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sweet baby Jersey; copyright unclear, please contact me and I will link to your page thank you :)

WANTED: A micro-mini baby heifer or young cow for a children's animal therapy center: Must be a very well socialized, very friendly, very small cow or heifer.
SIZE: 36 inches or less (mature or predicted adult height).
HANDLING: She should be socialized from birth, and must be halter broke and enjoy attention. She should be docile, not pushy, comfortable around activity, noise, children and other animals.
COLOR: I am looking for a light colored girl, gold, dilute dun, red spotted, or RWF (red white face) with goggles. I do not want black or very dark coloring.
AGE: If a baby, I prefer a weanling. If breeding age, not over 4 years old. I prefer a young cow pregnant with her second calf, with no previous calving difficulty and bred back the same way.
BREED: I like miniature Hereford and Dexter crosses. I would like either a beefy type or a beef X dairy type. Purebred not necessary. Zebu or Longhorn would need to be crossbred for dual purpose; both beefy and dairy enough for what I am looking for.
DETAILS: I want to see all parent's information (photo, height, weight, breed, DNA tested if heifer is untested, any progeny info, siblings etc).
REGISTRATION: unimportant.
must be exportable to Europe
from Canada.
Finding the right female mini-moo is more important than how soon. Email.


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Lolli Bros. Livestock Market Inc,
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Jim Scott's
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April June
Find of Facebook.
Located in Koshkonong Missouri
Jim's Cell #: 417-274-0494

Alternative Animal Auction

at the Kalona Sales Barn.
2017 Sale Dates:
March 17-18
May 19-20
August 25-26
Kalona Iowa

Odd & Unusual Sale
Circle S Auction Company, LLC
April 1, 2017
Moville Fair Grounds
Moville Iowa

Gulf Coast Livestock Auction
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2017 Sale Dates:
March 31 - April 1
June 2-3
October 6-7
December 1-2
Madison, Florida (close to GA)

K & L Alternative Livestock Sale
Put on by Kramer Livestock Farm
2017 sales:
March 4-5
May 6-7
Oct 14-15
Woodson Co Sheep Auction barn
Yates Center, Kansas

Mid Ohio Alternative Animal Sale

March 23-25 2017
September 14-16 2017
November 3-4 2017
Millersburg, Ohio

Central Dakota
Alternative Livestock Auction
2 sales /year--info: 701-626-7370
Pierce County Fairgrounds
Rugby, North Dakota

Midwest Alternative Livestock
Exotic Animal Auction

2 sales /year; May & Sept.
New Salem Fairgrounds
Ben Gerving: 701-333-9251
North Dakota

One of a Kind Sale
since 1966
Exotic Animal Auction

February & November
facebook @One-of-a-Kind-Sale
Lonnie Sharping: cell 605-730-0456
Randy Krueger: cell 605-730-0791
Platte Livestock Market
Platte, South Dakota
February 2018: White Buffalo
White Bison

Nelson Livestock Auctions
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Selling all Breeds of Mini Cattle
Freemont Exotic Animal Auction
Christensen Field
March: Fremont, Nebraska
Madison Co Fairgrounds
Madison, Nebraska
West Point Auction
Cuming Co Fairgrounds
West Point, Nebraska

Triple W Alternative Livestock
Cookeville, Tennessee
(931) 432-3355

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information from
What is the Bangs Vaccine?
Brucella Abortus Vaccine
(Strain RB-51)
ADCA Information Sheet
Vets Corner, Jeff Collins, DVM

“Bang’s Disease” is a name that was given to cattle Brucellosis caused by the bacteria Brucella abortus.

Most states have attained Brucellosis free status which has changed the requirements for moving cattle across state lines recently. In the past, Bangs vaccination was required to move female cattle across state lines. Now, many states have taken this requirement off their list. So often the question arises:

“Do I really need to Bangs vaccinate my heifers?” If we never see an outbreak of cattle Brucellosis, then no, it’s not critical. But if we do see an outbreak and our cattle herds are not vaccinated for Brucella abortus than yes, we could have a mess on our hands (as an example, imagine ranching near Yellowstone Park). A vaccinated herd would be immune to an outbreak and would not have to go through a required extermination. (Yes, slaughtering all your cattle.) In addition, vaccinated heifers and cows are more marketable as some states still require the vaccination for incoming cattle, and many buyers prefer Bangs vaccinated females.

Vaccinating females for Brucella abortus is limited to heifers between the ages of 4 & 12 months.

Bangs vaccination can only be done by a licensed, accredited veterinarian who applies an official USDA metal tag and tattoo to the right ear at the time of vaccination.

Bangs was the last name of the Danish veterinarian who first isolated Brucella abortus as the causative agent back in 1897. Once a vaccine was formulated to immunize cattle against Brucella abortus it took on the name “Bangs vaccine.”

The vaccine is a live culture of Brucella abortus and care must be taken that we are not accidentally injected with any of the vaccine. Brucellosis primarily affects cattle, buffalo, bison, pigs, sheep, goats, dogs, elk and occasionally horses. Brucellosis is contagious to humans, and in man this disease is called Undulant Fever.


The Miracle of Gus $10

Sit back and enjoy the amazing story about a tiny calf named Gus. As you read this story, you will learn how God performs miracles on even the smallest of his beautiful creatures. A lovely little children's book you can order at this discount price directly from the author's site, Oak Mound Farm.



Stock Box

FOR SALE: Stock Boxes for transporting Miniature Cattle in the bed of your pickup. For more information contact Transwest Truck Trailer RV center, ☎ 303-684-3450 or email TransWest, Frederick, Colorado.



March 2018

WANTED: ISO a Miniature Jersey Bull. Call or text Bonnie 435-789-2224 Naples, Utah.

FOR SALE: Two year old mid-mini Jersey heifer.
Approx 43" at highest point of withers. A1/A2, BB/BB, polled. Ready to be bred, can always tell when she is in season. $2000. Three year old mini Jersey steer; super sweet and friendly. 41" at withers. Pet home only. $500. Package deal if they both go together. Please email: Located in Baldwin, Michigan.

FOR SALE: Nice young miniature red panda bull.
He just turned 2 years old. He is registered if you want the papers. Around 42 inches. Luke ☎ 320 293 7841. Located in Cold Spring, Minnesota.

FOR SALE: Miniature Zebu cattle:
Bulls, Cows, Heifers and calf call or text Brad ☎ 225-200-2758  Montpelier, Louisiana.

DISPERSAL: 10 head rare Miniature Holstein.
7 Red & White and 3 Black & White Miniature Holstein dairy cattle. Our Miniature Cattle program began in 2005 on our family farm. The need for a family milk cow has been on people's minds as our world gets increasingly dependent upon processed food. We've been organic since we began; have never used hormones, steroids, growth drugs, we've never grown GMO or Roundup-ready crops, we have never used commercial fertilizers and rarely give antibiotics--only for pinkeye. We only feed sweet feed to pamper our animals, they're 99%+ grass fed. Our cows' milk output is 1-2 gallons a day on this grass diet and the meat is incredibly low fat and tender. Our original stock came from exotic auctions in our first 3 years. Mini Holsteins are exceedingly rare in the mini cow world. For 3 linear generations, ours were all black and white colored. One fluke red and white appeared, and started our rare miniature red Holstein bloodline we have now--with square and solid builds, good udders, calm dispositions, great conformation. Ours is the only herd of Mini Red Holsteins on Earth! We love them dearly but my health issues force a reduction in responsibilities. We have an album on our Facebook page @Cumberland Miniatures, that contains all of our Miniature Holsteins, with information on each animal listed on the pic; their name, ear tag number, gender, date of birth, size and frame score, or if under 3 years of age, a projected frame score. All height measurements were taken on March 6th, 2018 at the Vet office of Dr Wilkey in Liberty KY and verified by him. We are offering our entire herd, 3 black and whites and 7 red and whites, for a total of 10 animals with another calf due soon. The price on the entire herd is $30,000. We will either sell all, or keep them all and stay in business. Email Cumberland Miniatures, J. Scott Jackson. Liberty Kentucky.

WANTED: miniature Scottish Highland and Hereford heifers. Micro OK but not looking for dwarf heifers, must be chondro negative. Please email Russell or text only ☎ 712-899-7734. I live in Western Washington so want to keep transport costs down.

WANTED: a herd of around 5 - 10 miniature cows.
Not completely decided on a breed yet, but maybe Mini Longhorn or mini Scottish Highland. I would like heifers carrying a baby also if due by winter. Please email Shawna. Iowa.

WANTED: ISO mature Miniature Bulls,
that could be used for used as bucking bulls. Please email or call Danielle, 304-645-6665. West Virginia.

DISPERSAL: herd of Miniature Zebu,
11 grey mini field mowers, pets or meat. 4 bull calves,1 bull, 6 cows. $900 each or if you want all I will make you a deal. Call or text Jonathan 239-851-1301 ☎ Alabama.

FOR SALE: yearling Dexter heifer,
friendly and curious, will be easy to handle. The dam is one of the smallest in the herd. $1000. Call Dave or Deb 307-637-2324 Cheyenne, Wyoming.

FOR SALE: Miniature Hereford
X pair. Goggle-eyed 5 year old red cow, 42" tall, good mom. Sells with her third calf, a black brockle-face heifer born 02/18/18, sired by mini Black Baldie bull. $1600. Text Tony ☎ 812-564-0759. Graysville, Indiana.

South Red Poll bull FOR SALE: 6 YO registered South Poll bull. The South Poll breed was developed in North Alabama. Known as the “Southern Mama Cow Breed,” South Polls are not miniatures, but are bred to be small-framed, slick-haired cattle with high fertility, longevity, and calm dispositions. South Polls excel in grassfed operations. Ultrasound and actual carcass data on the South Poll show they are as tender or more tender than English cattle. Asking $2500. Text Long Yang ☎ 205-393-9685. Gordo Alabama.

FOR SALE: Miniature Baldy heifer,
2 years old. Healthy and ready for breeding, approx. 750lbs. Born in Maryland, raised on our farm, primarily on grass/hay, but accustomed to addition of grain in the winter. Accustomed to human interaction. Asking $1000. Call or text: ☎ 717-634-7997. Glen Rock, Pennsylvania.

4K Major ADCA #0422991FOR SALE: Polled, Wild Red, A2A2 Dexter bull, (right) registered, born in May 2017, breeding cows now. He is by a bull well known for awesome udders and milk volume and his dam is sister to my best milk cow giving 2 gallons milking once a day and feeding her calf. He is fairly halter broke, friendly and very quiet and gentle. He has been tested by UC Davis to be wild red (EE), and A2A2. He is hetero-polled. I also have a number of registered pregnant cows and a registerable bull calf for sale. $1400, call or text Jan ☎ 801-608-5317. St. George, Utah.

