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Molaug of Tinto -

Bull Stats
Keeping records that are important to cow owners

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Bull Basics

Photo: clear, sharp, lateral side view, head up, feet square, with uncluttered background
Name: --------------------------
Registration: include all reg. numbers & links to any online registry pedigrees
Breed: --------------------------
Breed Blood Percentage: --------%
• Breed Genotype BBR score (required, if tested)
Type (beef, dairy, dual or multiple purpose)
Temperament: temperament score
Birth Weight (BW)
Birth Height
SC (yearling scrotal circumference--include breed average for comparison)
Height: 12 mo., mature height, frame score
        • mature height = height measured over hip at > 36 mos.
        • Frame Score (FS), mature height can be estimated using a formula after 5 months of age
        • provide records for height measured over hip at __months of age
        • for across-breed comparisons, measurement over hip is required for all bulls
            • behind withers is requested in some registries, but provide measure over hip also
            • height measurement to hook bone is not acceptable because of difference of angles in conformation

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Test Results

Genotyping (DNA tests)

chondro status required for:
        • Irish Dexter bulls
        • miniature Zebu bulls
        • % miniature bulls [less than 100% of his breed]
        • obligate test free (PV)
• Polled: Horned, heterozygous, homozygous
• Scurs: scurred, none, unknown
• Color genotype
• Beta Casein: A1A1, A1A2, A2A2
• Cappa Casein: AA, AB, BB
• Genetic diseases known in your bull's breed
• Conformation aAa score (structure, stature, muscling, carcass, other beef or dairy production data)

Health tests; infectious diseases and / or Bull tests for A.I. sires


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  Progeny (& /or Sire & Dam) Records

• Number of his calves
• Average BW of his calves
• Calving Ease (CE) scores on his calves
• Average FS of his calves (measured > 5 mos)
• Production records of his parents or progeny
Dam's udder score
Dam's milk production
Daughters' udder scores
Daughters' milk production
• Grassfed genetics
• Other EPDs if known


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A.I. Bull Buyers: When selling an AI Sire, the owner usually retains rights to register offspring from this bull from matings made using semen already collected on this bull and in their possession.


National Association of Animal Breeders (NAAB) and Certified Semen Services (CSS)
Health Testing Protocol for AI bulls


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