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Beef, milk, cheese & butter are about to rise in price. Plant-based products are being highly touted mainstream, but privately, wholistic nutritionists know they do not compare, and many are undesirable in almost every way. For self reliance and to insure the health of your family, consider a miniature or small frame cow for your small acreage homestead.


FOR SALE: “22-J-45” is a striking little tiger stripe bull that was calved on 6/19/22. He is sired by Joseph, 7/8 mini Jersey x 1/8 Lowline. His dam, Andi, is ½ Lowline x ½ mini Zebu. That makes him 7/16 mini Jersey, 5/16 Lowline, 1/4 mini Zebu. He is a little dude! He is micro mini, A2/A2 and homozygous for polled. All his calves will be polled. We are asking $2500 for him. We have several other nice mini Jersey cross bull calves. Delivery is available for $2 per loaded mile. Email Levon & Lynn Sargent or ☎ cell 256-717-7486 or home 256-657-6545. Henagar, Alabama. (09-18)

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FOR SALE: Miniature Herefords. 1 year old female, registered sire, commercial dam, JWS Superman line. $1100. 5 month old mini Hereford bull, 5 months old, weaning now, registered sire, commercial dam, JWS Superman line, $700. Both are horned. Email Jeff Troyer, 2B Angel Farms, Howard, Kansas. (08-28)

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FOR SALE: A Rare Opportunity... 3 pure breed (100% fullblood Galloway) young miniature bulls (homestead sizes Frame Score 0 to 1).

Oh My, an almost Riggit miniature Galloway

FOR SALE: Idlehour Stygian Bram, American Galloway Breeders Association (AGBA) registered, White Galloway bull. DOB: August 15, 2016. Color: White Park color patterned with black points and heavy flecking (genetic precursor towards the rare riggit lineback). This bull is registered, tattooed, sire traced, and proven with calves on the ground. Full grown, he finished out at 49¾” height at hip bones. This bull is the perfect size for mini, midsize or moderate frame standard cattle. When bred to miniature heifers (frame score 1 and below), he has produced all miniature calves that are less than 48” at three years old. At six years old, he is in his prime and has many productive years left, but we have to rotate him out of our herd now and bring in unrelated blood. Always handled gently and very cooperative bull; not aggressive. This bull is not only a rare heritage breed, but is also a rare miniature heritage breed bull, and in an even more rare "almost riggit" color pattern; he is long bodied and thick. He would be an excellent candidate for collecting frozen semen to preserve these genetics for the future. When crossed with moderate frame Angus and standard Galloways, he improves the efficiency ratio by packing more meat on a slightly smaller frame size that requires less acreage or hay to support. The Angus-Galloway cross in particular creates excellent beef cattle. The mini Galloway increases efficiency and hardiness, while the Angus speeds up the growth and finishing rate. Contact:, Idlehour Farm Scott & Heather Fox ☎ 540-470-8694, email, Mount Sidney, Virginia. (08-24)


FOR SALE: Idlehour Lachlan Garnet, AGBA registered white Galloway bull, DOB: October 4, 2017, White Park color pattern with red points and light flecking, tattooed, and sire traced. Full grown, finished out at 48 ¼” height at hip bones. Always handled gently. This is a very tame bull. He is confident, but not aggressive. We have let him finish very slowly on grass and quality hay only, and he is filling out nicely now. He is anxious to get to work, but he’s a sibling to most of our heifers, so he’s looking for a new herd. Our miniature to midsize cattle are all from 100% purebred, registered Galloway cattle. We developed them through 25 years of selective breeding for size and conformation. There has never been any other breed introduced to reduce the size, so there is no chondro or dwarfism anywhere in his line. Price: $2500. Sellers:, Idlehour Farm, Scott & Heather Fox ☎ 540-470-8694, email, Mount Sidney, Virginia. (08-24)


FOR SALE: Idlehour Ivory Gaven, AGBA registered White Galloway bull, DOB: November 14, 2018, White Park color pattern with black ears. This bull is registered, tattooed, and sire traced. Full grown, finished out at 48” height at hip bones. Here it is! The ever-elusive solid white miniature Galloway bull that is 100% pureblood heritage Galloway. This bull has black ears and black nose as points to keep him from looking washed out, and he has the quintessential solid white double hair coat. He’s also a bit of a clean-freak, which is somewhat atypical for a Galloway, but a very appealing trait when you’ve got all that white hair and need to look your best! Always handled gently, this is an easy-going, calm bull that will work well in various breeding programs. Price: $3,000. Sellers:, Idlehour Farm, Scott & Heather Fox ☎ 540-470-8694, email, Mount Sidney, Virginia. (08-24)