FOR SALE: Dexter cow, (left) 10 years old this year and the mother of my herd. I am just bring in newer breeding stock. Her weight over 850 or so. She is registered with PDCA and ADCA. She is a non carrier. $1500. Call or text Steven ☎ 435-229-2913. Veyo, Utah.

FOR SALE: Cracker Cattle bulls, various ages, colors, and sizes. Price depends on age and size. Pure Cracker bloodlines, can be registered if desired. Call or text Julia ☎ 352-316-1623. Earleton, Florida.

FOR SALE: Purebred Dutch Belted dairy cow bred to black Angus $850. Belted Galloway/Dutch Belted heifer bred to black Angus $700. 9 mo. Belted Galloway/Dutch Belted bull $500. Moving, must sell, no reasonable offer refused. David call: ☎ 603-654-5513 Lyndeborough, Vermont.

Guinea Pineywoods cow for sale FOR SALE: Miniature Cattle. We have several Lowline and Lowline crossbred calves for sale at this time. Heifer calves are $1500 and bull calves start at $900. Info on each calf can be seen on our sales page, link below. We also have a Guinea Pineywoods cow for sale. She is white with red points and a nice set of horns. She has been a really good cow for us, but we have retained several heifers and need to make room for them. We are asking $850 for her. She may be bred back to our Lowline bull already. We will be selling several other cows this coming year after they calve. Delivery is available. LNL Mini Farm or find us on Facebook. Call or text Levon ☎ 256-717-7486. Henagar Alabama. (03-02)

FOR SALE: Registered miniature Hereford heifers and bull calves. Great bloodlines. $1500 to $2200, call or text Kevin: ☎ 774-930-6114. Fall River, Massachusettes.

FOR SALE: Starter herd of Miniature Cattle. Bull is a Miniature Baldie (Miniature Hereford x Lowline Aberdeen Angus). Heifers are Panda x Dexter cross. Bull is double registered. Both heifers are registered. Serious inquiries only. Please call or text Kelly for pricing and further information. ☎ 954-701-3303. Zolfo Springs, Florida.

FOR SALE: Miniature Tarentaise bull, approx 4 years old. Gentle enough for youth bucking bull or breeding bull (not proven), asking $750. Call or text Amber ☎ 406-672-1838. Billings Montana.

FOR SALE: 2 Dexter cows. 1 black Dexter cow due mid-May 4.5 years old. 1 dun Dexter cow due 1st week of May, 6 years old. Both cows lead on a halter and load up on a trailer. The dun cow produces lots of milk, she has been hand and machine milked. ☎ Call 575-387-2941. Santa Fe, New Mexico.

WANTED: Jersey/Dexter heifer. We are looking for a heifer that is Jersey Dexter cross, a new calf, yearling or young cow. Our milk cow needs company! Call or text Lynn ☎ 907-590-1534. Fairbanks, Alaska.

February 2018

FOR SALE: Miniature Highland dun bull calf. He is about 8 months old. Ready for his new home. $700, ☎ text 941-268-7526. Punta Gorda, Florida.
Lays Ranch, Aberdeen
FOR SALE: 1 registered Miniature Hereford cow, 6.5 years old, bred to Aberdeen Angus bull to calve between March-May. Calf might be registerable depending on which bull bred her, red or black. $2500. 1 fullblood 2yo Aberdeen and one pureblood 3yo Aberdeen heifers, both registered. Both exposed for fall calves - will blood draw 3/24/18. Calves will be registerable for bulls are both registered. $2500 & $2000. Take 2 or all 3 and I’ll make you a deal. Lays Ranch, ☎ 432-816-3963 or email Garland, Texas. (02-25)

FOR SALE: miniature Belted Galloway bull MN #41LBS8728; 8 months old, gentle disposition, adorable and furry. He is out of the sweetest mom, our star cow. $1500 (plus vet fee for interstate sales). Email Mike. Minnesota. (02-23)

micro mini Zebu bullFOR SALE: 2 mini Hereford bulls they are a year old come March, they are very beefy; one is polled and one is horned. I also have a older polled cow for sale. Asking $1000 each. Chris, ☎ 406-544-8603. Big Arm Montana. (02-20)

FOR SALE: micro Miniature Zebu bull, (left) 3 year old. 30 inches tall. Not aggressive. Will eat out of your hand. No papers. Contact Laura, text or call ☎ 618 771-2088, southern Illinois. (02-20)

Hatch miniature Longhorn cattleFOR SALE: Miniature Longhorn Cattle, 33" to 38" tall. Many stay under 36" when fully mature. Hatch Farms has been raising these little cattle for 40 years & keeps 60-80 head of cows, yearlings, & bulls in their breeding pastures. If you're looking for cattle with generations of miniature blood backing them up, this is the place to find them. Reliable & cost-effective hauling is available. No email, call Jeff Hatch ☎ 509-258-8974 in Springdale, Washington. (02-18)

WANTED: Miniature Hereford bull & cows or heifers, (a total of 4 to 6) to start a herd. Please text or email Fernando, 210-241-1290. I am near Kerrville, Texas. (02-15)

DuncanFOR SALE: Red brindle mid-to-mini purebred Scottish Highland bull calf. (right) Duncan is out of Lassie 40" and by Foreman 43". Born May 2017. Grew quick on mommas milk; just weaned. Should mature in midsize mini category. Very sweet, shy boy. He is eating range cubes from my hand. Can become a pet in no time. Registered with IMBCR. Asking price $1250. Delivery possible at $1.50/loaded mile. Text or email Lana, ☎ 714-200-5529. Located in Evansville, Minnesota. (02-14)

Zebu herd in TexasFOR SALE: AMZA Registered Minature Zebu herd. Minature Zebu bull, 4 cows, 2 bull calves and one heifer calf (left). Call or text Frank ☎ (254) 718-3959. Temple, Texas. (02-10)

At Auction: White Bison, mini cattle. Yearling & 2YO Bison; both browns and whites are going to be offered at the One of a Kind Animal Consignment Auction at Platte, South Dakota on Friday, Feb 16 at 3 pm. Bison sell before the Miniature Cattle (see the pinned sale ad in left column, scroll down). Find us on Facebook.

FOR SALE: Buffalo (bison): 5 heavy bred cows $2000 each; 1 yearling bull calf $600; 1 big bull $3000 firm. Text or call Rusty Reed (Box R Outfitters) 325-660-9805. Cross Plains, Texas. (02-10)

golden eyed 3YO Dexter cowFOR SALE: Zebu bull born in 2011, he is grey, 34" tall. He produced 2 nice calves in 2017, one heifer and one bull. He is looking for a new herd or home. Gets along with horses. $800. Call or text Tena ☎ 509-430-2060. Pasco, Washington. (02-10)

FOR SALE: mini Belted Galloway bull calf. Onyx (above) will be 6m the end of Feb. Sweet, easy going, very friendly, loves food, comes running for a bite. $700. Delivery is possible. Call or text ☎ 479-409-9925. Colcord, Oklahoma. (02-10)

FOR SALE: 3YO Dexter 1st calf heifer. (above left) She is golden red with golden eyes, and a white spot on her face, $1100; and her stout little black heifer calf born May 2017, $800. Or $1700 for both. Call or text Wendy ☎ (618) 964-5276. Marion, Illinois. (02-10)

FOR SALE: Yaks. Property tax time is here--get a Yak towards Ag Tax Status. Yak are perhaps the easiest of all livestock to Yak for sale in Coloradomanage. Recommend a minimum of 10 acre pastures. Yaks do require electric fencing because their wool protects them from barbed wire. Not recommended for hotter climates but they thrive in cold climates and higher elevations. Yaks are relatively docile to humans (domesticated for thousands of years in Asia). Yaks provide some of the best and most sought after specialty meat around. Very healthy young heifers that can have a lifespan of around 25 years and produce a calf annually if bred. $2900 ea. Call: ☎ 720-329-6211. Castle Rock, Colorado. (02-10)

small frame British White

WANTED: ISO small Hereford bull for few cows. Need smaller Hereford bull for few cows at our west Tacoma farm. Need for breeding later in 2018. A young bull would be fine ... we have smaller cows. Call Ken 253-474-1001. Tacoma, Washington. (02-10)

mini Longhorn bull in Oklahoma

FOR SALE: Miniature Longhorn bull. Charlie (above) is 2 years old and under 40". Halter broke and cute. He has been in the petting zoo so is extremely friendly. $800. Text Rider Farm ☎ 918-869-9168. Beggs, Oklahoma. (02-09)

FOR SALE: 3 Miniature Longhorns. (below) a 2YO bull, a second calf hfr due in June/July, and her coming yearling bull calf. Asking $700 each. Have all health and preg papers done last week. Call or text ☎ 605-530-0208. Sioux Falls, South Dakota. (02-07)

FOR SALE: 5 Dexter cows and a bull. All are registered American Dexter cattle. Cows are bred to dun bull Very good tempered cows and bull. Easy calving, good mothers. Excellent meat breed. $7000. Call or text Scott ☎ 605-499-9928. Custer, South Dakota. (02-07)

FOR SALE: Red Dexter horned bull and red Holstein 1st calf heifer (starter pair for breeding Miniature Red Holsteins?) Both have good temperament, good and healthy, about 17 months old and have been raised here on the farm. The bull weighs about 900 the heifer is around 750 and she has a new red bull calf by her side. I want to sell them as a trio as they have been raised together. I'm asking $1750 for the pair. Buyer will have to transport. Call or text Kevin ☎ (615) 739-4201. Whitehouse, Tennessee. (02-07)

RowanFOR SALE: Registered midsize Miniature Jersey Bull. He is polled, A2/A2, BD(-) and approximately 46" to 49" tall. I have bought a new bull, so it's time for "Rowan" to find a new home. He has some white on him, and he puts lots of white on his calves. I paid a lot for him, because nice looking, well bred, polled Mini Jerseys with the A2/A2 milk casein are in demand. I got him as a calf out of Arizona. Rowan will put some A2 in your herd, and some polled genetics, and some pretty white splashes. He makes beautiful calves and they should all have GREAT, well attached udders and the heifers should milk real well. It's in his genetics!! His sire (Sunshine Acres Loyal) is a very well known sire in the Miniature Jersey world. I am fairly new to cattle, and I'm afraid of bulls. If you buy him, you need to bring someone that is knowledgeable about bulls to come and load him. He has never offered to be mean, but I NEVER trust ANY bulls. (If I could raise calves without having a bull around, I would, but bulls are necessary, since I don't do AI.) I'm selling him cheaper than I paid for him, because I had a pink eye problem a couple years ago and he has a cloudy eye but I believe he still sees out of it just fine. $2500; email Deloris Located near Dixon, Missouri. (02-06)

brindle Zebu cowFOR SALE: Pair of miniature Zebu cattle. Hiefer (left) is grey brindle and bull is dark gray with black markings. Both are 3 years old and around 45" tall. Heifer should be bred. Very nice pair, asking $1500 for both. Call or text ☎ 606-369-5690. Melvin, Kentucky. (02-06)

