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Dexter Dun

Dexter Dun results from a mutated Tyrosinase Protein 1 (TYRP 1) also called the Brown Locus (b). Dexter dun is the result of a recessive ‘b’ gene on chromosome 8.

  • B/B = normal looking black Dexter
  • B/b = normal looking black Dexter (carries dun)
  • b/b = brown Dexter Dun

Dexter dun is a different dilute mutation than dun found in other breeds of cattle. It is unique to the Irish Dexter breed.

  • Dexter Dun affects only black Dexters, making them appear different shades of tan to chocolate color pigment.
  • Being recessive, it needs 2 copies (it must be homozygous) in order to be expressed.
  • Therefore, every dun colored Dexter will genetically be black (and will carry 1 or 2 black genes), and it will be homozygous for the b (brown) Dexter Dun gene.
  • A red Dexter can be heterozygous or homozygous for dilute Dexter Dun, but will be a red cow.

dun Dexter - Kerry

This painting of a dun cow was painted for David Low by William Shiels in the 1830s, to represent Irish Dexter and Kerry cattle when they were still regarded as one breed.

Historically, the Dexter Dun mutation appears to trace as far back as to when Irish Dexter and Kerry cattle were still regarded as one breed (and probably long before that). The b gene responsible for Dun coloration in Dexters was isolated in 2002.

[Labs: Genserve of Saskatchewan Research Council, Texas A & M, and UC Davis.]


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