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Any Interest in Showing Small Cattle in 2019?
Living the Country Life .com
in Cannon Falls, Minnesota

Let me know if there is any interest in presenting our various small breeds in their own classes in a cattle show next year. It appears that the Cannon Valley Fair (running w/ July 4, South Metro, Cannon Falls, MN) may offer a "Class" if there are at least 5 head registered - however open to other venues. Great marketing opportunity to the public!! If interested, email Monica -

Fort Myers Florida 0000 Miniature Hereford Dispersal starter herd
DISPERSAL: Starter herd of 0000 registered Miniature Hereford (above)
One bull, two bred cows and two bred heifers for sale.
Great potential for a breeding project, diversify bloodlines or start a new herd.
Contact Oliver Ray, Paradise Ranch, ☎ 239-825-0015, Fort Myers, Florida.

BD -- inform yourself


Barnes Barn on Etsy
North Woods Homestead
fullblood mini Jerseys
Country Store on Etsy
Milk Soap & Crafts
Priest River, Idaho
Certified "Homegrown By Heroes" and that means you're supporting a Military Veteran Owned and Operated Small Farm Business. Thank you!


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to measure your mini
miniature cattle
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miniature horses:
(4" = 1 hand)


sweet baby Jersey; copyright unclear, please contact me and I will link to your page thank you :)

WANTED for EXPORT: miniature heifer frozen embryos
from Canada

Proprietary Registries or Breeders need not apply.

One embryo will be for a children's animal therapy center in France, and one for a small farm in Belgium.
COLOR: French embryo needs to be non-black. A light colored girl, gold, dilute dun, red spotted, etc.
BREED: I like miniature beef or dual purpose type; Purebred not necessary. Zebu or Longhorn would need to be either beefy or dual purpose dairy enough for what I am looking for.
DETAILS: All known parent's information (photo, height, weight, breed, DNA tested if heifer is untested, any BW & mature height progeny info, siblings etc).
REGISTRATION: unimportant.
must be exportable to Europe (France and Belgium)
from USA or Canada.
FROZEN SEMEN also considered.
Finding the right female mini-moo frozen embryo is more important than how soon. Email.


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halter training in Kansas
Halter Training Supplies
Leather, Rope and Nylon Cattle Halters
in bull, cow, steer, calf & newborn sizes


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Lolli Bros. Livestock Market Inc,
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April, July, September, December
Macon, Missouri

Jim Scott's
Alternative Livestock Auction

April - June
Jim's Cell #: 417-274-0494
Koshkonong Missouri

Alternative Animal Auction

at the Kalona Sales Barn.
March - May - August
Kalona Iowa

Odd & Unusual Sale
Circle S Auction Company, LLC

April - September
Woodbury Co Fair Grounds
Beaux 712-229-1965
Moville Iowa

Gulf Coast Livestock Auction
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March/April - June
October - December
Madison, Florida (close to GA)

K & L Alternative Livestock Sale
Kramer Livestock Farm
March - May - Oct
Woodson Co Sheep Auction barn
Yates Center, Kansas

Mid Ohio Alternative Animal Sale

March - September - November
Millersburg, Ohio

Midwest Alternative Livestock
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2 sales /year; May & Sept.
New Salem Fairgrounds
Ben Gerving: 701-333-9251
North Dakota

One of a Kind Sale
since 1966
Exotic Animal Auction

February & November
facebook @One-of-a-Kind-Sale
Lonnie Sharping: cell 605-730-0456
Randy Krueger: cell 605-730-0791
Platte Livestock Market
Platte, South Dakota
February 2018: White Buffalo
White Bison

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Freemont Exotic Animal Auction
Christensen Field
March: Fremont, Nebraska
Madison Co Fairgrounds
Madison, Nebraska
West Point Auction
Cuming Co Fairgrounds
West Point, Nebraska

Mccook Exotic Animal Auction
Red Willow Co Fairgrounds
McCook, Nebraska
Justin Hamilton 308-883-1462
or Les 308-737-7307

Triple W Alternative Livestock
March - May - Sept - Nov
Cookeville, Tennessee
(931) 432-3355

Auction Mart's biannual
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held Easters & Thanksgivings,
3 day sales - Fri-Sun
Burnt Lake Auction Market,
Red Deer Alberta Canada

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Know the laws when you buy, sell, show or transport cattle across state lines. If you are moving breeding age cattle without the proper paperwork they can be impounded and possibly sent to slaughter. Testing requirements vary according to their age, gender, origin and destination states. Contact your local large animal veterinarian, who does health certificates for interstate transport. If international, you will also deal with a border state veterinarian. Also check on which states have brand laws (another site with a list of state brand agencies).