FOR SALE or TRADE: 4 mini Dexter cows. they start have baby's good milk producer cow and calf -- 4 to choose from, two red and two black, baby are black they have the second baby so they are between 2 - 3 years old. Also 2YO mini Dexter bull. All friendly. $1100 obo or trade for flat bed trailer. Call ☎ (541) 778-3897. Central Point, Oregon. (02-06)

WILL TRADE for Mini Cow(s): "Kriska," a 2015 organic-raised & fed (endangered heritage breed) Mangalitsa sow. Kriska, Mangalitsa sowWe are getting out of pigs, and getting more mini cows. Mangalitsas are also known as woolly or sheep pigs as they get long curly hair. They are a well marbled red meat that's has great flavor with no seasoning and has great health benefits. Because of its unique genetics, when allowed to mature at a natural rate, the Mangalitsa creates mostly monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, and pork high in omega-3 fatty acids and natural antioxidants. They do extremely well in cold winters with very little care (aside from the occasional belly scratch). They produce high quality lard that bakers and chefs love for the extra flavor and exquisite taste. She was originally purchased as a weaner for $1200. Find us on FB @handmedown homestead, or call or text Deja ☎ (406) 314-1087. Clinton, Montana. (02-06)

FOR SALE: Dexter cattle: Calves, yearling heifers and two year old females and bulls. They are all black and most are horned. If you are interested I can send you images of what is still available. Call ☎ 607 643-7719. Walton, New York. (02-05)

White DexterFOR SALE: White Park Dexter cross beautiful bull, (left) Bo is 1/16 White Park, good sire, proven five-year-old bull, 1000 lbs. Mellow, not an aggressive bone in his body. He was born in Maine and can handle all weather. Electric-fence trained, always 100% grassfed. $1200. Call or text Uri ☎ 570-862-9727. Dalton, Pennsylvania. (02-05)

FOR SALE: miniature Texas Longhorn heifer, DOB November 6, 2016. She is mostly white with red park points. She was raised on a bottle and is very friendly. Mother is a registered Texas Longhorn. Call or text Ben ☎ 908-489-7440. New Jersey. (02)

DISPERSAL: Dexter cattle, gentle herd - 1 red bull, 2 black cows (bred back due early spring), and two yearling heifer calves (one red, one black). Dual purpose cows, excellent milk and meat. $4400. Will consider separating herd. Will consider some trades. Call or text Jared ☎ (208) 451-0735. Cottonwood, Idaho. (02-05)

FOR SALE: 3 Dexter Cows & 1 Dexter Bull. 7.5 year old Dexter cow, black, horned - 4.0 year old Dexter cow, black, horned - 2.5 year old Dexter cow, black, polled - 2.0 year old Dexter bull, dun/red, horned. The cows are due to calve May - June. $850 a piece, OBO if you purchase more than one. Text Ben ☎ 314-913-0491. Lawrence, Kansas. (02-05)

Cartier Composite bull calfFOR SALE: Minature Bull 10 month old. (left) This minature bull is a unique blend that I produce. This bull is a Tri-Blend consisting of Lowline Angus, Dexter and Zebu. He has an awesome confirmation and is a true Minature. Sire is 38" tall and his momma is 36" tall. He is perfect for small acreage operations and will make a great addition for your minature cattle herd. $1500 (firm). If interested call John Cartier, Diamond T Construction, and leave message or text ☎ 512-630-4264. Florence, Texas. (02-04)

FOR SALE: 5 Dexter cows, 2 heifers and 3 cows. 3-6 years old. Good mamas and easy calving. Have been in with a dexter bull for 2 months. $800 each. Call or text Janelle ☎ (503) 476-7193. Chiloquin, Oregon. (02-04)

Twisted Iron Ranch Dexter bull calf for saleFOR SALE: Irish Dexter bull calf. (right) DNA: chondro neg, PHA neg, A1\A2. Super dark red color and this stout little guy is built really, really well. Sire #040262, is also dark red; very curly haired and wonderful build and temperament. Dam #034519 is my best cow, very well built, great udder and depth of body. This Dexter bull calf is halter broke, super friendly and calm. He will make a fantastic herd sire. Price reduced to $650 OBO. Call or text Mark at Twisted Iron Ranch ☎ 239-961-1132. Rogersville, Tennessee. (02-04)

FOR SALE: Miniature Hereford bull, long yearling, registered with American Hereford Association, DNA on file. DOB April 2016, virgin bull, halter broke, leads quietly, ties quietly. Current on vaccinations. Perfect start for your own herd. Call or text Shirley ☎ 817-304-0562 for price. Weatherford, Texas. (02-03)

FOR SALE: Dutch Belted heifer. Flutter is a purebred bred Dutch Belt (dual purpose, standard size). I bought her as a bottle calf. She will be 4 this year. She has been in with a bull and may be pregnant. Her belly is getting big. She has had 1 healthy calf and is a great mom. She is BANGS vaccinated. I want her to have a loving home with other cows. Must be a good loving home. She is a very friendly cow. $1000. Call or text Crystal ☎ (541) 331-2371. Myrtle Creek, Oregon. (02-03)

FOR SALE: Registered Jersey bred heifer due 4/13/18. Her dam is a registered A2/A2 standard purebred Jersey, her sire is a Miniature Jersey. She has been bred to Sure Shot Ambassador who is a Miniature A2/A2 Jersey. She has a beautiful head and great conformation. Good possibility she could have a A2/A2 calf. Call or text Debbie ☎ (713) 213-9082. Sperry, Oklahoma. (02-02)

FOR SALE: "Molly" a 5-6 year old horned Miniature Hereford cow, is looking for a new home. Molly stands 40" at the top of her shoulder. She is a gentle cow and respects your space. If you have treats, she'll allow pets and scratches. She has never been aggressive or tried to use her horns on us. She is bred to a Miniature Hereford bull and due around June 4th. Molly calves easily and is a good mother. Has a nice udder and plenty of milk. Selling due to change in circumstances, no fault of Molly's. $1100 obo. Delivery possible. Call or text Marie ☎ (360) 920-6679 Blaine, Washington. (02-02)

FOR SALE: Dexter pairs. One older cow with calf at side. One old weedwhacker-only cow. 1 younger registered Dexter cow. 1 DexterXAngus heifer. 1 Dexter heifer. All are healthy and fat, eat hay and grain, come when called. $500 and up, prices vary. Email:, or call or text Holly, Hall Farm CSA ☎ (530) 200-0857. Redding, California. (02-02)

FOR SALE: Registered Mini Zebu bull. 3½YO bull. Has rich, dark red color, and good temperment. Proven breeder. $1500. Call or text Dedra ☎ (918) 253-1486. Jay, Oklahoma. (02-01)

Galloway bull -- white park markingsFOR SALE: miniature Black Hereford bull and miniature Tiger Striped Braford heifer, 9 months old, $1200 for the pair; call or text ☎ 580-258-8216, Coalgate Oklahoma. (02-01)

FOR SALE: 2 year old Galloway bull. (right) Coming 2YO white with black tips Galloway bull. Born April 30, 2016. Long made, thick muscled, and beautiful coat. Docile. Will add some beautiful color to your herd. $3000. Call or text Will ☎ (406) 223-2234. Livingston, Montana. (02-01)

FOR SALE: registered Lowline Aberdeen red bull (Black Aberdeen Angus with wild red gene). 17 months old, virgin registered Black Lowline Aberdeen Angus that is Red due to him carrying a wild red gene. Sire is a registered fullblood Aberdeen Lowline black Angus and dam is registered purebred black Angus. He will throw red and black hided Angus calves. He is very masculine and has a good size scrotum. He is good tempered and easy to work. We are asking $3500. Call or text ☎ (918) 798-2822. Claremore, Oklahoma. (02-01)

FOR SALE or TRADE: miniature Zebu heifer, 28" smokey grey, 3YO. She will make a great pet, can be used for breeding or slaughter. $550. If you have any questions, please feel free to call Richard ☎ 405-694-5774. Serious inquires only please. OKC Oklahoma. (02-01)

beefalo stretchFOR SALE: 2 long yearling miniature Angus, one is a bull, one is a heifer. Both are between 38 and 40 in tall... both sets of parents were only 40 in tall. These mini moos have had all their shots and are ready to go. Very healthy, asking $1100 for the pair. Call Mike ☎ 817-683-4754. Alvarado, Texas. (02-01)

FOR SALE: Buffalo (Bison) calves. Diamond B farms is offering 4 bison heifer calves and one bull calf weaning now, and another 4 ready bison calves will be ready to sell in April. This is a very docile and closed herd -- a major PLUS. $2000 each, serious inquiries only, thanks. Call Robert Boyer ☎ 817-925-8971. Hurst, Texas. (02-01)

January 2018

Bucyrus Highland bullFOR SALE: Scottish Highand 2-1/2 YO bull. (right) Black with white underpinning. He bred five cows this last year and they all calved. Call or text Rick ☎ 419-689-6978. Bucyrus, Ohio. (01-30)

FOR SALE: Dexter bull. Due to our age we are scaling back and are selling our black dehorned herd bull, DOB 01/26/2013, born on our farm. Mild disposition. $500. call: ☎ (419) 945-1498 Ashland Ohio. (01-30)

Piggly and Wiggly FOR SALE: mini Black Angus bull and heifer, (left) 8 months old, still nursing and on the creep feeder. Piggly and Wiggly stand 24-32 inches. $700. Contact Jerri ☎ 405-590-2822. Located in Okemah Oklahoma. (Jan 30)

FOR SALE: Friendly, halter-broke, horned dun Dexter bull calf. "Walnut's Buster Brown" ADCA #042566 was born 5/25/2017. He has an athletic build and a uniquely beautiful dark chocolate dun coat. Buster is PHA free and chondrodysplasia free, and he is A2/A2. Buster is chemical free and exclusively grass-fed on native pasture. He has had no vaccines or medications and has never been fed any grains. He has never contacted any pesticides internally or externally. $1000. Walnut Spring Ranch, La Grange, Texas. (01-30)

belted Angus cow FOR SALE: black belted beef cow, (left) bred black Angus due in May $750 cash only call ☎ 320-241-0620 Albany Minnesota (01-30)

Black Dexter pairFOR SALE: Black Dexter pair. (right) Dexter cow and heifer calf at side. Mom was dehorned and dad had horns. Not registered. Cow is roughly 3 and calf was born August 31, 2017. Cow is very calm and lets you rub on her back and sides. Loves alfalfa cubes. Even let me milk the two teats the calf had not used yet (at the time) to make sure they weren't plugged. Would probably stand in a stanchion for milking if you trained her to it. Asking $1200. Delivery available for a fee. Also have a two horse trailer for sale if you are looking for something to haul small cattle with. Make me an offer, worst I can say is no. Call or text Cam ☎ (614) 282-0272. Amanda, Ohio. (01-29)

