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This directory lists cattle groups found in both MeWe and Facebook. Here is a MeWe tutorial.

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MeWe Groups

Homestead & Miniature Cattle Directory
mewe.com/join/homesteadminiaturecattle (1025 members)
owner: Donna Grace (miniature-cattle.com) Maricopa Co. AZ.

Cattle For Sale
mewe.com/join/cattleforsaleusaandcanada (1518 members)

Lost & Stolen Cattle USA
owner: Dennis Russell (International Livestock Registries) MO.

Crossbred Miniature & Midsize Cattle
mewe.com/join/crossbredminimidsizecattle (170)
owner: Suzy Minck (Milk Maid Ranch) TX.

All Breed Miniature Cattle
mewe.com/join/allbreedminiaturecattle (430)
owner: Terrie Thompson

Miniature Cattle
owner: Mary Jane Albright (Carousel Farm)

Miniature Cattle in the USA
mewe.com/join/miniaturecattleintheusa (420)
owner: Randy Krueger (Spectrum Exotic Ranch) SD.

Mini Fluffy Cows
owner: Mary Jane Albright (Carousel Farm)

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Miniature Jersey Breeders
mewe.com/join/miniaturejerseybreeders (400)
owner: Thad Parker

Mini Jersey Cattle Enthusiasts
mewe.com/join/minijerseycattleforsale (180)
owner: Heather Fabrizio

Dutch Belted (Lakenvelder) Dairy Cattle
the word "galloway" in this link is a mistake
mewe.com/join/dutchbeltedgallowaycattle (55)

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Aberdeen/ Lowline & Mini Cattle
mewe.com/join/aberdeenlowlineandminicattle (270)
owner: Stephanie Fitzmaurice

American Aberdeen Cattle Club
mewe.com/join/americanaberdeencattleclub (155)
owners: Marylou & Terry Anderson

Milking Devons
mewe.com/join/milking_devon (60)
owner: Kendy HineSite Sawyer

Heritage Cattle
mewe.com/join/heritagecattle (145)
owner: Heritage-Cattle.com
admin: Donna Grace (myself)

Miniature Herefords
mewe.com/join/miniatureherefords (530)
owner: Holly Schafer

Miniature Scottish Highland Coos
mewe.com/join/miniaturescottishhighlandcoos (30)
owner: Kathy Kruk (Cox)

American Kerry Cattle Group
mewe.com/join/kerrycattlegroup (30)
owner: Jody Jess

Texas Longhorn Sales & Discussion
mewe.com/join/texaslonghornssalesanddiscussion (200)
owner: Crystal McNeel

Pineywoods Cattle Owners Group
mewe.com/join/pineywoodscattleowners (5)
owner: Terry Poche

Miniature Zebu For Sale /Trade
mewe.com/join/zebuminiaturecattleforsaletrade (270)
owner: Tosklin Macky

Dexter Cattle Enthusiasts
mewe.com/join/dextercattleenthusiasts (1140)
owner: Kimberly Jepsen

Dexter Family Milk Cows
mewe.com/join/dexterfamilymilkcows (415)
owner: Tanya Dewar

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Florida Miniature Cattle

Texas Miniature Cattle
mewe.com/join/texasminiaturecattle (350)
owner: Trina McCollom

Specialty Bovine

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USA Shorthorn Cattle Breeders
owner: KR Martin

Show Cattle USA

Show Cattle & Club Calves

Everything Show Cattle

Canadian Cattle Producers Connection

Saskatchewan Ranchers Network


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FaceBook Groups
I expect some of these are changing, so send me your updates

Mini Cow Breeders • 12.7k members • Kelly Leggot, Kate Glastetter (Caney Creek Farm) MO, Christin Bender, (SEC Minis) TX, Amanda Jo, Leroy Martinez, Holly D Schafer • USA and Canada only

All Breed Miniature Cattle • 13.2k members • Adam Bouknight, SC, Scott Slice, SC

Cross Bred Mini & Midsize Cattle • 3.4k members • Suzy Minck (Milk Maid Ranch) TX.

Miniature Cattle Suzy Minck (Milk Maid Ranch) TX, Hans Peterson, MI, Ryan Thatcher

All Things Oxen Charma Lippert, Ontario, Lynn Bower, Sandy Suschana, Velvet Lippert

Micro Mini Cattle Suzy Minck (Milk Maid Ranch) TX, Kelly Leggott (Great Plains Mini Cattle) NE.

mini cattle trader Rockin Ridgway Ranch, IN.

Miniature cattle trader Mike Fricano, NY.

Miniature beef cattle Tim Shelton, IL.

Pet Miniature Cattle Breeders Chris Jessen, CO.

Saddle Cattle - cows and steers as riding animals

Miniature Cattle--Canada Manon Whitman, Ontario.

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Mini Jersey Cattle Enthusiasts Mario & Heather Fabrizio, MO. (USA · Australia · Canada)

A2/A2 Milk Cows in North America Kathy Eyman, Jill Massing, Milkmaid Lorinda (North Woods Homestead) ID.

Miniature Jerseys Keely Zeller Exum FL /AMJA&R registry admin, Jessica Frank Pedevilla CA, Sara Haas NE, Constance Beeson SD /AMJA&R registry admin

Mini Jersey Miniature Dairy Cattle--NW USA Milkmaid Lorinda (North Woods Homestead) ID, Tracy Rouse Howe (Mother Howe's Little Cows) SK.

