís Location: Idaho
Semen Shipping Point: Iowa and Utah
Contact: Garth Monroe, 208-547-7103.
We offer semen from Rueshaw as well as semen from other Wagyu and Akaushi bulls. To view the bulls go to our web site at Idaho Wagyu Genetics. All semen is export eligible. All semen is 25.00 /straw + shipping. 10 straw minimum.
Wagyu Sekai


Wagyu semen: 2 black bulls available
1) Tackamichi Doi
2) Bay Dai 7 Hero

$5 /straw; available worldwide
Wagyu Sekai Inc
Ken Kurosawatsu - Kevin Hayden
Campbellville, ON, Canada


not available in United States

Rare Breeds ~ semen bank
Please Note: At this time NONE of our semen is eligible for export outside of Canada

Rare Breeds Canada

As part of our mandate to preserve genetic diversity and to ensure the survival of important genetics, Rare Breeds Canada maintains a cattle semen bank. We also maintain semen for an additional number of breeds not currently classified on the Conservation List. Rare Breeds Canada is 100% volunteer without government support; your membership is appreciated in order to serve you. Semen is available to current paid-up members. Breeds include Brown Swiss, Dexter, Galloway, Gelbvieh, Guernsy, Highland, Horned Hereford, Jersey, Kerry, Lynch Lineback, Milking Shorthorn, Shorthorn, South Devon, Welsh Black and White Park.

For more information or to order semen, contact Elwood Quinn at 514-941-1510, email:
or Mario Duchesne at 418-457-4333,



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