FOR SALE: Scottish Highland Mid Sized Miniature Cattle. We have for sale a nice little bull calf born July 1st 17, a year and half old black heifer, a year and half old breeding bull (dark brown), and also a 3 year old brown cow. All are healthy and friendly. Will sell separate or accept reasonable offers all together. Asking $1000 each obo. text Pete ☎ (815) 585-2531. Morris Illinois. (01-29)
friendly Zebu bull
FOR SALE: Miniature Brahma Bull. (right) Just a big ole kid -- loves to play. Gentle with children & other pets. $250. Text Len ☎ 479-233-1331. Centerton, Arkansas. (01-29)

FOR SALE: 2 Dexter X cows. Bessy is a BWF 5YO cow, 1/2 Dexter x 1/2 Hereford. $600. Also her red horned heifer Ginger; 3/4 Dexter x 1/4 Hereford, she'll be 3 in June. $500.00. I would love to keep them but I am just too busy. They are both lovely; open and ready to breed. Text Ryan ☎ (360) 337-0136. Chehalis Washington. (01-29)

WANTED: small herd of miniature Zebu cattle. I am selling the "normal" cattle on my ranch and would like to substitute them with Zebus. My children do not have any fear, and I would rather them feed a smaller bull than the 1900 pound bull, his sons and his harem. I would like to purchase or trade around 12 head of cattle. It gets hot in the summer and was told these are the best for our area and the kids. Please send information to Fernando Trevino I am near Kerrville, Texas. Thank you. (01-29)

GallowayDISPERSAL: Selling my British White herd. (left) 30 bred cows and heifers for March 2018, 6 yearling bulls, and 12 open heifers. Price negotiable depending how many you take. Please call ☎ 507-530-3653. South Dakota. (01-29)

FOR SALE: 3 year old Miniature Zebu bull (dark grey) $800. Also 2 red roan Longhorn X Corriente cross heifers [1 calved, heifer calf, already other is about to] bred to the Zebu. Calf has hump. $1500 for both heifers and calf. All are quiet tame cattle. Text Amanda McMillan ☎ 303-717-7525. Eaton Colorado. (01-28)

FOR SALE: Mini Wagyu halfblood heifers. Are you interested in the Wagyu breed? Live on a small acreage and looking for a smaller cow? I have three beautiful 1/2 Wagyu heifers for sale. (#1) 1/2 Wagyu 3/8 Jersey 1/8 Dexter (#2) 1/2 Wagyu 1/4 Jersey 1/4 Dexter and (#3) 1/2 Wagyu 1/4 Mini Jersey 1/8 Dexter. These heifers will mature at a moderate size. They will raise the best beef you have ever eaten! $900 each. Buy all three for $2500. Call or text David ☎ (573) 789-1542. Tipton, Missouri. (01-28)

Lowline American Aberdeen AngusFOR SALE: 2016 Lowline American Aberdeen Angus registered bull. (left) This fullblood bull is a great way to start your grassfed herd or use for calving ease. Selling because I do not need him. $2000. Call or text Josh ☎ (937) 515-7720 Russellville, Ohio, close to Kentucky line. (01-28)

FOR SALE: Black Dexter bull calf. This lovable little fella is ready for a home were he can have a herd of his own. We have had a halter on him and he did good. Not broke to lead but wouldn't take much. Food driven. Both my daughters love on him when it is time to feed. Will make a great bull. He was born in June. He is solid black and polled. Asking $500 obo. Call or text ☎ (513) 578-4496. Foster, Kentucky. (01-28)

FOR SALE: Dexter Starter Herd. 1 bull, 3 mama cows, all bred. Great start for small acreage, calm, gentle. Come with trailer and cash and you will leave with a great deal. Asking $3100. Text Cowboy ☎ (903) 439-8315. Goodhope, Missouri. (01-28)

FOR SALE: PDCA registered Dexter Heifer, heavy bred CCD Sunshine PDCA #300217 dun heifer, due 02-24-18 to TNC Jacob ADCA # 040642 red bull. Beautiful heifer, good disposition. Only selling because she is my only PDCA registered cow. $1600 cash only, no trades. No calls after 9 or on Sabbath (Saturday). Thanks, Debbie, call or text ☎ (318) 355-3360. South Missouri. (01-28)

Jinx--a Randall bull calfFOR SALE: 2017 Randall bull calf. (right) Sunnyfield's High Jinx's sire displayed a wonderful horn set, his conformational was exceptional, and he was very viable and productive. His dam has a wonderful, easy-going disposition, and color pattern. With only 700 + registered Randall cattle he is truly something special. Sunnyfield Farm, Southside, Virginia. (01-28)

FOR SALE: mini Longhorn bottle-calf. Nitro was born mid January. He is a little white-framed black bottle baby, as cute as they come and thinks he's a dog. Nitro will be a small bull and a good herd sire. He is doing great on a bottle (yes he got his colostrum), he's very healthy and active. $400. Call or text Brandi ☎ 661-965-8124. Nitro is in Stephenville Texas. (01-27)

WANTED: small breed cattle--would like a few small cows to have for grazing, exposing our horses to. Must be friendly & easy on fencing Open to any age/sex, even bottle calves. Please text price /info to ☎ 406-546-9247. Lolo (western) Montana. (01-27)

DEXTER HERD REDUCTION: Due to "old age" and health issues, we are reducing our registered Dexter herd. We have 4 Dexter heifers for sale. They have been tested and registered with the ADCA. They are all chondro and PHA negative. They tested great in all of the other fields as well. They range in price from $1000 to $1200. They are coming 2YOs, and are open. We also have 3 little yearling heifers. All are up to date on all of their vaccinations, etc. I have the hair pulled and they are ready to be DNA tested and registered. All of these calves will eat out of your hand and are very gentle and easy to load. We are willing to negotiate a price for all 7 heifers. They would make and excellent starter herd. Call or text Betty Ingham ☎ 405-566-9952. Prague, mini-High-x-DexOklahoma. (01-27)

FOR SALE: Miniature Dexter X Highland bull. (right) Black, very short, easygoing, easy keeping bull. $600. Can deliver for free if close. Please text ☎ 918-402-3569 or 918-951-5392. Chelsea, Oklahoma. (01-27)

miniature BuelingoFOR SALE: miniature Buelingo X belted Highland cross heifer, (left) born April 2017, unplanned calf. Belted-Highland / Buelingo-Angus cross, polled. I meant to get our young Highland cross bull locked up sooner (he goes to butcher this spring) this heifer doesn't fit our breeding program. Better suited to small farm raising smaller breed beef cattle. She is not tame but not nuts so should fit in with most homesteads. Raised on pasture, hay, brewers grain, and trace mineral blocks. No corn or meds. Weaned Nov and doing well with rest of the herd. $850, call or text Dave ☎ (651) 206-1974. Scandia, Minnesota. (01-27)

FOR SALE: Coming 4yo bred Watusi cow; this will be her third calf she is probably due April. She is gentle as they come and is a very easy keeper. $1000 obo. Call or text Brandon ☎ (615) 464-8127. Smithville, Tennessee. (01-27)

FOR SALE: 3 2017 Miniature Hereford heifers. These are really nice, registered Mini Hereford heifers that will make really nice 4H and FFA show heifers or a nice addition to your herd. I will take $2500.00 each for them. Call or text Cody ☎ (512) 756-3342. Burnet, Texas. (01-27)

Zebu dispersalHERD DISPERSAL: AMZA registered Miniature Zebu cattle, (left)
(1) Bull and (6) Cows. They are well behaved gentle, fat and healthy. Three cows are bred, due to calve this spring. Preference is to sell whole herd together, $8k. Remaining square bales of high quality hay will go with cows. I also have a 16' enclosed stock trailer, new floor and heavy ply tires for $1250 with or after cattle sell. Call or text Darrell ☎ (601) 441-4251. Foxworth Mississippi. (01-27)

HERD REDUCTION: Registered Galloway cattle. (left) Pure bred (registered or will be registered) Galloway, bred cows, heifers and bulls. All females are registered or will be registered. All bull spring calves that are eligible for registration will be registered. Grass Fed, Grass Finished closed herd. Great breeding stock. Great disposition. All clean and ready to produce! Call or text John ☎ (317) 695-3581. Greencastle, Indiana. (01-26)

FOR SALE: 4 yr old Dexter Bull. $600 text Don ☎ (970) 209-0633. Montrose Colorado. (01-26)

FOR SALE: Beautiful purebred B&W belted Galloway heifers. Ready to breed. Complete belts, great dispositions. Parents on premisis. Good home only; discount if all 4 go to one home. $1400. Between 8 AM and 10 PM please call or text Cynthia ☎ (740) 503-6852. Central Ohio. (01-26)

FOR SALE: Miniature Hereford bull, 2 years old. $1500. For more information call ☎ 419-707-0804. $1500 Oak Harbor, Ohio. (01-26)

DISPERSAL OFFERING: Miniature Zebu Herd. All are under 5 years old, all are purebred. None are registered, but all you need are blood tests to get papers. The bull is black, and about 550 pounds. Two grey cows, both carrying a calf and 1 2017 blk calf. These are healthy, fat cows with no issues. You can have a herd of 6 for $3000. Price is firm. If I cannot get $3000, then I will keep them, as they are easy and cheap to maintain. ☎ 337-351-9913. Opelousas, Louisiana. (01-25)

FOR SALE: 2 quality miniature heifers. One is black, she is a Dexter cross. The other is BBF, a miniature Hereford x Dexter. Both should make small cows. Asking $750 each. No text, call ☎ (317) 341-3667. Noblesville, Indiana. (01-24)

grade cow with white park colorFOR SALE: Nice White Park colored grade cow, (left) unknown breed, 7 months bred, asking $850, call or text ☎ 662-720-6339 for more info. Booneville, Mississippi. (01-24)

FOR SALE: Yearling purebred White Galloway bull,
$1200 if picked up now, $1700 in the spring. He was born on 12/13/16 in -20° weather so his ears and tail were frozen, otherwise he's a nice looking bull. I'm not registering him because his ears are so short there's not enough room to tattoo. If you are looking for a sturdy, docile, easy keeping bull, the Galloway breed is what you're looking for. Call or text Layce ☎ (218) 443-4321. Red Lake Falls Minnesota. (01-24)

FOR SALE: 2 year old Belted Galloway bull. He is purebred and registered. Halter broke, ties, and bathes. I bought him as a calf in hopes to show and breed him, but due to time management, I can't give him the attention he needs. Asking $1500; call or text Cheyenne ☎ (303) 476-0908. Arvada Colorado. (01-24)

FOR SALE: Mystic T Ranch registered Yaks. All our registered yaks are listed in the IYAK Foundation Herd Book. Our focus is on producing gentle, high fiber, show quality yaks. All yaks born at our ranch are imprinted at birth. We are reducing our herd size to make room for Spring 2018 yak calves. call ☎ (303) 582-5052. Central City Colorado. (01-24)