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The Miracle of Gus $10

Sit back and enjoy the amazing story about a tiny calf named Gus. As you read this story, you will learn how God performs miracles on even the smallest of his beautiful creatures. A lovely little children's book you can order at this discount price directly from the author's site, Oak Mound Farm.



"Donna, You had an ad running for a dun bred miniature Highland cow posted by a Salisa? in Kentucky. The heifer advertised was not only already sold, and a substitute sent instead, but the buyer ended up with a full size cow that looks nothing like a Highland. Please consider not accepting future ads from this person." KK. (notes & photos kept in my email files)

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FOR SALE: 4 Registered Dexters
- more head than pasture. DLS Ysabel, DOB 4/2011, ADCA #027601. Spotted dun, dehorned, great mom, exposed for fall calf. Will lead w/ halter. $1000. Noquitta's Tabitha DOB 11/2012, ADCA # 036895. Black, polled, great mom, exposed fo spring calf. Will lead w/ halter. $1000. LLF Kimba, DOB 9/2017. ADCA# 044320. Black, horned, exposed for summer/fall calf. $900. SMR Madeline DOB 4/2018, ADCA# 044326. Red, horned. In pasture w/ bull; exposure unlikely but possible. $800. Cross posted. Call or text Monica ☎ 612-701-9573; Kenyon, Minnesota. (10-09)

FOR SALE: 2 fullblood (100% purebred) Belted Galloway heifers. These heifers range in the 0-1 Frame Score. Hard to find (most mini Belties in North America are not purebred). They are not registered yet, but are eligible in the main Beltie registry. Dog broke: I didn't need registered cattle, I only bought them for training my herding dogs on a small acreage, so I didn't bother, but information can be provided. Currently open, but breeding can be arranged with Hoffman Holistic Cattle, to registered Belted Galloway bulls, if buyer wishes. Sweet tempered, dog broke. 40" at hip at 13 mos; expected to mature at 43". $1400 ea or both for $2500, OBO. Call or text Res ☎ 425-577-4868. Prospect Ohio.

mini baldie hfrFOR SALE:
polled miniature Baldie heifer (right) born 12-09-17. Mother is 43" mini Hereford. Father is Lowline Angus. Heifer is very gentle. ☎ Call Marcia at 763-222-9244 or email Jack Menkveld. Elk River, Minnesota.

WANTED: Looking to Purchase miniature Belted Galloways
to start my miniature herd. Red/white and registered would be preferred, but I’m open to others. Email Dora Wood or call or text ☎ 715-828-3856. Located in northwest Wisconsin. [o8-o1]

(photo for attention is one of Clan Woolfe's fullblood miniature Belted Galloway calves, Ballarat, Australia)

miniature Longhorn X DexterFOR SALE: 2YO mini Longhorn X Dexter heifer. She is polled and 42" tall. She was very shy when I first got her but will now lick my finger and almost let me pet her. She is open; I was going to breed her to a neighbor's mini bull, but my farming situation has changed. She is my only cow; she thinks she is the queen of my goat herd and free ranges with them. $700. Please call or text Rebecca Loken ☎ 715-292-4777. Northern Wisconsin.
FOR SALE: miniature Jersey heifer. Amber Dawn
, (right) A2/A2 03/19/2017 heifer, reddish brown. Homozygous polled. 37" at 18 month". Halter broke, former bottle calf. Registered as an original animal with MCBRA and accepted by the MJHB. Tested negative for the BLV, BLVD, BD1. BANGS vaccinated. Verified breedable. Open. $4000. Lana Fedje, Evansville Minnesota. (09-17)

FOR SALE: 8 year old registered Dexter bull. We have owned Jack for 5-6 years and he has never once missed a cow. We have used him to breed our registered Angus cows, our registered Dexter and Hereford cows and our miniature cows. We have never had any calving problems. He is gentle with new calves. He is easy to manage and be around. He is respectful of fences. He is an all around great bull. Registration papers in hand. $1300 CASH ONLY. Call or text ☎ 517-230-4419. Located in Laingsburg Michigan. [07-07]