[Note to any future buyer(s) of these 3 bulls; if you collect any of these bulls or use them to start a new breeding herd, please email me your listing so I can add you to the rare Galloway breeder directory on I have opened a herd book open for cattle like these as well, the “Homestead Heritage Cattle Herd Book.” Here, at a very low cost (since they will be registered and DNA types for proof of purity in their mainstream registries), we will promote the heck out of these extremely rare bloodlines of cattle. There are more and more people who are moving to small acreages, and most don't even know about the opportunity to preserve endangered, rare homestead cattle like these. ~Donna Grace.]


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Terri Lamb calves

FOR SALE: 2 miniature calves, one bull, one heifer. Both have a partial belt. These calves look almost identical; they are by the same 40” bull and out of two different cows. (1) “Moonshine” (left) is a ½ Western Heritage X ¼ Belted Galloway, ¼ Miniature Zebu bull calf, born 5-6-2022. His dam is 35.” $350, available on weaning. (2) “Lady Liberty” (right) is a ¾ mini Zebu X ¼ mini Belted heifer born 7-3-2022. Her dam is 34” and IMZA Registered. $750, available on weaning. Seller will provide health certificate for out of state buyers and first vaccines. Contact Lamb’s Farm ☎ 630-745-7924 or 217-899-8495 or email, Petersburg, Illinois. (July 11, 2022)

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Dr Mitchell belties

FOR SALE: one small dun Belted Galloway bull.
FOR SALE: two small red Belted Galloway heifers.
All are miniature to midsize in height. The dun (blk) belted Galloway bull is 38 months old and approximately 46 inches at the hip. We are asking $3000 for him. He is up-to-date on his health checks and vaccinations, and is ready to use as a breeder. Charisma the dark red is 27 months old and approximately 42” at the hip. Clover the light red is 25 months old and approximately 41” at the hip. Both are friendly. We are asking $2000 each. Delivery can be arranged for a fee. For more information please contact me ☎ 559-202-7243, or email Dr. Mitchell, southern California. (07-11)

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FOR SALE: two miniature Belted Galloway females, one heifer and one cow. Cow is 42 inches, heifer is 38 inches. Asking price is $ 2000 for the both. Contact- Larry Knoll ☎ 909-936-1286. Located in Conroe, Texas. (07-03)

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NY Hero

FOR SALE: "Hero" is an 8 month old registered Miniature Hereford bull from great bloodlines. He has an adorable personality, loves to be brushed and is great on the halter.  He is dehorned and expected to mature at 44". His dam and sire are both on the premises and have proven to be great breeding stock. $1900. More information is on our website and our Facebook page BenzWick Acres. Email Shanna Pickwick or feel free to call or text ☎ 518-929-4346. We are located in Stuyvesant New York. (06-11)

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NC mH Popeye

FOR SALE: Registered Miniature Hereford bull calf. Gentle nature. Grand champion “Popeye” show lines. DOB May 30, 2021. $1,800 priced for quick sale. Email Brenn, or call or text ☎ 919 369-8970. Louisburg, North Carolina. (05-25)

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FOR SALE: White Park cross bull prospect. His father was a small White Park bull, and his mother was a very small American Aberdeen Angus. He is 12 months old (DOB 5/25/2021), and is only about 3 feet tall. Very friendly, raised around small children. Asking $1000. Email Paul Freidel or text ☎ 605.545.2463. We are located in Rapid City South Dakota. (05-25)

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Bullwinkle TX

FOR SALE: AMZA registered miniature Zebu bull. Bullwinkle is gentle and friendly but not halter broke. He is 21 months old (DOB 7/20/2020). His father is on premises and he is a gray paint bull. $1200. Email Frances Bowling DVM or text if you are interested ☎ 325-247-0314. We are located near Tow Texas (Hill Country). (05-16)