FOR SALE: Purebred, Registered Highland bull calf. "Scotland" is a blonde bull calf born April 2017. He is shy in the herd, but with us one on one he is a sweetheart, clamoring for scratches. We love spending time with our herd, scratching them and feeding treats. Scottie is a smaller bull. He would be a great addition to a small hobby farm as a pet, project animal or sire if you want to get some color and breed smaller animals. Conformationally correct, beautiful long coat with silver highlights. This is a great opportunity to add this heritage breed to your operation. Highlands are hardy, docile and versatile animals perfect for the hobbyist or professional. They breed and calve without intervention. Provide milk, fiber, and beef. Highlands are a unique breed that is a great entry level animal for first time farmers. Patrick or Andrea Rossi call: ☎ (208) 255-2141. Sandpoint (northern) Idaho. (01-24)
Dexter cow
FOR SALE: Bred Dexter cow, (right) easy calver, bred to Red Angus bull, due to calve mid March to mid April. Raises a big calf. Middle aged, gentle cow. $600. ☎ Call 406-741-3643 and leave a message Or text 406-925-9044. Plains Montana. (01-24)

dun dexter cowFOR SALE: ADCA Bred registered dun Dexter cow. (left) Windfall's Bria, ADCA #022209. She's hetero polled and a non-carrier of PHA and chondrodysplasia. She's got a great disposition and is the perfect pasture cow. Bria is a fantastic, experienced mom and has many years of breeding ahead of her. She's been exposed to our bull, SCC Lord Ferdinand and I'm fairly certain she was bred on January 5, 2018. $1600, can't keep 'em all; make an offer. Call or text Sally ☎ (985) 774-8001. Chewelah Washington. (01-23)

FOR SALE or LEASE: Registered Red Dexter Bull. Homozygous polled, chondro and PHA free, gentle and easy to handle. Great bull for first time heifers. Call or text Paul ☎ (606) 336-2917. Owingsville, Kentucky. (01-23)

flashy Watusi miniFOR SALE: miniature Watusi. (right) Flashy red & wht mini bull calf; He is Watusi x Lowline x Hereford. Born Aug 2017. call or text ☎ (765) 592-1192. Rockville, Indiana. (01-23)

FOR SALE: Four 2YO Mini Hereford/Highland cross heifers that have been exposed to a mini Dexter bull for fall 2018 calving. Three yearling Mini Hereford/Highland cross heifers. One of the two year olds and all three yearlings are polled/scurred. Asking $1200 for the yearlings and $1500 for the two year olds. Also have a yearling Highland heifer for sale along with her mom who is exposed to a mini Dexter bull for late fall 2018 calving. Will sell as a pair ($1900) or separate (heifer calf $1200 and Cow $1700). Kim ☎ (320) 286-6564. Cokato Minnesota. (01-21)

mini Hereford bullFOR SALE: 4yr old Miniature Hereford bull. (right) He is not registered. He has serviced my cows. Wanting to change to full size cows now. No longer have a use for him. $950. Call or text Heath ☎ (515) 370-0282. Jefferson, Iowa. (01-21)

FOR SALE: 3 Dexter heifers, PDCA Registration, 6 months old, one dun, two black. $600 each or make me an offer. Call ☎ 937-568-9591. S Vienna, Ohio. (01-21)

FOR SALE: Piney Woods bull calf, 5 months old, $400. Serious Calls only please, ☎ 601-795-6563. Located in Poplarville Mississippi. (01-21)

small highlands for sale in Arizonamini highland hft in ScottsdaleFOR SALE: Scottish Highlander young bull (brindle) and heifer (red), about 2 years old, not very big, $1200 each, call or text Digger ☎ (602) 524-7338. Phoenix, Arizona. (01-21)

FOR SALE: red Miniature Highland heifer, she is about 3yrs old, $800, call or text Ellie ☎ (407) 312-7924. Scottsdale, Arizona. (01-21)

FOR SALE: 2 Registered Mini Shorthorn bulls. (1) Magic Mike (left) is a red roan 2YO polled bull. Magic is very gentle. (2) Eli's Coming (right) is a bigger, red spotted 3YO horned bull. Eli would be a prospect for a Mini Bucking bull program. He is 700# and has a bit of attitude. His calves are awesome tho. $1500 each, or will consider trades for females. Lazy B Lightning Ranch Mini Beef & Dairy Shorthorns ☎  509-422-6388 evenings. Okanogan Washington.

dwarf longhorn cowFOR SALE: 2 minature Brahman cows. (right) 1 gray miniature brahma cow, about 9 year old. Also her 3 year old heifer was born on place kinda yellow looking. They're not hand tame; they come to feed bucket but they got lot brahma in them and do not like to be penned up, and very protective of their calves; done sold my bull, so don't think their rebred, $450 each or both for $800. ☎ Call 504-376-6929. Downsville, Louisiana. (01-21)

FOR SALE: Registered Fullblood Piedmontese cow. Lovely cow. She has been pasture exposed to a registered Murray Grey bull for a fall calf. $4500. Call or text Andrea ☎ (503) 810-5865. Woodburn Oregon. (01-20)

FOR SALE: Bred 3 YO Wagyu Cow, 7/8 Wagyu, 1/8 Angus cow. Healthy and in great condition. Quiet and mellow-tempered. Great mom. Had first calf this spring with no problems. Bred back to 100% Wagyu bull. Both are quiet-tempered. Downsizing my closed herd. Wagyus are famous for their marbling ability of the meat. Wagyu are frequently cross bred to other beef breeds to take advantage of their extreme calving ease, resulting in a calf that will have outstanding marbling/meat quality. Mellow, easy-going temperaments. $1700, call or text ☎ (253) 677-0685. Roy/Yelm, Washington. (01-20)

FOR SALE: Two thick fullblood American Aberdeen Lowline bull calves for sale. They sell without registration. One was born 4/30/17 (Oriant son) and the other was 5/1/17 (Jamberoo son). They should be able to breed a limited number of cows this summer. If you are looking for a herd bull to give you for beefy and fleshy calves, these boys are what you are looking for. We are asking $1000 each. Call or text ☎ 419-576-0811. Serious inquires only please. Haviland, Ohio. (01-20)

FOR SALE: Miniature milk cow. "Breezy" is a mixed breed mostly miniature milk varieties. She is not A1/A2 tested. Breezy is 16 months old and in with my A2A2 bull Ferdinand. Breezy is a vocal young cow that is very friendly, letting you touch her all over. She should make a great small milk cow in the near future. Her Dam is Sunny and is very small (~37") but of unknown breed, I think mostly Zebu, possibly some mini Jersey as well. Breezy's Sire is "Lucky" a very mixed breed bull: 9/16 Mini Jersey, 1/4 Devon (a full size heritage milking breed), 1/8 Mini Hereford, 1/16 Dexter. "Lucky" was a small red bull but we harvested him before he was full size, so unknown if he would have matured as a mid size. Breezy will probably mature at under 42"(mini) but is already taller than her dam (37"). I want $1500 for her alone, possibly bred. I would take $2200 for Breezy and Buckeye together. They are unrelated (though she might be bred with Buckeye's sire) and would make a good pair. Call Peter ☎ (530) 615-8324. North San Juan, California. (01-19)

LadyFOR SALE: Price REDUCED Mini Jersey Milk or Nurse cow. (right) Lady has been a faithful and loving cow. Lady was raised from a bottle and is as sweet as they come. She is an amazing mother and nurse cow. You can put a motherless calf in with her she will just adopt it with no promptings and treat it like her own. She wouldn't hurt a fly but she does dominate in the field. Lady is bred to a full blood Jersey bull and will calve at the end of the summer. She would be a great addition to someones family. She won a second place ribbon in the fair. She is a small but beautiful cow, now asking $2300 obo. Call or text ☎ 501-477-2250. Morrilton, Arkansas. (01-19)

FOR SALE: Registered Belted Galloway heifer. Fantastic bloodlines. Cow and Bull on site: Very calm demeanor and great belt. She loves attention, halter broke, vaccinated and would make an excellent 4H show prospect. call or text ☎ (616) 437-3748. Hastings Michigan. (01-19)

WANTED: Shorthorns. Looking for lease to own Shorthorn cows or hfrs, I'm a 4H'er looking to get started in the Shorthorn business. My brothers and sisters and I show cattle and are trying to start our own herd. I am willing to pay interest if you want to sell on payments or leases to own; also open to any ideas; looking for up to 30 head; text me at ☎ 402-704-9876 (South Dakota / Nebraska) (01-19)

HERD REDUCTION: Scottish Highland Cattle for sale. Bulls and Calves for sale. Calves include males, females and steers. Calves starting at $500. Prices vary depending on size. For further information please contact Joell ☎ 716-603-8099. Chautauqua New York. (01-18)

FOR SALE: Belted Bull, black, horned. $675. ☎ Call 605-680-0363. Corsica, South Dakota. (01-18)

FOR SALE: Miniature Hereford cross calves. 1 bull calf, red baldy, 2 heifer calves black baldies.
Born September 2017, weaning in February. Also have 4 purebred dexter heifers for sale they carry the red gene out of red polled bull, 2 blacks 2 reds, not papered. $500 Call evenings for more information ☎ (712) 783-4270 Atlantic, Iowa. (01-18)

Daley FOR SALE: Daley, a British White cross cow. She was AI bred to a winning show, registered Lowline/ American Aberdeen bull, ILC Maverick. She has not been preg checked, but can be; has not stood since AI. She is stout and well built with lots of depth and she throws calves that show the same style- her previous owner sold her to keep her bull calf for her herd. She would serve you well as a foundation cow with her gorgeous udder and will be a great breeder for family beef or to raise up some beautiful Lowines. OR breed her to a mini Jersey for a fantastic little family milker. Previous owner did state that she carries a red gene. She is an easy calver and has calved without assistance or trouble every time. She has worn a halter and will lead a few times, but not a friendly cow. She will be 8 in March. ☎ Call (406) 314-1087, FB @Handmedownhomestead. Clinton Montana. (01-18)

FOR SALE: 4YO Half Wagyu half Angus-Tarentaise mix cow, exposed for April-May calf. Good mother, not a pet but not wild. Would be good one to feed her calf every year to eat, should marble well. Also her May 2017 heifer calf sired by a red Lowline cross bull. Cow for $900, heifer for $500, or both for $1300. No bangs vac. Delivery possible ☎ 406-459-0588. Lewis & Clark, Montana. (01-17)

registered Red Lowline bullFOR SALE: 1YO registered Red Lowline bull. (left) Hard to find, and very well bred, yearling Red American Aberdene Lowline bull. He will make an excellent herd sire. Call or text Ron ☎ (513) 374-6865. Hamilton, Ohio. (01-17)

miniature blk baldie heiferFOR SALE: Miniature Baldie Heifer. Born April 20, 2017. She measures about 36 in tall. Sire is Hereford and dam is Hereford Lowline mix. She is weaned and ready to go to her new home. Haven't worked with or handled her yet. Asking 1400 obo. Check out our Facebook page, Toad’s Hill Miniature Cattle, for more pictures and information. Call, text or email with questions or if you would like to come see her. If I don't answer leave me a message and I'll call you back ☎ 563-412-9505. We are located just outside of Waucoma in NE Iowa.