FOR SALE: A2/A2 tested heifer calves: Emily is a chocolate color dexter heifer calf, out of a 40" dexter cow, and a 43.5" dexter bull.Lydia cattle She is halter trained and handled daily. She will be ready to go in August, and can be held with a small deposit. Currently Emily's dam is being milked, and gives 1 3/4 gallon on OAD milking. Emily is just $1500 or best offer, and will make a wonderful future family milk cow. Izzabelle is a white jersey x dexter heifer calf. She is also A2/A2. She is out of a 44-46" jersey cow, and by a 43.5" dexter bull. Izzabelle is white with red points, and red spots up her legs. She will also be ready to go in August. Izzabelle has very nice teats, and will also make a beautiful family milk cow. Izzabelle is just $2500, or buy her with her dam as a package for $3400 (dam is also A2/A2 tested with UC Davis.) Please email me at for information on any of our cattle. We can help arrange hauling for any of our cattle as well. We are located in Phillips, Wisconsin.

FOR SALE: Family milk cow: Registered Irish Dexter with heifer calf. It is time to part with our family milk cow to make room for new ones. MRF Alannah is a 7 year old cow that has given me 4 heifers and one bull calf. Today the 4th heifer was born and she is a dandy. We purchased Alannah when she was 6 months old and have been milking her since her 1st calf. She has a great disposition and is a great mom. She has a lovely udder, milks easily and has never kicked. She is dehorned and there is a chance her heifer calf is polled. Alannah will milk better than 3 gallons a day if the calf is kept from her. We leave the calf on and milk once a day and will easily get 1 gallon per day which is more than enough for my family of 6 and the calf which does a lot better on her momma's milk. The heifer calf will be genotyped and registered and she and Alannah will be transferred into your name. If you have no interest in registration I can come down to $1350 for the pair. Thanks for looking and call or text with any questions or to try her out for milking. We can also work out local delivery should you need it. $1500. Nana's Memories Farm, Santiago & Renae Lizar ☎ 330-465-7888 $1500. Orrville Ohio.
FOR SALE: 2 6MO miniature bull calves,
Hereford X miniature Belted. One is golden white face (right) and the other is BWF. $1000 or reasonable offer considered; email Barbara Noble Battle Creek, Michigan.

Dexter Herd Dispersal, 11 head.
King, 2013 registered red herd bull. Rudy, 2014 registered black horned bull. One registered dehorned black cow. One eligible horned black cow. One 2YO eligible heifer. One eligible bull calf. Five grade Dexter cows & heifers. Text James Sanders ☎ 989-620-5462. Mt Pleasant, Michigan.
FOR SALE: 2 mini Jersey bulls. Both bulls raised on Flying W Farm.
Lebron (right); proven bull with 2 calves on ground. DOB: 11-28-15, 45" at hip, DNA tested Beta Casein-A2/A2, Kappa Casein-A/B, Beta Lactoglobulin-B/B. $1000 obo. Shump; mini Jersey bull calf DOB: 08-18-17, 37" at hip, dehorned. DNA tested Beta Casein-A2/A2, Kappa Casein-B/B, Beta Lactoglobulin-A/B. $1000 obo. Email in Hambden, Ohio.

Facebook Groups:

Michigan Miniature Cattle (405) Amanda Walker (K&A Funny Farm) This group is a place that mini cattle breeders and enthusiast in Michigan and surrounding states can get together and talk about mini cattle. Buy /Sell /ISO, "look at my adorable cow", questions, etc are all welcome. Please be respectful.

Miniature Cattle of Wisconsin (280) Where Wisconsin miniature cattle owners can share pictures, hold discussions, and post animals they have available. This group is open to people from WI and neighboring states only.

FOR SALE: American Milking Devon heifer (right) 3YO Milking Devon heifer ready to breed. Very rare heritage breed easy keeper, may be registered. Comes from top milking lines. Downsizing farm operations must sell. Serious inquiries only.
$1200 Amsterdam New York. [08-20]

ISO: Amber Hollow has a few head of homestead cattle available for share lease. Calf shares are a way to see if heritage breed cattle are right for you without the expense of purchasing your own stock. If interested, please send me an email for more details with Name, Address, Phone number, times you would be available for tour, Pasture Acreage, Total Acreage (we do ask that you have a minimum of 5 fenced acres for the calf share), Photos of pasture and Winter Shelter, Experience with cattle. Thanks for the interest. Questions always welcome. Contact us by email. Please visit our Facebook page @AHHBeef. Central Pennsylvania. [08-06]

FOR SALE: Miniature Hereford/Dexter cattle. Heifers $500. ea., Cow calf pairs $1000. ea. Call Amos: ☎ 717-847-9275. Christiana Pennsylvania. [08-04]

(ISO): Where can I find a mini Jersey near MAINE ?? Please email Jackie Scott Thank you.

