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Who Made Who

alias: WMW, Who Made Who 411F 1CM

Registration: #266927 Born: 04/11/1996
Breed: AngusXMaineXSimmiX Club Calf
Composition: 48.82% Angus, 28.12% Maine, 12.89% SimX, 9.76% Chi, 0.39% Hereford
DNA: TH free PHA free polled
Sire: Take Charge by Power Plant
Dam: Glitter N Gold daughter
Owners: Phil Lautner, Duane Hilbert, David Bradford
Who daughters are good milkers that produce show quality steers and heifers.
Cane Codes: 054CM00059, 99MA0059, CM59
Registration: ACA #266927, AMAA #306181 SKU: CM159, XX576

2YO bull        mini MA

WHO MADE WHO? “Who Made Who” was a popular club calf sire born in 1996. He, and most of his progeny that he is famous for, are NOT small. But evidence indicates he may be the source of a recessive “miniature mutation” that produces miniature club calves. These unusual pint-sized calves are fancy, healthy in all ways, but are usually born with BWs less than 30 lbs. They mature normally, but remain about ½ to ⅔ the size of their herd mates. The genetic action appears to be the result of a simple autosomal recessive mutation. Investigation is ongoing, but so far, these miniature club calves all trace back to Who Made Who or his clone, Who Made Who 2, on both sides of their pedigree.

WHO CARES?: Families with small children looking for small 4H or FFA club calves, in the typical smaller frame score size range with Lowlines and miniature Herefords, may be interested in these rare, small, docile, club calves. However, these small club calves may not mature large enough to qualify for or compete in some major club calf show classes.

DISCLAIMER: By all reports so far, the genetic occurence of these small club calves, appears to be the action of a simple autosomal recessive mutatation. But until this gene is studied and isolated, we do NOT KNOW THIS for sure. We have contacted a few Animal Science departments in Agricultural universities to see if any of them would like to work on isolating this mutation, and find out for sure if it is indeed a recessive gene. Stay tuned; any further information, will be presented here in this report.

WARNING: A minimal understanding of dominant and recessive genetics is needed in order to safely breed these cattle. If these small club calves are indeed the result of a simple autosomal recessive mutated gene, a miniature club cow should never be bred to any full size bull. That would put her in danger of producing a calf too large for her to safely give birth to. But, by the same token, if these small club cattle result from a simple autosomal recessive gene, then breeding 2 of them together would theoretically bring no risk of producing a normal sized calf. Breeding 2 of these club cattle together, would always produce another miniature sized club calf.

a few “Who Made Who” bloodline club calf sires:
(some of these sires could be carriers of this presumed recessive mutation)

    Boo Who
    Jade Who ET
    Joe Who
    Maternal Made
    Poison Arrow
    Who Made Me
  Hoo Made Hoo
  Man Among Boys (MAB)
Hide N Watch
  Simple Math
  Ree Heights
  Killer Instinct
  On the Rocks
  Total Solution
  Doctor Who
Who Da Man
  Cheap Trick
  Whos Destiny
  Whos Your Daddy


much of this information was generously provided by: Eric Epperson, Nowata, Oklahoma
published by: Bucking V Outfit, LLC., Maricopa County Arizona

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