FOR SALE: Lowline Bull. Have a nice Lowline bull for sale. Will be 4 this year, lots of life left in him. Makes great calves. Have nice baldies by him. $1200. Matt Pals, ☎ 712-363-7405. Located in Primghar Iowa.

All marked to reduced prices for quick sales! Belted Galloway bull $600; Highlander cross cow (3rd period bred)! $800; Miniature Dexter cow $700; Miniature Dexter bull (has a dot in eye) $400; Blake Coble ☎ (918) 652-1411 Located in Henryetta, Oklahoma.

FOR SALE: Full blood Traditional Dexter cattle.
Many of my animals are halter broke. I have milked several of them. Great for kids to show in 4H etc. Very hearty breed and easy keepers. My herd needs thinning, so I'm selling some great registered animals: 20 month black heifer $800; 2 yr old red heifer $1100; 3 yr old red bull $1000; All animals will come with registration papers and genetic testing results. $2600 for all three. Can deliver. ☎ Text Craig Turpin ☎ 505-977-0349. Albuquerque New Mexico. (01-17)

Zebu bull calf FOR SALE: 7 month old Miniature Zebu bull calf
(left). He should be quite small; parents are 32"-34". He is full blooded but not registered. $500. Email or call or text ☎ (423) 503-4025 George Morgan, Ooltewah, Tennessee. (Jan 16)

FOR SALE: Registered Miniature Jersey Cow.
Babybell is a darling registered mini Jersey. Friendly and halter broke. Ready to breed for 2018 calf. Price includes 5 straws of A2/A2 Jersey semen in case you dont have a bull. $2950. call or text: ☎ (480) 580-8827 Scottsdale Arizona (Jan 16)

FOR SALE: Lowline cow/calf pair. We have a very nice 2.5 to 3 year old, non papered Lowline and her calf available. She has been in with our miniature Hereford bull since July and we believe she is bred. No signs of a heat cycle in a few months now. The bull calf at her side is approx 8 months. Still intact. They are very healthy but we just don't have the space to keep them. $1400. Text or call Kari at ☎ 509-840-5279. Outlook Washington (Jan 16)

FOR SALE: 2 bred Beefalo cows, (above) bred to an Angus bull, calving in February-March. Weigh about 1500-1600 lbs. Pick up only, call or text Tommy ☎ (785) 294-2286. Baileyville, Kansas. (01-15)

FOR SALE: Miniature Zebu - 7 month old Zebu bull calf. Should be pretty small at maturity. Parents are 33" to 34" tall. Both parents on site. $450 call or text: ☎ (423) 503-4025 Georgetown Tennessee. (01-15)

FOR SALE: 2010 registered blue roan Corriente bull. (right) Breed him to your cows, or make a beautiful rug and shoulder mount. $1000. Call or text Jason ☎ 406-560-0141. Philipsburg, Montana. (01-15)

FOR SALE: 2-1/2 YO Mini Hereford bull. RFD Vinnie is registered with AHA with DNA on file and 42 inches at the hip. $2000 OBO. Email or call or text ☎ (217) 264-9239. Shane & Valerie Cooper, Dennison, Illinois. (Jan 15)

PiedmonteseFOR SALE: 3 young Piedmontese x Angus cows, (left) bred to Piedmontese beltie bullbull for early May calves. Nice calm cows, asking $1400 each obo. Call ☎ 937-653-8952. Urbana, Ohio. (01-14)

FOR SALE: Belted galloway bull, (right) this bull is not reg, he weighs 1250 pounds, he is 6YO, semen checked, with a lot of calves on the ground over the years. This bull is currently In Hernando Mississippi. $1800. Call Kenny ☎ (901) 876-6409. Millington Tennessee. (01-14)

FOR SALE: mini herd. (above) Lowline bull $1500. RBF Mini Hereford cow $1000. Lowline x Hereford heifer $500, call or text Larry ☎ (970) 234-9966 Crawford Colorado. (01-13)

FOR SALE: Mini jersey bull. Healthy, 4 year old proven bull. Call or message with questions or trade offers. Can negotiate delivery to most of AZ. $850 OBO or Trade, call or text Josh ☎ (928) 205-7970. Snowflake Arizona. (01-13)

FOR SALE: 2015 PDCA reg black Dexter bull, polled, DNA tested, good bloodline, $1400. call or text Steve ☎ (513) 498-7608. Cleves, Ohio. (01-13)

FOR SALE: ADCA registered Dexter heifer calves. Black, polled, A2/A2 milk type. $1000 -1800. Shipping available. Email Pam Polk or call ☎ 410 641 0428. Located in Maryland. (Jan 13)

Oregon mini highland beltieFOR SALE: Micro Mini Belted Bull, (right) 1 yr old shouldn't get much bigger than 36-38". He is 3/4 Galloway with a mix of mini beltie. He looks like a pure Galloway cow, woolly with a nice wide belt. $2000. call or text: ☎ (360) 606-3718. Portland Oregon. (Jan 12)

ISO Miniature Panda Cattle. I am looking to buy 8 cows and 4 bulls (miniature Panda cattle)--email me information, pictures and price. Luis Arizpe. (Jan 12)

FOR SALE: Yak heifers. Very healthy young heifers that can have a lifespan of around 25 years and produce a calf annually if bred. $2900 ea. Delivery available. Call ☎ 720-329-6211. Castle Rock Colorado. (Jan 12)

beltieFOR SALE: Belted Galloway cow bred with 3rd calf, 1-3 months to a black bull. Been vaccinated and de-wormed. She's a nice cow, and nothing wrong w/ her. Asking $850 obo. Can deliver for a fee. Call or text ☎ 859-588-6030. Carlisle, Kentucky. (01-12)

FOR SALE: coming 2YO Bison (buffalo) bull, born 3rd week of June, 2016. Grass fed. $2600 cash or cashiers check only. Call or text Mike ☎ 320-250-0649. Richmond Minnesota. (01-11)

Pineywoods cowFOR SALE: Two PCRBA registered Pineywoods yearling bulls, approximately 8 months old. One is pure Conway and the other is Conway /Carter /Griffen strains. $750 each. Call or text Joel ☎ (601) 394-9050. Sand Hill, Mississippi. (01-11)

FOR SALE: yearling dark red Dexter bull; Prince Harry was born 04-16-17. He is A1/A2, hetero polled, PHA and Chondro negative and halter broke. Awesome bull calf with great blood lines. Call or text Zeek ☎ (740) 377-8445. South Point, Ohio. (01-11)

grass Dexter cowFOR SALE: Purebred Dexter cow (left) due to calve in late spring. Grass raised, nice udder, good mother. Registered with American Dexter Cattle Association. $1650. Call for appointment to come see her. No texting, please ☎ 208-308-1561. Buhl, Idaho. (01-11)

FOR SALE: Mini Cattle. a Micro Mini bull, 3/4 Belted Galloway, 1/4 Zebu. He is going to stay very small. His 4 month old brothers are already bigger then him. Asking $900. Have a full Belted Galloway heifer, also 9 months old, asking $1400. Both parents on site. Buyer responsible for paperwork to cross state lines and transport. text Dawn ☎ (775) 384-4253. Reno Nevada. (01-11)

FOR SALE: Miniature Cows and Calves: Amelia, 3 year old 38" black polled cow, bred to a spotted mini Jersey bull. Great mother. Easy to work around but not super friendly. $700. Pizza, 6 year old 41" black polled cow, bred to a spotted mini Jersey bull. Great mom. Easy to work around but not a pet. $700. (43) 6 year old 45" black cow, Lowline cross. Very tame eats out of your hand and you can pet all over her. She will follow you anywhere. She will also let you milk her. Has a calf every year. Due to calf the beginning of March. $1000 bred to a black and white Dexter bull. (20) Black Dexter Heifer born 09-07-17, will mature around 36-37". $600. (35) Black Dexter heifer. Born 01-29-17, will mature around 37-38" $500. (37) Black Dexter heifer. Born 04-04-17, will mature around 39" $500. Purebred Mini Hereford bull calf. Born 1\6\18. Will mature at 41-42". He is polled (no horns). Will hold till weaned or start on bottle. $500. Willing to make a package deal if you take more than one. We are located in You can call or text ☎ 740-297-1399. Please leave a message if we don't answer. Serious inquiries ONLY please. Salem, Missouri. (01-10)

FOR SALE: 2 year old Dutch Belted Galloway bred heifer, vet checked bred about 6 months. She is a bit thin; only $550, can deliver for a fee. Call ☎ 270-705-2939, thank you. Livingston, Tennessee. (01-10)

FOR SALE: Corriente X Miniature Cow and Bull and calf. Super miniature cattle, these are years of breeding my own lowline animals into stocky little weed eaters. These cattle are bred to tackle steep hills and eat tons of vegetation that other cattle won't eat. These make excellent property clearing machines. Very useful for preventing fire. 100% locally fed. They stand less than 3 feet at the shoulder and are extremely hardy. They don't need veterinary help delivering calves. They are a mix between Corriente and Mini Dexter. - $2250 call or text Chris ☎ (858) 735-3512. San Pasqual Valley (Escondido) California. (Jan 08)

FOR SALE: 8 YO registered bred Dexter cow, LSF Lilly ADCA #024160. DOB: 3/20/2010. Should calve in Feb. Great mother with huge bag. $800, text ☎ (719) 859-6022. Parachute Colorado. (01-08)
Beltie in Indiana
FOR SALE: yearling polled Belted Galloway bull, (right) crossed with Dexter so he is a miniature, expected to mature at around 36-38". I bought him a couple months ago to breed my two heifers, and as they missed their last heat cycle, it seems he has done his job and is ready to move on to another herd. He has a very nice, beefy conformation, is respectful of humans and electric fence, the original owner kept him in one strand. His sire was a red Beltie, so he also carries the red gene. Ready for breeding for fall 2018 calves. Asking $1100, cash only. text Alicia: ☎ (812) 200-6041. Seymour Indiana (Jan 08)

HERD REDUCTION: Registered Galloway cattle. Several very nice registered Belted Galloway females and steers. Bred cows & heifers, in calf to AI bull. Most of these steers are show quality steers. Call or Text Doug ☎ 317-409-6857. Bargersville, Indiana. (01-07)