FOR SALE: Miniature Highland bull calf (right) from Cottage Hill Miniature Highlands. For more information and pictures email Jarrod & Jodi or call or text ☎ 724-986-4693. New Freeport Pennsylvania.
fancy spotted bull calf
FOR SALE: Miniature bull calf. (right) Fancy black and white spotted bull calf born early Feb. He is by a miniature Hereford bull (34" tall) and out of a mini Longhorn/ Dexter cow (36" tall). He is a great looking calf and would be a great bull for your potential herd. If you don't want as a bull I can band him. $750. Call or text Chris ☎ 724-554-5556. Claysville Pennsylvania.

FOR SALE: Tibetan Yak Starter herd.
Royal bull, royal cow, imperial cow with trim bull calf. Perfect cattle for small hobby farms. Low maintenance. Hay & pasture fed. Easy on pasture. Pleasant to look at and interesting to talk about. This little herd is a nice start to grow a larger herd. Looking to sell as a package. Shipping is available for additional price. Call Dave for more information ☎ 570-575-8908. I prefer actual phone calls. Greentown Pennsylvania.

FOR SALE: Lineback heifer calf.
Born Mar. 5, 2018. Can be registered with the American Lineback Registry. Eating hay and grain. ☎ 570-673-3925, Pennsylvania.

FOR SALE: 3 miniature Jersey bull calves. One is 7/8 mini Jersey x 1/8 dexter. Another is 3/4 mini Jersey x 1/4 Zebu. And a white spotted calf is 1/2 mini Jersey x 1/4 Lowline x 1/4 guinea PineyWoods. They are $900 each. We changed bulls last fall and should be having unrelated calves soon. Please let us know if you would like to be on the contact list for new calves. Delivery is available. LNL Mini Farm or find us on Facebook. Call or text Levon & Lynn Sargen ☎ 256-717-7486. Henagar Alabama. (09-21)

BubbaFOR SALE: 3yo Dexter bull. Bubba was bottle raised so he is very gentle. He would be a great mini Bucking Bull. $2000 obo. Email Janie Hipps. Louisville, Tennessee.

Mixed Mini Dispersal: Dun horned highlander X Dexter $1200, and 2 cream 2018 calves bred same way. Black Baldie & Brockle face bull and heifer calf, call ☎ 918-640-5949 Deb Allen. See website for more info; Allens Acres in Missouri.

FOR SALE: 3 registered American Milking Devon Heifers, 2yrs old. Nice triple purpose (Meat, Milk, and Draft) rare breed of heritage cattle; wonderful for the homestead.$1500 each; call or text Michael ☎ 985-839-5722. Franklinton Louisiana. [08-07]

HERD REDUCTION: Registered miniature Jersey cows; homestead family milk cows. Priced from $950 -- $4500. ☎ 706-416-6313. Hogansville Georgia. [08-06]

FOR SALE: miniature red brindle cow & heifer. Beautiful mini heifer is by a 34" dark brindle bull and out of a 39" cow. She is very flashy! She can be purchased with her mom, who is bred back the same way for $2150 for a 3-n-1 package deal. No trades, price is firm, serious inq only! Call or text ☎ 803-467-7045. Chapin South Carolina. [07-26]

NC-jerseybullFOR SALE: Foundation bred mini Jersey
herd bull (age 4), full Jersey cow (age 4), Half-Jersey/half-Longhorn cow (age 4) with young heifer (05/2018). Bull and females are registered. These cows are the result of years of breeding down and are foundation bred. Quality stock. All have great dispositions, easy to work around. Bull comingles with group, very docile, sweet natured. Perfect starter herd, proven. Great income potential $7000, or $2000 each. Please email Cara Nelsen for additional information and/or pictures. Ash, North Carolina.

HERD REDUCTION: Great group of crossbred Mini & Heritage cattle.
The Lowline ancestry gives them a long torso and beefy build. The miniature Longhorn and Pineywoods genes give them longevity, disease resistance and a taste for eating brush (they love poison ivy!) They also apparently groom ticks off each other. We never find ticks on them. It's weird. Anyway, we are quite pleased with our breeding program so far, but we simply have too many cattle right now. Some have to go. Our cattle seem to have the best points of all the breeds woven into their making. If we had more land, we'd keep them all! Call or text Maria ☎ 573-698-2006. Columbia Missouri. [07-07]

FOR SALE: Miniature Zebu bull,
solid black, 9 mos. old, tame, friendly pet, $300. ☎ 601-953-1094. Puckett, Mississippi.

