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Homestead & Miniature Cattle are generally small, gentle breeds that work well on small acreages. Heritage Cattle are 100% pure (fullblood) animals; and may be rare. Whether fullblood, purebred, composite or crossbred; whether beef, dairy or dual purpose; the more valuable homestead, heritage and miniature breeding cattle will carry excellent grass fed genetics.
Homestead, Heritage & Miniature Cattle Breeds 10 FAQ
Breeder Directory listed by region; find breeders near you
Classifieds free and paid ads
Alternative Livestock Auctions & Sales: sale barns, in-person auctions, online auctions
order a measuring stick
miniature cattle
homestead cattle
miniature cattle measuring sticks
buy miniature cattle measuring stick
buy homestead & standard size cattle measuring stick
height 14-39 in
height 40-70 in
Record Keeping, Forms, Charts, Graphs
Breed Comparison charts (graphs that compare breed traits)
Frame Score (FS) charts (measuring young cattle to help estimate mature height; BIF height-age formula used for bulls and females across breeds)
Body Condition Score (BCS) charts
Calving Ease (CE) score charts
How to Estimate Age of Cattle by their Teeth (with free printable vintage poster)
How to Estimate Weight of Cattle (using body measurements)
Udder Score charts (udder scores should assessed annually within 24 hours after calving)
Gestation Chart for Cows (table opens in separate window)
Docility: Temperament Score Charts (sharable info•graphic)
Bull Owners: Sire Records (to keep on A.I. & breeding bulls)
Bull Owners: Sire Testing (health tests for A.I. breeding bulls)
Chart of Cattlemen's Measurements (conversion formulas, animal units, water, feed consumption, etc)
Manure Scoring... yep, it's a thing; and there's a free app for it: the Texas A&M Extension Service Cow Poop Analyzer
parts of a calf halter
order a miniature cattle halter on Amazon
how to make a rope calf halter.pdf
The noseband length should be fixed; measure that on your animal for proper fit. The 2 lengths that go around the head behind the ears, and under the jaw, will be adjustable.
Health, Genetics
Inherited Diseases (DNA) (most of these are testable: production traits, cosmetic traits, genetic conditions & diseases)
Infectious Diseases (environmental caused health conditions; diagnosis, treatment, vaccinations, prevention)
BioSecurity: Closed Herds & Quarantine (many healthy looking cattle carry disease)
Chondrodysplasia (BD) Everything You Need to Know About Dwarfism in Miniature Cattle
Genetics of Coat Color (CC) in Cattle page 1 (basic red & black + printable info•graphic)
Genetics of Coat Color (CC) in Cattle page 2 (basics of Bos Taurus coat colors, patterns & dilutions)
Genetics of Coat Color (CC) in Cattle page 3 (the unique Dexter dun)
Genetics of Coat Color (CC) in Cattle page 4 (the unique lightning streak pattern)
Genetics of Horned and Polled
Myostatin Mutations (MYO) Pros & Cons: Double Muscling (Myostatin mutations) in Breeds of Cattle
Genetic Mutations: DNA Facts; 12 things the genetics lab may not tell you
Raising Cattle Humanely
How to Dehorn Newborn Calves Safely with Paste (pdf)
Cattle Guards: What you don't know could hurt you (your livestock)
Helpful Articles, Tutorials, Reports
A1/A2 Betacasein in Milk
Animal ID: Basic principles of identifying cattle
Bull Safety: Preventing Accidents by Temple Grandin, Colorado State University
Calf Rearing: An Advanced Course... when to wean and whether to raise a calf on a bottle
Calving: the first 15 minutes can affect a calf for its lifetime
Calving: 5 Things to Know About Colostrum (info•graphic opens in new window)
Calving Season: Feed at Dusk to Calve During the Day (the calf determines what day it is born, the cow determines what time of day it is born.)
Purity: What is the Difference between Purebred and Fullblood? (and who cares?)
What to Know About Registries; (could secondary purposes rule over primary purposes of your breed registry?)
How to Order a Bull or Heifer Calf From Your Cow... Fact or Folklore?
Miniature Club Calves: a rare miniature bloodline; possibly a recessive mutation descending from Who Made Who
How to Determine the Bloodline Percentage in an Animal or
How to Determine a Breed Percentage in an Animal's Pedigree
Resource Links
CattleFax herds of cattle facts & trivia (probably some you didn't know; surely more than you wanted to know)
Glossary of cattlemen terms (possibly the most annoyingly comprehensive bovine glossary on the internet)
Names for Beeves (realistic pet names for beef cattle headed to Freezer Camp)
Directory of Social Media groups for homestead & miniature cattle owners
Association & Registry Links
The Homestead Cattle Association (HCA) is a registry and a resource for homestead and miniature cattle owners since 2014; with opportunities for marketing, education, networking, registration and certification.
Belfair Cattle Registry. Cattle that are Dexter and Jersey composites are eligible to be registered as Belfairs or as Irish Jersey cattle. Belfairs are 50% Dexter x 50% Jersey, and Irish Jerseys are other (usually) 3/4 or 7/8 crosses of Dexter and Jerseys. The Belfair and the Irish Jersey herd books opened in 2020 within the Homestead Cattle Association.
Another HCA associate, U.S. Normande Organization is the only international registry for Normande cattle that holds a higher standard for marketing cattle bred in North America. USNO was initially organized in 2014 to establish internationally recognized cattle breed codes in the registry-issued animal I.D. numbers, required to export cattle internationally and to properly produce exportable frozen genetics.
Heritage Cattle breeder directory showcases unique, unusual, hard to find cattle. It is also part of HCA, and registers and certifies rare breeds or populations of cattle not specifically recognized or adequately supported elsewhere. The Livestock Conservancy recognizes many old heritage breeds; however there are breeds and breed populations that are very rare that are not recognized or supported by it or any other specific registry in North America. Separate breeder directories for these unique cattle and their breeders can be found here.
Homestead & Miniature Cattle Photo Project: Join Miniature Cattle Pictures facebook group and submit your best homestead and miniature cattle photos ~ submit as many as you like, throughout the year, spring, summer, fall, winter. We will be looking for high resolution, with quiet, uncluttered backgrounds. If we get enough, good enough, the Homestead Cattle Association will select 12 photos for a calendar for 2025. We want all seasons and as many breeds as possible represented. See all Homestead & Miniature Cattle associate registries & breed herd books here: If you need pointers how to take better livestock photos, join this facebook group and comment with your questions; and we'll share all the tips we know of. Keep your phone out & handy and get those photos taken! Free advertisement for your homestead or farm. If you aren't on Facebook, email any calendar photo entries to
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