Mini Jersey Bulls & AI Straws Milkmaid Lorinda (North Woods Homestead) ID, Heather Fabrizio (Haven Heritage Farm) MO. No posts about females allowed. North America.

Miniature Dairy Cattle Suzy Minck (Milkmaid Ranch) TX, J Scott Jackson (Cumberland Miniatures) KY, Tim Dowers, OH.

Mini Jersey Miniature Dairy Cattle--South Central USA Milkmaid Lorinda (Northwoods Homestead) ID.

Mini Jersey Miniature Dairy Cattle--Western Canada Tracy Rouse Howe (Mother Howe's Little Cows) SK., Naomi K Fournier

Mini Jerseys of the Midwest Jessi Hayre, IN

Mini Jersey Miniature Dairy Cattle-Southwest USA Jason & Jennifer Christy Soares, UT
Canadian Miniature Jersey Enthusiasts

mini milk cows Sally Weaver Zacharias.

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Dexter Cattle Enthusiasts Sally Coad (Freedom Farms) TN, Kimberly Jepsen, OK, Steven LeGrand (LeGrand Legacy Farmstead) MO.

DEXTER CATTLE FOR SALE USA Ryan Parker, KS, War Pony Ranch, MO, Mary Hoover, KS. United States

Dexter Cattle Breeders Kirk Cascade, OR.

Dexter Cattle - ADCA Dexter Cattle for Sale Dale Baltrus, MO, Vern Pugh, MO, Phil Fredericks, AR.

Traditional Horned Dexter Cattle Michael Foor-Pessin, NY. Preservation of the original horned Dexter.

Dexter Cattle Historical Judy Sponaugle, Mark Sinnot, OH.

Western Canada Dexter Cattle Joe Hogenmiller Lafond

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Miniature Highland Cattle Breeders Kathy Kruk (Ravenwood Farm) WI, Marc Stewart (Thistle Do Farm) VA.

Mini Belted Galloways Kelly Leggott, NE, Christin Bender, TX.

Galloway Cattle Genetic Discussion Group Alan S. Bias, Lewisburg, West Virginia, Vice-Chairman Riggit Galloway Society, Bury St Edmunds, United Kingdom. File section has awesome research on genetics.

Miniature Galloway Ian Bull, Gleneagles Mini Galloway Stud, Leeton, New South Wales, Australia.

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Miniature Hereford Cattle in The USA Britt Whitt, WY, Dex Gee, TX, Betty Johnson-Barnes, WA.

miniature Hereford and mini beef cattle Austin Barnhill, FL, Holly D Schafer, TX.

Minature Hereford For Sale Christi McCool, MO.

Miniature Herefords for SALE in the USA Allison Lee, DE.

Canadian Miniature Herefords Ron Leuschen, AB.

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American Aberdeen Cattle Group Marylou Ferguson Anderson

AMERICAN ABERDEEN LOWLINE ANGUS Cattle Club Kelly Redding Furness, FL.

Lowline or American Lowline Breeders Don Smith, Donna B Toney, Andy Jester, Michelle Bourdua

Aberdeen Embryo Network Russ Crawford (High Point Aberdeen Angus, British Columbia)

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Miniature rodeo cattle for sale Jason & Marcy Odom (Flying O Bulls) TX.

Miniature Texas Longhorn Shows and Sales Linda McKay, OK.

Miniature Texas Longhorns Bernie Keasler, Emily Ingram, Julie Pack, Eric Redeker, Mark Christenson, John Miller

Texas Miniature Longhorns TLBAA registered Dave & Althea Sullivan, TX.

Miniature rough stock connection Chris Mcgregor, OK.

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Zebu Miniature Cattle For Sale /Trade Tosklin Macky, Sam Decker, Sonia Decker, FL.

Miniature Zebu Cattle Josh & Jamie Bottelberghe (Bottelberghe Farms Miniature Zebu) TX.

Miniature Zebus Giant Oak Farm, Sharon Collins, FL, Duane Clayton, TX.

Miniature Zebu Cows and Heifers Only Steve Wilder, OK.

Zebu Miniature Cattle For Sale in Kentucky, Ohio, West Virginia and Tennessee

Texas Miniature Zebu Cattle for Sale H Barrera Ranch, TX.

Registered Miniature Zebu cattle for sale There are no admins or moderators in this group.

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Texas Miniature Cattle Lisa Cook Tanner, TX.

Miniature Cattle Buyer/Seller Review K Van Brunt, OH. A place to leave a review of a buyer or seller, positive or negative. This group is only for buyer/seller reviews. Please be and stay on point, detailed in your positive or negative reviews, and polite.

California Miniature Cattle Stephanie Riedel and Gayle Torres

Miniature Show Cattle Chris Jones, TX.

Miniature cow pictures Kelly Leggott (Great Plains Mini Cattle) NE.

Miniature Cattle of Wisconsin Kara Berlage (North Star Homestead Farms) WI.

Arkansas Miniature Cattle Sonia Broughton-Hughes, Arkansas.

Miniature cattle – Midwest Amanda Walker (K&A Funny Farm) MI.

Miniature MeatMaster Cattle Marc Rottman, TX.

Miniature Cattle of the upper midwest. Matt Pals, Mini Diamond Cattle Co, Hartley, Iowa. Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, and South Dakota area.

Miniature Cattle Online Auction John Adams, Waverly, GA.


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Bucking V Outfit LLC Homestead & Miniature Cattle Directory
Homestead Cattle Association
Mini Cattle Registry
Bucking V Outfit, LLC. enterprises, est. 1990
Maricopa County, Arizona
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