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Homestead & Miniature Cattle Sales
Alternative Livestock Auctions

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Alberta, Canada
Florida/ Georgia
North Dakota
South Dakota
● Texas

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Auction Cautions!

Odd and Unsual Sale
3 day sale near Easter & Thanksgiving
3 day sales - Fri-Sun
Burnt Lake Auction Market
Red Deer County, Alberta Canada
Miles Johnson 204-637-2313
Len 403-783-5963
Barb 403-348-1469

Exotic & Alternative Livestock
Gulf Coast Livestock Auction
March/April - June
October - December
Madison, Florida (close to GA)

Mid America Mini Cow Auctions
Gregg Woody 618-406-3342
Mulberry Illinois - auctions in mid-America states

Kalona Alternative Animal Auction
at the Kalona Sales Barn.
March - May - August
Kalona Iowa

Odd & Unusual Sale
Circle S Auction Company, LLC
April - September
Beaux 712-229-1965
Woodbury Co Fair Grounds
Moville Iowa

Lolli Bros. Livestock Market
Alternative Livestock Sales
April, July, September, December
Macon, Missouri

Alternative Livestock Auction
April - June
Jim Scott: 417-274-0494
Koshkonong Missouri

5H Ranch Exotic Animal Auction
Jackson Missouri

NEMO Small Animal & Bird Auction
3rd Saturday Monthly
(660) 216-1492 nemolivestock@gmail.com
Kirksville Missouri

Nelson Alternative Livestock Auction
~ website ~
Norfolk, Nebraska

Freemont Exotic Animal Auction
Christensen Field
Dodge, Nebraska

Heartland Exotic Animal Auction
Justin Hamilton 308-883-1462
or Les 308-737-7307
McCook, Nebraska

Rolling Gavel Bi-Annual Alternative Livestock Auction
Luca & Anna Luckey, Aaron & Kristen Cattau
402-910-0373 or 402-910-8961
Columbus, Nebraska

Midwest Alternative Livestock Exotic Animal Auction
2 sales /year; May & Sept.
Ben Gerving: 701-333-9251
New Salem Fairgrounds, North Dakota

Mid Ohio Alternative Animal Sale
March - September - November
Millersburg, Ohio

White Bison
February 2018: White Buffalo
One of a Kind Sale
Exotic Animal Auction since 1966
February & November
Spectrum Ranch: 605-894-4299
Lonnie Sharping: cell 605-730-0456
Randy Krueger: cell 605-730-0791
Platte Livestock Market
Platte, South Dakota

Triple W Alternative Livestock
March - May - Sept - Nov
Cookeville, Tennessee

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Facility & Health Considerations
Livestock Laws
Sales & Purchase
Health & Transport

Facility: For anyone who buys miniature cattle at an auction, they need to consider the facility and any possible health precautions (some livestock auction barns have tons of cattle that sell through them weekly, including cull cattle that could be harboring disease).

Auction Management & Transparency: Another precaution to take to check beforehand is getting to know the sales management team, and to inquire about their business transparency. Alternative Auction animal lots are often sold at a premium. Therefore there should be reasonable proof that these cattle are not someone's cull (for example a possible freemartin). At any specialty consignment sale, the consignors/ sellers should always be proudly disclosed along with their current contact information, to be able to answer pre-purchase, or any future buyer questions about management, herd health, breed composition, pedigree, etc. If these critical details are being kept secret or withheld, that is a major red flag. To protect your investment, never pay more than meat (by the pound) price in that situation, and have your veterinarian on call.

Be a Responsible Buyer: Buyers are responsible for understanding cattle industry and sale terms. Auctions are exciting, and when a buyer gets carried away by cutenss or when bidding, he may forget what he originally came there for. It is important for buyers to educate themselves beforehand; and understand the difference between exposed, bred, and vet-checked, guaranteed bred, or, the difference between the terms registered and purebred and fullblood, etc.

Know the local laws when you buy, sell, show or transport cattle across state lines. If you are moving breeding age cattle without the proper paperwork they can be impounded and (worst case scenario, possibly even sent to slaughter if exposed to certain diseases). Testing requirements vary according to their age, gender, origin and destination states. Find out about any local legal restrictions buying mature herd bulls vs. virgin bulls. Contact your local large animal veterinarian, who does health certificates for interstate transport. If international, you will also deal with a border state veterinarian. Also check on which states have brand laws (another site with a list of state brand agencies).


Alberta, Canada
Florida/ Georgia
North Dakota
South Dakota



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