Zebu herd reductionHERD REDUCTION: Miniature Zebu.
Not registered but fullblood. We have had this closed herd for twenty years and have only introduced two heifers from the outside, so we know they are all full blooded and can be registered the way I understand. I don’t mess with it because I know what we have. There is a large variety in color, conformation, ages and sexes. Email Tim House. We are approximately 60 miles south of St. Louis in Bonne Terre Missouri.

FOR SALE: mini Jersey cow.
Sunshine is a sweet, gentle milk cow born 10-2016. She's A1/A2, hetero polled, BD1 negative. She's tested BVD, BLV, Johnes negative. She has just freshened with 1st calf (not included) and is currently being milked once a day. She milks easily in stanchion. milking Dexter cowShe's a very friendly cooperative cow, easy to handle. She is currently on forage, chaffhaye and kelp. Mini Jerseys don't eat very much, yet produce a good amount of creamy milk. Sunshine will make an excellent family milk cow. $3000 call or text ☎ 727-267-4207. McMinnville, Tennessee.

FOR SALE or TRADE: Milking Dexter cow. (right) 2 year old black horned Dexter cow that had her first calf in April. She is hand milked 2 times a day. I could trade for a steer or bull that is around the same age. Text: ☎ 417-252-9140 Willow Springs, Missouri.

Karakachan LGD puppiesRare Bulgarian Karakachan puppies (critically endangered LGD breed) FOR SALE or TRADE for a nice Highland cow /heifer or a Milking Devon cow /heifer: AKDA / KDAA double registered Karakachan Livestock Guardian Dogs for working farms. Parents are dual registered and from long lines of working guardians. These puppies come with current vaccines, current deworming, microchip, and lifetime support from the breeder. They have been exposed to various kinds of livestock and poultry, riding in a vehicle, having their feet /ears /eyes /teeth handled daily, collars and leashes, a variety of floor surfaces, and a variety of people. We strive to breed confident, well-rounded guardians. We want the match to succeed and do everything in our power to make that happen. The more you share about your situation and what you need the more accurate we can be in making a recommendation. Pups ready to go now! Health guarantee available. Price starts at $650 and will increase with training. Email Worthit Farms, LLC, Chattahoochee Hills, Georgia. (04-23)

FOR SALE: Jersey x Montebeliarde cross A2/A2 milk cow. Mocha has been our family milk cow for the past couple years. Gentle and calm temperament and has raised some beautiful calves. Only selling her because we just don't have time to milk her. $2500 call or text ☎ (706) 521-9362. Commerce Georgia. (04-23)

DISPERSAL: Irish Dexter cattle herd; 18 altogether: 2 bulls, 6 calves, 2 yearlings and 8 cows--2 are still pregnant. The 2 bulls and 8 cows are registered. Call or text James ☎ 206-947-8277, Washburn, Tennessee. (04-23)

HERD REDUCTION: I have a herd of Mini-Hereford Cattle. Will sell cows, calves or steers. I have Mini-Hereford cows as well as black and white baldy calves and yearly heifers. These Mini-Herefords are 1 generation removed from Roy Largent's (Point of Rocks Ranch) registered stock. His family basically started the Mini-Hereford. I didn't register my cattle, but could have. If you're looking for miniature cattle these are as good as you will find. Priced from $700 to $1750 depending on the animal. Contact Patrick with questions. ☎ 501-960-5299. SW Arkansas.

FOR SALE: 2YO Jersey bull
, Blue Hill Meadows Goldstar; approximately 45-46”, A2A2, kappa casein BB, beta-lactoglobulin BB, heterozygous polled. Dam is 40”; Riverview Gene is maternal grandsire. Sire is short-statured New Zealand bull, Hillstar Terrific 5-Star. Born on our farm, raised on dam over 6 months, grassfed, well-mannered, proven bull. $2700. Call ☎ 423-487-5496. Del Rio, Tennessee.

FOR SALE: Very small miniature Dexter bull.
Maxwell is a black chondro positive miniature Dexter bull. He is 11 months and will not get much bigger. He is very chunky and laid back. He has been raised on grass and hay with no grain. He can be steered as well. $575 and delivery available for $1.50 a loaded mile from Macon. I also have Dexter steers and heifers available. Call or text Joe ☎ (660) 525-5135 Macon Missouri.