DISPERSAL: Registered Dexter herd. All animals for sale have had their testing done--all are polled, non pha and non chrondo. All will be registered at the time of sale. Individual pricing along with photos and pedigrees are available at the farm website. Prices start at $1000 and will include their registration if desired. Discounts available for multiple animal purchases. Near Nashville, Tennessee. (01-06)

FOR SALE: 3 week old mini Jersey bull calf. Has had all vaccinations. He started with full gallon of colostrum, now drinks full bottles milk and water and is started on feed $200 obo. Also 6mo miniature Highland x Dexter friendly steer, call or text: ☎ (417) 353-9762. Tea, Missouri. (01-06)

FOR SALE: Miniature Hereford/Dexter cross cow and calf. Bull calf born on Sept. 29th. $1000. Call or text Ed: ☎ (970) 234-0329 Montrose Colorado (Jan 06)
"hay eater" lol
FOR SALE: Spotted Hay Eater. (right) Lowline x Longhorn cow that has been exposed June and July to a Dexter bull (so looking possibly a March/April calf). She has had 4 calves before and is a good momma. She is a good cow. She is not aggressive or high strung. Message me if you have any questions or would like to come look at her. Asking $800. Call or text Don ☎ (402) 440-5427. Elba, Nebraska. (01-04)

Goggle Eyed BeltieDISPERSAL SALE: Miniature Jersey Herd. $15000. Call or text Beth ☎ (970) 942-3257, Meeker Colorado (01-01)

FOR SALE: Miniature Red Belted bull calf. (left) Born May 2017; nice markings, goggle eyed. Sire is a miniature Hereford, dam is a Beltie/Dexter cow. $875 cash obo, call or text ☎ (816) 810-8939. Lexington Missouri. (01-01)

FOR SALE of TRADE: Short-legged 5YO dun Dexter cow, had a bull calf in September but is open now. Hope is a very nice looking cow. I would like to sell her or trade for a bred polled or dehorned dexter cow. Asking $700.00 OBO. Call or text Mike ☎ (740) 262-1307. LaRue Ohio. (01-01)

December 2017

DublinFOR SALE: Miniature Hereford bull calf, Dublin, born 4/2017. He is halter broke and has a great easy-going disposition. We have his mother (46") and sister (44") in our herd. He is not registered. Would be ideal for a production bull or we can steer him for you. Call or text 970-812-7315. $1000 Olathe, Colorado. (12-31)

FOR SALE or TRADE: 2017 Belted Galloway bull. Comes from good parents. He will be ready for breeding come this spring/summer. Will trade for another belted bull, or sell for $1200. Call or text Paul ☎ (208) 539-5644. Paul (south central) Idaho (12-31)

FOR SALE: 2 Dexter heifers. Attention Hobby farmers I have two dexter heifers exposed to a Mini Hereford bull; one is solid black with horns the other is a polled black white face; both are very nice, would make great small acreage cattle. I am asking $800 each or I will take $1200 for both, would like to sell by 02/01/18. Meeker, Colorado. (12-27)

WANT to TRADE: I am looking for a mini bull calf in Arizona. It needs to be a mini Zebu, Dexter or Jersey, it can be a cross. I would like to trade it for my pair of F-4 Mini Lamacha goats They are approx. 2 years old. Ginger will have babies in about 4 months. Fred is the male and he is the Father also a F-4 They both have Gopher ears. Ginger had twins her first birthing. She is trained to milk. I will trade them as a pair; they have to go together. You can email me Susanne Tewes,, or call me ☎ 520-254-3186, Pearce, Arizona. (12-27)

mini JerseysMINIATURE COW REDUCTION SALE: Several bred (exposed) miniature cows. I've gotten carried away with my cow addiction lately, and am also phasing out of mini Jerseys. I'm offering a white, black speckled horned heifer, about 42", exposed 5 months with a first calf, $800. A brindle spotted horned heifer (Hereford X Jersey?), about 42-43 inches tall, $1400. A 3yo heifer blk & wht spotted, 42-43 inches tall, $1500. mini bullJet, a black horned cow, mini jersey/belted galloway cross, 38 inches tall, going on 4 years old, $1800. JuneBug, a 2012 registered miniature Jersey, about 44 inches tall--she is the sweetest and easiest going cow I have--she is loving and loyal and even lets me to play with her babies and lets me milk her right out in the field without restraints, $2800. Tilly (aka: AMJA Riverview Spring Cracker), an A2/A2 beta casein 2007 miniature Jersey red brindle cow + straw of South House Farms Just my Luck, $2000. All the girls have been running with a Zebu type black & white spotted bull (right). Contact Terrie Thompson ☎ 931-761-3278. Located in Walling, Tennessee. (12-23)

WANTED: I am searching for a Miniature Zebu Bull;
with a mature height of 32" or less, grey and black, around 3 years of age. If you have one like that for sale please email or leave message at ☎ 405-833-5395. I am near El Reno Oklahoma. (12-23)

HERD REDUCTION SALE: Several Purebred IMZA registered Miniature Zebu (just to downsize--I have 21 head of Zebu in my herd). I have reds and greys. My bull babies have gone to 5 states. Email or leave message at ☎ 405-833-5395. I am near El Reno Oklahoma. (12-23)

FOR SALE: 2 dun mini heifers
sold separately or together. Both are sired by a mini Hereford bull and out of Lowline cross cows. Both cows and bull are 40" or less. These are both super nice heifers and will stay small. $1000 each OBO; motivated seller. Call or text: ☎ (214) 793-6238, Dallas Texas. (12-23)

ISO Micro Mini Highland, Hereford or Belted, cow or heifer. Please email or PM me ( if you have some available! Thanks! Paul Ressler Honey Grove, Texas. (12-22)

WANTED: Miniature Bull; I'm looking for someone (I am in northeast Alabama) who has a miniature bull to breed to my miniature Zebu cow, preferably a mini Jersey; but would be interested in whatever is available. Not sure how this works, I could keep your bull here or bring my cow there. Let me know what you have and how much you would charge, thanks. I would also be interested in buying a mini bull, let me know what you have and price. Call or text Shane ☎ (256) 458-6153, Altoona Alabama. (12-22)
black baldie  mini heifer
FOR SALE: Miniature Baldy Yearling Heifers, black and red baldies; 5 generations of my breeding, $1500 OBO. I also have newborns on the ground and some bred cows for sale (photo right). Athena Irland <> ☎ 843-754-6433 or 843-697-3631, Huger South Carolina. (12-21)

FOR SALE: Miniature Jersey cow exposed to a mini Jersey bull. She is a good milker, and produces around 2 gallons of milk a day. Im asking $1300 OBO. If interested call ☎ (804) 514-2664. Hopwell (Richmond) Virginia. (12-21)

FOR SALE: Red (brindle-looking) Miniature Zebu bull calf - just weaned, 8 mos old, started halter-breaking, not gentle yet. $1500, delivery possible. Contact Tom text: ☎ (530) 228-5061. Corning (Sacramento) California (12-20)

FOR SALE: Black & white Mini Hereford Cross Bull. (left) Great little mini bull. mini bullQuiet, easy to handle, 8 months old. Miniature Hereford cross, ready to go. Asking $650 or may consider some trades. Also have a Dexter/Lowline Angus cross bull. 7 months old. Gentle and easy to handle. Stocky build and very quiet. Asking $700 or will consider some trades. Text Gary ☎ (970) 620-2724, Craig Colorado. (12-19)

WANT TO TRADE: our registered classic Hereford heifer for a similar registered heifer or (under 4 year old) cow. Our heifer is 2 years old and open. We do not expect her to mature over 42 inches. We are keeping her sire and need an unrelated female instead of her. Email Steven Brayden or ☎ 209 499 3914. Modesto (central) California. (12-19)mini Dexter cow

FOR SALE or TRADE: Miniature Hereford pair. $1550 for both bull and cow or may trade for goats or sheep. Call or text: ☎ (951) 756-6431. Riverside (southern) California. (12-16)

FOR SALE: Miniature Dexter Cow, 3 years old (photo right), exposed to a miniature Highland bull since July. This will be her first calf. Very tame. $800. Text ☎ (320) 654-6621. Sauk Rapids (St Cloud) Minnesota. (12-16)

Mini Longhorn pairFOR SALE: Miniature Longhorn pair. (photo left) 3 year old miniature Longhorn cow with her 5 month old heifer calf. Both are healthy. $1400 OBO. Call or text James ☎ (214) 785-1135. Greenville Texas. (12-16)

FOR SALE: Mini Panda Bull calf. $1500. Call or text Tom: ☎ (620) 224-8859. Plattsburg Nebraska (Dec 15)

FOR SALE: Mini Hereford X Dexter bull, heifer calf. Red brockle face bull calf born 10-24-17; black heifer calf born 11-04-2017. The heifer calf will be a very small mini. She was about 26 inches at birth and to date none of her siblings have matured over 40 inches. Call or text: ☎ (806) 777-0396. Lubbock Texas. (12-15)

FOR SALE: Miniature blk brockle face heifer. Sire: registered mini Hereford. Dam: mini Dexter. 7 months old. Weaned and gentle $600. ☎ 501-253-0286. Clinton Arkansas. (12-15)

FOR SALE: 2 bred miniature Zebu Cows, around 40 inches tall, should calve about April. They are around 7 or 8 years old and have been very good cows, will make a great addition to your cattle herd. They are bred to a Zebu cross bull. Asking $1200 each or $2000 for both. Call ☎ 563-889-2632. Tipton Iowa. (12-15)

notpandaFOR SALE: Black Baldy bull, goggle eyed, 47" so at the top size for a miniature. He would work great on first time heifers. Calm Bull, knows his job and does it well. Have never had an open heifer or cow. Registered as "panda"-- will throw belted calves if bred to belted cows. $1500, serious inquiries only; text: ☎ (402) 525-2206. Trenton Nebraska. (pic right)

FOR SALE: Miniature "Cookie" Cattle; Lady, a registered Mini American Belted heifer, $4500, and 1 registered Miniature Panda Bull. call or text: Tom ☎ (620) 224-8859. Plattsburg Missouri. (12-15)

FOR SALE: Miniature Hereford X Miniature Murray Grey PET/SHOW Steer. A really nice show quality steer that is halter broke, friendly and would make a wonderful show animal for a youngster. He is out of a rare miniature Murray Grey cow and sired by my registered mini Hereford bull. Smooth polled, stocky and well muscled, he should mature around 40 inches in height and would make a great farm companion or wonderful beef. $1800. Call or text ☎ 419-688-1505. Marion Ohio. (12-15)

micro ZebuFOR SALE: Tiny Miniature Bred Red Zebu Cow (left) 3 yrs old, Heifers, Cattle, Bulls - Very gentle 3 yr old Fullblood Tiny Micro Mini 35 inch Bred Zebu Cow. She has already had 2 calves. I still have her 1 1/2 yr old calf. The 4 month old calf we sold it a month ago. She has tiny red calves and has a nice personality. It is very hard to find these tiny sizes as she is. She is being sold Due she is related to the bull I have now. Can deliver for a fee Call ☎ 903-450-5524 or 903-886-6922 $650 Commerce, Texas. (12-15)

bucking bullFOR SALE: Miniature Bucking Bull. Black & white-lineback 8 month old miniature bucking bull calf. He is by Pit Boss out of a nice Dexter cow. He is very well put together. Use him as a bucker or a breeder. Great genetics, his daddy was one of the best breeders we ever had here. Will make a great addition to any cattle herd. Nice bull for what ever your program is! $850. Andrew, calls ONLY ☎ (563) 889-2632 Tipton Iowa. (12-14)