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FOR SALE: 4+ head homestead cattle. Will sell together (bull is not related to the cows) or separately. (1)&(2) Cow & mini bull calf pair: Milka is a 3.5 years old Jersey-Brahaman cross cow, ideal for a southern climate homestead. Her bull calf at side was born on 3/19. He is ½ Jersey, ¼ Brahman, ¼ Lowline Angus. He was sired by our miniature bull (frame score 00). $1250 for pair. (3) 1 exposed HerefordX cow: Ocho is 3.5 years old. Very likely she is pregnant by our miniature bull, and the baby should be a miniature or small size calf; $1150. (4) 1 miniature/ mid-size bull: (both his parents are miniature cattle from our farm). 11 months old, ½ Jersey ½ Florida Cracker. $700. All 4 of these homestead cattle are easy going around people, kids, and other farm animals (cows, chickens, mini donkeys and a horse). They respond to their names and will take treats from your hand. Raised on pasture, free range and quality hay. We also feed sweet feed/ cattle cube occasionally. The cows have done pretty good through labor and milking. Text Maite Escudero ☎ 415-635-6353 or email or PM through Facebook/ Instagram Clermont, Florida. (05-12)

FOR SALE: Purebred A2A2 mini Jersey heifer. Dam: DFF Jersey Girl (purebred mid size, 45" Jersey), Sire; WSF Primo, MJHB 0754. DOB: 10/15/2021. $1500.00 Contact Kathy Gibson, Fayetteville, Arkansas. (05-03-22)

FOR SALE: Sampson, 3 yr old registered Miniature Hereford bull. Looking for new ladies to hang out with. Reduced: $1200. Email Renee Wingard or ☎ call 803-837-1130. Orangeburg, South Carolina. (03-03)

FOR SALE: Miniature Zebu bull and cow: looking for new zip code they are located in Lafargeville New York. Delivery possible $1500 for the pair. Email Marlowe Hunter or ☎ call 315-486-7036. (02-28)

FOR SALE: 2 miniature bull calves, both are purebred polled Lowline black Angus. One is 7 months old, the other was born 01.15 (he's available upon weaning in July). The younger will likely be a micro. He wasn't much bigger than our roosters when born. Both healthy. Both cows purchased bred so no sire on site. $700 ea. Email Robert Webb or ☎ call 281-330-2056. Bridgeport Texas. (02-03-2022)

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FOR SALE: pair of Lowline Angus; a 3 year old Lowline Angus bull and a 3 year old Lowline Angus cow that has had 1 calf in the past. These are minature cattle; I will get accurate measurements for each of them, but guessing below 42 inches in height; not registered. Bull- $1350, Cow-$750, pair- $1900; open to offers. Please email, message or call for more information ☎ 417-252-1642. West Plains, Missouri. (12-01)

FOR SALE: A2A2 Belfair bull calf, registered (in process), color: black or mulberry (very dark brown), nice conformation! Sire: reg A2/A2 Dexter, Plum Creeks Ely (SFFarm in CA) x dam: reg A2/A2 Jersey, Ms Malibu (Mountain Shadow Dairy Jerseys, AZ). An excellent line for a breeding program. $750 contact Donna Decker ☎ 530.763.4390 txt or email. Calved 11/15/21; need to wean before shipping from Clear Creek Farm, Igo, California. (11-23)

FOR SALE: little black bull calf needs a new home because I don't need 2 bulls. $500. John Casiday. Murphy, North Carolina. (11-12)

FOR SALE: 2 belted bull calves;
black & white belted, 5 months old, asking $1500. Blonde & white bellied, Highland & "panda" mix, going to be small, $1000 or best offer. Cindy Taylor ☎ 580-886-4200. Canton, Oklahoma. (11-07)

FOR SALE: Proven registered red polled Dexter bull, mini Jersey bull, bred Jersey/ Dexter crosses, beef animals. Call text or email Connie ☎ 704.609.6566 or for more information/ pictures. Retiring from the farm and want to find everyone a good home. Located in Shelby, North Carolina. (09-27)

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mini blk baldie bull in IN

FOR SALE: Half Angus half Hereford (Baldie) miniature bull, (above) 4 years old, 40 in tall, great demeanor, great with kids. Hate to sell but need new blood line. $1300. Contact Dakota, Weatherholt Farms, ☎ 812-881-6976, Evanston Indiana. (09-04)