BritWhtXbeltie-DexFOR SALE: Miniature British White X Belted Galloway/Dexter bull calf.
Jeffro is by a registered 46" British White bull and out of a Belted Galloway X Dexter 46" heifer. He is a looker and will add color to any herd. He would make an awesome show calf. DOB 03-09-18. Asking $900 but will consider reasonable offers. Delivery possible for a fee. Call or text ☎ 606-336-2917, Paul Sexton Located Owingsville, Kentucky.

FOR SALE: 2 week old bottle bull calf,
miniature Highland X miniature Hereford. He shouldn't mature much over 40" tall--and he is stout. $950. text ☎ (417) 501-5917 Republic Missouri.

DISPERSAL: 8 miniature Dexters.
(6) females, (1) 2 year old bull (none of them bred by this bull), and (1) 8 month old bull. We have decided to get more into horses and need the space. I want to sell them as a herd and that why I have priced them as a deal. They are all in good health. $500 each ($4000 for all of them) text ☎ (636) 385-3062. Fallon Missouri.

WANTED: ISO a bottle baby mini calf. If I can't find a bottle baby I will consider a young calf. Preferably a heifer but I will take a small bull. I plan to have a pair eventually so which sex I start with doesn't matter. He or she will become part of the Rowdy's Rascals Petting Zoo, family raised with love and attention, then retired to the farm if it gets too large or aggressive for the kids to handle. Thank you, Scott Loyed, Rowdy's Rascals Petting Zoo, or email, New Orleans Louisiana.

haltered FOR SALE: miniature bull calf, "Convict" (right) is the perfect pocket pet baby boy at 24" tall. He is 1/4 Irish Dexter, 1/4 Scottish Highland and 1/2 British White (all heritage breeds) and can be registered as 50% BW. He has been bottle fed since 2 days of age. He is halter broke. Convict has gone bye-bye in a dog crate and loves to watch the cars go by. He should not exceed 34" tall at the shoulder at full growth and be between 400 and 600 pounds. He is perfectly put together and will be an amazing herd sire. $2500. Email Sherry or call or text ☎ 919.939.0736, or Vincent, 919.691.2473. Kittrell, North Carolina.

FOR SALE: "Panda" Miniature bull calf. 6 months old. Weaned and ready to go. I expect him to mature around 39--42 inches. He is small - about 19" tall and 20 lbs when born. Nice gentle personality and did I say cute. Mother is a mini hereford 39" tall, she was bred when I got her. Father was a registered Mini Panda Bull. $1500, Dominion Exchange Auctions LLC., call or text ☎ 703-839-2340. Winchester, Virginia.

FOR SALE or TRADE: Mini Jersey bull
3 yrs old, A2/A2, polled, very small and correct. I would like to trade for a couple of heifers or bred cows; prefer Aberdeen Angus or other beef breed but would accept mini Jersey. Will sell $4500. email or text ☎ 678-873-3017 for pictures. Located in north Georgia now and will be in Virginia by summer. (April)

DISPERSAL: Galloway beef herd. Personal illness forces sale of our wonderful cattle. We originally chose the Galloway breed as they can be maintained on smaller acreage farms and to us the beef is by far the best in taste. (1) One handsome young bull, 1/4 polled black Dexter and 3/4 Galloway, $700. (2) Healthy 3-1/2 year-old black cow, had her first calf 7/2017. Cow's dam is a registered (appendix) Galloway (also black) and her sire is a registered polled black Dexter. Cow has been a very attentive mother and has been exposed to registered Galloway bull for upcoming summer calf. $1100. (3) 'Brutus', a registered breeding bull originally from Holsinger Homeplace Farms. Brutus is very mild mannered and easy to handle. He has sired his first crop of calves with no misses and we await his new spring/summer calves. DOB July 30, 2014 and has many producing years ahead. $2200, cash only, and he must be picked up at the farm. We have other stock for sale: registered cows, yearling heifers and a dexter/galloway cow and yearling bull. Telephone calls only, no texts or emails. Please call 434-993-0693, Tuesday, Thursday or Friday 10 AM til 5 PM or Saturday 10 AM til noon, leave message for Tom. If you get the answering machine, please leave a message with a call back number! ☎ 434-993-0693, Concord Virginia.

Facebook Groups:

Arkansas Miniature Cattle (270) Pictures of AR miniature cattle to show or to sell.

Zebu Miniature Cattle For Sale in Kentucky, Ohio, West Virginia and Tennessee (725 members) Jackie Hornback.