FOR SALE: Mini Cows. Philly and calf - 11 year old purebred Dexter cow, dehorned, with a polled heifer calf by a Lowline Angus bull, born 9/25/17. $600 for the pair. Tillie -Dexter/Belted Galloway/Mini Hereford cross heifer, dehorned, born 5/1/16, bred to Lowline Angus Bull on 6/17/17 for a spring calf. Vet checked 10/18/17 and confirmed bred - $650. Chiquita - 4 year old Dexter/Lowline Angus cow, with horns, open - $450. Make an offer: call or text ☎ (309) 830-0803. Just north of I-74 near Congerville (close to Bloomington) Illinois. (12-11)

FOR SALE: Registered Miniature herd: 1 Hereford bull, 1 Hereford cow, 1 Lowline cow and two 2017 heifers. Start your own miniature herd, $5500. For more info please call or text ☎ 970-623-0213. Grand Junction Colorado. (12-10-17)

FOR SALE: Belted Galloway cattle. Beautiful belted Galloway cattle for sale, all ages. Nice belts, beautiful colors, fantastic bloodlines, all registered. Grass fed. Call Rene ☎ 719-271-8033, Elizabeth Colorado. (Dec 14)
Montana Kaz Dispersion
DISPERSAL: Entire colorful small frame cattle herd (pic right). 21 head total. Entire herd goes together--no splitting. Perfect for small acreage. Eat about a 1/3 of as much hay as full size cattle. Life has thrown me a couple curve balls and I can't be home as much as I need to be. My loss is your gain! If I place a modest average value of $500.00 per head, this would value the herd at $10,500.00. I would consider trading for the following items : decent 3/4 ton pickup, side by side UTV, a pair of ATV's, or a Jeep Wrangler. NO junk or projects! Once again, it's the entire herd together or none! I don't have time to sell individually! I have a few tons of small bale hay that can be worked into a deal! If my CL ad is up, the herd is still available. If you'd like to talk, please call or text Kas ☎ (406) 781-4296. Great Falls Montana. (Dec 12)

FOR SALE: Registered painted Miniature Jersey Cow - Babybell is a darling registered mini Jersey, friendly and halter broke. Ready to breed for 2018 calf. $2500 Price includes a couple straws of A2/A2 Jersey semen in case you dont have a bull. call or text: ☎ (480) 580-8827. Scottsdale Arizona. (12-09)

DISPERSAL: (CL AD) Miniature Cow herd 40 head. Make an offer, 1, 2, 3, or ALL. Mixed herd of small and miniature cattle for sale. Herd bull to spring calves, and everything in between. Scottish Highlands, Dexter cross, Belted Galloway cross, Miniature Jersey cross, Normandy cross. Note: None of our cows are registered. Only two are pruebred - long horned Scottish Highland matriarchs. CL email. Willow Springs/Cabool Illinois. (12-05)

Rufus FOR SALE: 3 miniature "panda" cows. Registered with the International Miniature Cattle Breeders Society. All have calved with no problems, and stand around 41-42". See at Cricket Creek Farms. Asking $1000 each or $2500 for all three. Contact: We are located in Hillsboro Ohio. (12-05)

FOR SALE: 1 registered "panda" bull calf; Rufus, (DOB 04-18-17), asking $1800. Contact: We are located in Hillsboro Ohio. (12-05)

DISPERSAL: Miniature Zebu herd: 11 head of fancy conformation, very colorful miniature cattle. Bright blk and red brindles, B&Wht tuxedo, red, spotted, etc. One 5YO bull--son of 2014 grand champion bull, two exposed cows, 2 cow calf pairs, 1 with bull calf, one with heifer calf, one 2-1/2 yr old bull, one yearling bull, one heifer 11 mos old, one exposed heifer. $4500 or WILL SEPARATE! MAKE US AN OFFER!! Call or text David ☎ (405) 323-6796. El Reno Oklahoma. (12-04)

FOR SALE: Pure Breed Irish Dexter Bull, dun with golden eyes. Canter was born 02-26-16. He is very gentle, and quite small even by Dexter standards. He has been raised in our backyard by the children and is mild tempered. He was de-horned as a calf and bottle fed $1400. call Anthony: ☎ (435) 691-1614 in Arizona. (12-04)
Pikeville Dispersal
DISPERSAL: Small Miniature Herd. 1 bull & 4 cows. Buy one or all. Better price on package deal. All sales are CASH ONLY! $500-$650. Call Ethan ☎ (423) 618-5941 Pikeville, Tennessee. (12-03) (photo to right)

FOR SALE: Dexter X miniature Jersey red bull calf -- out of registered Dexter cow and by a Miniature Jersey bull. Asking $1100 OBO. Call ☎ 719-650-6425 Saguache Colorado. (12-03)

FOR SALE: Mini 'Panda' bull calf (born in June) by a Red Panda bull and out of a Belted Galloway cow. He will make a great herd sire for anyone in the miniature cattle business. Call Adam for details ☎ 515-249-3882. Des Moines Iowa. (12-02)

FOR SALE: Miniature Dexter X Jersey heifer. Beautiful black, horned, 2YO heifer, ready to be bred and we do not have access to a bull. She is gentle and loves to be petted on. Would make a great family milk cow. For a Jersey we previously owned we purchased a miniature jersey straw and would be willing to let that go with her. READY TO SELL. ALL SERIOUS OFFERS CONSIDERED. $1200 Call or text: ☎ (276) 202-5441. Abingdon Virginia. (12-02)
FOR SALE: Triple Registered Miniature Jersey Bull. Rambo has matured to only 41 inches tall and is 5 years old. He is a beautifully brindled bull with a pet-like, friendly temperament. He has been DNA tested, is A2/B, and is a Non-Carrier of BD1 ("bulldog gene"). He comes from fantastic mini milking lines and is a proven bull. He has the height, conformation, color, genetics, and personality to make him a wonderful choice for your herd sire. He is triple registered with the Miniature Jersey Herdbook (MJHB0723), the American Miniature Jersey Association (AMJ1610P), and the International Miniature Cattle Breeds Registry (IMCBR 5151). $2500 cash only please. Also have a registered Miniature Jersey cow for sale, will make package deal on the pair. Call or text ☎ 706-416-6313 Hogansville Georgia. (12-01)

FOR SALE: Purebred Miniature Jersey bred heifer - exposed July/August. She was born on our farm and we milked her mother for several years and she was an amazing family milk cow and I would expect nothing less from this one as well. Her name is Sage and she has been raised on our small family organic farm her whole life. She has only been grass fed. She is exposed to children everyday as we have 4 boys that run around with her all the time so she is very family friendly and does not spook easily whatsoever. She is halter trained and I make a point nearly every day to go and spend time brushing her and rubbing down her udder so that when it is time to milk her she will be comfortable. We really love this girl and are torn up about seeing her go, but we are needing to slim down on our farm responsibilities these days and the commitment of dairy cows is too much for us right now. This is the perfect Cow to get started into a family milk cow with. She will be a perfect milker and has great udders and comes with everything you will need as soon as she calves to start providing you and yours with healthy happy grass fed milk. $3000 (including approximately $650 worth of milking supplies that we purchased for milking that we don't need anymore), call or text Zach: ☎ (815) 621-9223. Grass Lake (west of Ann Arbor) Michigan. (12-01)
Lilly in Lewiston
FOR SALE: 2016 British White x Belgium Blue bred heifer. Lilly's dam is a British White x Beefalo dual purpose (milk and meat) cow. The sire was a Belgium Blue. Lilly has a good, friendly temperment and will be a dual purpose cow like her mom. We have had her in the stanchion and she let us "milk" her without getting anxious or kicking. She's used to other cows, pigs, dogs, chickens and kids. She was born Feb 10, 2016. We had a Charolais bull with her for a few months this late summer/fall. We will have her pregnancy checked for buyer. $1200 call or text ☎ (208) 553-9318. Lewiston, Idaho. (12-01)

DISPERSAL: (interesting CraigsList AD) Miniature & Normande cattle. Miniature Cow herd 40 head. Make an offer, 1, 2, 3, or ALL. Mixed herd of small and miniature cattle for sale. Herd bull to spring calves, and everything in between. Scottish Highlands, Dexter cross, Belted Galloway cross, Miniature Jersey cross, Normandy cross. Note: None of our cows are registered. Only two are pruebred - long horned Scottish Highland matriarchs. CL email. Willow Springs/Cabool Illinois. (12-05)

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Your help has been amazing, Thank You!!
~ Shawna

Thank you for your time and your efforts in getting this all put together. Really cool!
~ Paul, Walking P Ranch

Thank you for everything, she sold yesterday as soon as we posted her. ~Julie

She has sold. Thanks so much!!! ~CW

I'm John Bartheld at Murray Creek Miniatures. I love your site and what a great job you're doing.

We do get people contacting us thru your site. Thank you for allowing us to be listed here.
Doe Creek Miniatures

We are very grateful of your efforts with the directory –
I can say it seems to have sparked quite a bit of interest in our cattle. Thank you so much, T

Can you please remove our ad for our Scottish Highland Heifer? We just sold her yesterday.
We trailer her to her new home tomorrow which is only 40 miles from us!!
Thank you so much, Lea, Ross's Windy Acres.

Donna, exciting to see a mini directory!! Thank U so very much!!! Micki

I have a pending sale for a family dairy cow that traces back
to the free listing on the breeders page you organized. Thank you!
NorthWoods Homestead

Thank you so much for taking the time to set this up. Ranell

Thank you so much! K&A Funny Farm

Thanks so much for doing this it's a great help to us
and I'm sure a headache for you sometimes so thanks for doing it!
Frogeye Farm

Thank you very much!!! Oliver Miniature Acres

Thank you! We really appreciate the work that you are putting into this website.
It is going to be beneficial to the public and a great network for other miniature breeders.
Again thank you for your time! Sunnyfield Farm

Thanks so much! Gramma Zoo Exotics

Really appreciate your effort! Trembath Mountain Ranch

Thank you!!! Christenson Cattle Company

Thank you for your efforts in creating this listing – most appreciated.
Whitehall Flyway Miniature Cattle

THANK YOU! - I sold my miniature heifer the first day my classified ad came out!



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