FOR SALE: Here is a mini bull that will add pounds to your babies and eye appeal; an 18 month old miniature Black Baldy, just the right bull for any homestead. He is not only correct in his make up, from sound structure to thickness that he carries throughout his short stature. He is a rare find with the composition of a show bull and the looks of a show bull along with his friendly attitude. He loves treats and attention. This baldy bull will add that eye appeal everyone wants in the showring, along with the carcass appeal we want in the feedlot. Most of all he will be the biggest sweetheart and through the most adorable mini babies. We want him to go to a great home, if interested please message John Curran at 6412034428. Asking 2500$ OBO. Located in Russell Iowa. (09-02)

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2 heifers, 2 steers

FOR SALE: 2 miniature heifers; 2 miniature steers. (1) Clayton, red dapple steer, ¼ mini Jersey, ¼ Guinea Pineywoods, ½ Red Aberdeen, DOB 03/20. (2) Major, dark gun metal steer, ¾ Red Aberdeen, ¼ Zebu, DOB 06/20. (3) Belle, creamy red heifer, DOB 12/20, ¾ Red Aberdeen, ¼ Zebu, and (4) Dixie Red, Aberdeen heifer, DOB 02/21. $750 for ea steer, $1500 for ea heifer. Contact Christina Palmeri, Nottely Ranch Miniature Cattle ☎ 772-905-7363. North Georgia. (07-19)

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miniature cow family

FOR SALE: Miniature cattle family. Cow is 6YO red horned Dexter, 43" great family cow, halter broke and gentle, has always been hand milked, great milker. Bull is 3 years old, Angus x Belted Galloway, 42½" tall, easy to handle. Black heifer calf was born 04-09-21 as a beautiful chocolate color. Selling for health reasons. Would like to sell them together since bull and cow are very attached. Asking $4000 for the whole family. Contact Ellen Peterson ☎ 815-383-5745. Beaverville Illinois. (07-06)

FOR SALE: 2 miniature Jersey bulls: a 1YO and a 2YO, both naturally polled, with very sweet temperaments. The older one is Espresso, he is darker colored, and the younger one is Latte, he is lighter with a unique white tail. Asking $400 each but willing to negotiate and/or trade! We just want homes for them. Call or text ☎ 540-497-2091 or email Marie Tessier. Virginia. (07-02)

FOR SALE: small Baldie bull. Aberdeen Angus/Hereford cross BWF bull (5 yr).  Gentle, hard working, 46" at tail. $1100 JE Fielding Ranch. Coulterville California. (06-19)

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AT STUD: miniature bull service in Northwest Georgia

AT STUD: 2 proven miniature bulls; Zeke, a grey, A2/A2 Miniature Zebu proven bull with offspring on premises. Or, Romeo, a young, miniature English crossbred bull. Romeo's calves from Lowline Angus cows have been well muscled. Can cover larger cows. $500 per cow. Includes 30 day stay with bull. Email Elaine Elder or ☎ text for additional photos and information. Please call between noon and 6pm EST; cell 770-655-9005 text preferred. Kingston, northwest Georgia (05-09)

FOR SALE: red Dexter bull. Very nice, full blooded but not registered. Good natured 4 yr old. $800. ☎ 580-345-2086 or cell 580-743-5398; please leave a message on both phones or email Karen Roark. Located in Boswell Oklahoma. (05-09)

FOR SALE: miniature horned Hereford heifer, about 1.5 yrs old. Her horns are blunt (tipped). She is food aggressive with the other cows. She most likely is pregnant as she has been running with a black mini Angus X miniature Zebu bull and a grey miniature Zebu bull. $1000. Call or text or email Christine White ☎ 580-713-1197. Lawton Oklahoma. (03-29)

WANTED: ISO mini cattle. Preferably Dexter, Highland, Highpark, Belted etc. Will be for pets to a loving country home. Would love to even have a pair. Please email Tiffany Winter or text ☎ 573-380-4454. We are located in SE Missouri but willing to drive for the right fit. (03-11)

WANTED: ISO a mini White Dexter, British White Park, White Galloway,
or other similar white miniature cow or heifer. Must be polled or debudded. I have 22 acres in Leona Valley, CA so they will have plenty of space and a very good home. Email Karen Bryan. Southern California. (03-07)

WANTED: ISO a mini or midsize Jersey cow. Friendly and halter broke is a must. Previously hand milked preferred. Bred or freshened preferred. On the younger side, under 7yrs. Not registered is ok, but price must reflect that. Wanting to add to our little homestead. All of our critters are considered family. Please email Michelle Sudan or text ☎ 406-885-4504. Can travel, but looking close as possible to Montana. (03-03)