Kentucky Miniature Animals. Anything that is called miniature; cows pigs horses. Anything called mini. (725 members)

Mini Jersey Miniature Dairy Cattle--South Central USA (345) This is a welcoming place to find and share Mini Jerseys with the neighbors in our region of Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Mississippi. Everyone is welcome but please only share Mini Jerseys and breeders within this region, all others will be deleted. Are you frustrated about finding your miniature family milk cow but she's too far away for pick up and shipping is expensive? Let's network and promote the miniature breeders within our area. Lastly, please only share Mini Jerseys that appear to be pure and not out-crossed with another breed. Thank you!

FOR SALE: Registered mini Hereford pair: 8YO cow and her reg bull calf at side. Cow has been dehorned. Great cow; has had several nice calves for us, just down-sizing. $2500 for the pair. Email Lisa Thorne or text ☎ 812-354-4015. Petersburg Indiana [09-12]

RoAnnMINIATURE HERD DISPERSAL: 1 registered 3 yr old mini Hereford bull 40” and 6 unregistered cows: 6 yr old Hereford 40”, 4 yr old Hereford 38”, yearling Hereford heifer 36”, 3 yr old black baldie 38”, 5 yr old dun 39”, 5 yr old brindle roan 39” >> (RoAnn, right)[SOLD]. All exposed for 2019 calf. Will sell separately for $1500 ea or the whole herd of 7 cattle for $10k ☎ Call 918-640-5949 Deb Allen (more offered in Missouri, see website for more info) Allens Acres in Northern Indiana.

HERD REDUCTION: 12 100% grassfed dual purpose cows,
we want to downsize the herd a little. I think most of these girls have a better future as beef cows than milk cows, although some show potential for future milking capacity. They will raise fat calves and they have genetics that will fatten well on good forage alone. Breeding is a mix of Milking Shorthorn, Dutch Belted, and Milking Devon. They have been with a bull since at least mid July, some have been since late June. A couple were in heat recently, but things have been pretty quiet the last week or so. I have breeding dates for several (if not most) of them. Asking $700 each. Will negotiate if buyer takes all 12; text Kate ☎ 812-562-0707. Clay City, Indiana. [08-30]

Devon cow & British White calf FOR SALE: 3-in-1 Bred Devon cow with heifer calf. The Devon was originally a triple purpose breed: meat, milk, and draft. Cow could be registered, but papers aren't renewed. This cow is a bigger cow, #1300 pounds, very gentle. She will make an excellent milk cow, or beef cow. Stays very fat on grass. Perfect for raising grass fed beef and to use as a homestead milk cow. Comes with her colorful 6-wk old heifer calf at side, by a British White bull, plus she is bred back to a British White bull. Asking $1800 for the pair, ☎ 918-814-9056. Bixby Oklahoma. [08-02]

FOR SALE or TRADE: Lowline/Jersey mix bull, born 03/15/17 very gentle, healthy, he's approx. 36"+ tall, approx. 500 lbs. Grass fed only. Price $700, please serious enquires only. ***I'm open to a trade for another Lowline bull, I'm looking for a different bloodline. Give me a call ☎ 515-729-8422, Des Moines Iowa.

AQHA trade 3-in-1TRADE: Any interest in trading a few miniature Herefords for a 3 in 1 AQHA race-bred package? Find me on Facebook: Kara Betancourt @Long-Shadow-Ranch-LLC. Located in NW Indiana (06-18)

FOR SALE: Lowline cross bull.
A short chunky little black bull looking for some new ladies, his work is done here. He has given us some beautiful baby heifers we are keeping. You won't find a more laid back bull anywhere, he lays there while I brush him. He has a puppy personality, he does his job perfectly, he minds all fences and is just overall a great bull. 40 inches. He has serviced heifers and cows ranging from 36-47 inches. $1000. Contact Kim text: ☎ 319-721-5045. Monticello, Iowa.

FOR SALE: nice Belted Galloway heifer,
born February 2016. She is open and ready to breed. All paperwork is available. $1100, and we can deliver locally for a little extra. Call or text Jack ☎ 515-707-0494 Panora Iowa.

FOR SALE: miniature Zebu
. I will be selling my 9-12 month old calves and will sell a few proven mamas with their new calves from this season. IMZA registered. Mine are tame. $1200-$2000. Text first since i don't answer unfamiliar numbers. ☎ 405-833-5395, Ann Moore in Oklahoma.