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Wow thanks. Excited to view it and keep it. Thank you so much for all you do for others and animals :)
~ Valley View Farm

AGAIN, thank you for all you do.
~ Fielding Ranch

Your site has been so pivotal for us! thank you!
~ Rocking L Micro Mini Highlands

DG, The bull is sold already; you were right about him; you are VERY good at what you do!
~ Nora

Hi, thank you so much for having this information available for everyone to search through.
~ A5 Ranch

Hi Donna, Thank you so much for placing the ad for us and changing it multiple times at our request
You may go ahead and remove the ad now, please. All of our cows are now sold.
God bless! Cedar Down Farm

I absolutely love this!!! So much great info on here.
~ Bailey's MiniMoos

Hi Donna! What a great directory you have compiled! I would love to be included.
~ Thank you! Idaho Galloway Cattle

Thanks Donna your page is a real asset to our ranch...
I love your site and what a great job you're doing.
~ Murray Creek Miniatures

Thank you Donna! This is a tremendous help to our growing business
~ Maynards Triple M

Donna - You're awesome! Thanks for posting both the For Sale ad and the inquiry...
All my cattle are SOLD! YAY! ~ SkyMar Ranch

Thank you for this site! I truly know the time it takes to keep one updated, so thank you very much!
~ Oliver Miniature Acres

Wanted to let you know we sold the miniature bull. Thank you so much for the ad,
we greatly appreciate what you are doing with your website, keep up the good work!
~ Double D Highland Farm

Thank you for posting my ad. I sold them (in 2 days).
Thanks ~ Buffy

Hey Donna, My little bull sold on your site once again! :D THANK YOU so much for having a great web site!
Thank you so much! :) You're so great to offer this service!
Sold in a few weeks, Thanks for all you do! :)
~ Ravenwood Farm

Great service that you are providing. Thanks! ~ Kathy
Kathy and 2 others manage the Miniature Highland Cattle Breeders FB group

Thanks for all your hard work! I love it! Thank you so much!
~ Hiatt Farms

Donna, Love it! Thanks for sharing with all of us. Take care,
~ Valley View Farms

Donna, thank you for your hard work. Love the site! Thanks from Texas...
~ Cartier Miniatures

Thank you so much for helping us to become more available to our customers on the internet.
~ Vanishing Springs Ranch

Your help has been amazing, Thank You!!
~ Shawna

Thank you for the work you do and for helping to promote and sell for people like us.
Star View Farm Ltd, Star View Genetics

Thank you for your time and your efforts in getting this all put together. Really cool!
~ Walking P Ranch

Thank you for everything, she sold yesterday as soon as we posted her. ~Julie

She has sold. Thanks so much!!! ~CW

We do get people contacting us thru your site. Thank you for allowing us to be listed here.
Doe Creek Miniatures

We are very grateful of your efforts with the directory –
I can say it seems to have sparked quite a bit of interest in our cattle.
Thank you so much, T

Can you please remove our ad for our Scottish Highland Heifer? We just sold her yesterday.
We trailer her to her new home tomorrow which is only 40 miles from us!!
Thank you so much, Ross Windy Acres.

Donna, exciting to see a mini directory!! Thank U so very much!!! Micki

I have a pending sale for a family dairy cow that traces back
to the free listing on the breeders page you organized. Thank you!
NorthWoods Homestead

Thank you so much for taking the time to set this up. ~ Ranell

Thank you so much! ~ K&A Funny Farm

Thanks so much for doing this it's a great help to us
and I'm sure a headache for you sometimes so thanks for doing it!
~ Frogeye Farm

Thank you very much!!! ~ Oliver Miniature Acres

Thank you! We really appreciate the work that you are putting into this website.
It is going to be beneficial to the public and a great network for other miniature breeders.
Again thank you for your time! ~ Sunnyfield Farm

Thanks so much! ~ Gramma Zoo Exotics

Really appreciate your effort! ~ Trembath Mountain Ranch

Thank you!!! ~ Christenson Cattle Company

Thank you so much for your efforts in creating this – most appreciated.
~ Whitehall Flyway Miniature Cattle

THANK YOU! ~ I sold my miniature heifer the first day my classified ad came out!


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