Facebook Groups:

Miniature cattle – Midwest (235) A place for people in the Midwest to share and discuss their mid sized and miniature cattle. Sales are permitted.

Mini Jerseys of the Midwest (77) This is a group dedicated to the Mid and Miniature sized Jerseys of the Midwest! States such as Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Iowa, the Dakotas (North and South), Nebraska, Wisconsin, Ohio, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Michigan.

Miniature Cattle of the Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, and South Dakota area. (175) Buying and selling miniature cattle in the upper midwest.

Oklahoma Miniature Cattle Breeders (75) Post anything on different breeds of miniature cattle in Oklahoma.

REDUCTION SALE: Miniature Jerseys & Aberdeen Angus. We are paring back on our farm and have some beautiful sustainable cows perfect for homestead or small acreage families interested in raising their own beef or raw milk. Over 25 head available. Text Tami 970-218-1300. Greeley Colorado. [08-01]

mini Highland bull for saleFOR SALE: Miniature Scottish Highland bull, he is 18 months old and stands at 36 inches (FS-0000). His sire was registered with the American Highland Breeders Assoc. His dam is not registered. Allan Ormond ☎ 801-726-2097, Utah.

FOR SALE: 2 Jersey X Lowline cows.
5YO Lowline X Jersey mid-size cow running with a miniature Jersey bull right now. Halter broke and gentle. Would make a great milk or nurse cow. $1500. 3YO 1/4 Lowline X 3/4 Jersey mid-size cow in with a miniature Jersey bull now. Gentle and easy going. $1500. Would make a deal on both if they went together. Both had calves this year that will be weaning soon. They are mother and daughter. ☎ 970-209-7731. Montrose Colorado. [07-08]

WANTED: ISO Jersey family milk cow
or heifer. Call Danielle ☎ 208-595-2738 Twin Falls, Idaho.

WTB: Want to buy a miniature bull for breeding. Let me know what you have. Call ☎ 701-361-8505. Hawley, North Dakota.

Val-D1FOR SALE: American Aberdeen bred heifer, (left) registered, fullblood (100%), AI'd to All Jacked Up, due late June. I am selling her is because she is related to my bull and was bred outside of our calving season. DOB 04-02-16, granddaughter to Yarra Ranges Jackaroo and Brackengrae Beau Lad. She has good conformation and great feet and legs (something I personally look for). She has a docile personality and would be great around kids. She is halter broke (but hasn't worn one in a while). She will be an easy calving cow and give you a lot of great calves in the future. $2500 obo. Bryce Barker ☎ 970-691-0623 Star View Genetics, Berthoud Colorado.

blue roan Milking ShorthornFOR SALE: beautiful blue roan Milking Shorthorn X heifer.
(right) She freshened late May. Would make a great family dairy cow or could be used as a nurse cow. $1750. Call or text with questions. ☎ 605-214-3227. Close to Sioux Falls South Dakota.

FOR SALE: Native (FB) Shorthorn cattle, registered with ASA. 4YO red roan bull $2000; 3YO red roan cow with 2018 white heifer calf at side $2000, would let the bull and cow calf pair go together for $3300. Native Shorthorns are heritage dual purpose (beef and milk) cattle whose lineage dates back to the original Shorthorn herdbook without outside breed influence. These cattle are from the Haumont herd located in NE. If you are interested or have any questions call or text ☎ 701-840-4017. Braddock, North Dakota.

FOR SALE: Nice miniature horned Hereford bull. He's good looking, sires nice calves. Easy going. $600 obo cash, call ☎ 303-859-1658, Longmont, Colorado.

FOR SALE: Dexter cattle pairs,
calves by registered bull. $800. ☎ call (970) 712-8260. Delta Colorado.

BWFFOR SALE: Three (3) Lowline BWF pairs; (left) all 3 cows with heifer calves at side, all are very docile, all cows under 5 years, and the 3 heifer calves are approximately three months old. Asking $1100 /pair. Call Mal ☎ 970-210-3527. Cedaredge Colorado.

FOR SALE: Dexter Cow. 5YO Eleanor is a black, horned, non-registered full blood Dexter, an easy calver, never needing any assistance calving and a very attentive mother. Her last calf was born in September of 2017 (an intact Dexter bull, also available); $800. We are moving into even smaller cattle and so are offering our Dexter cattle, text Elizabeth ☎ 435-459-0419. Monticello, Utah.

FOR SALE: 4 year old registered Mini Jersey bull.
1200# Very prolific fella, no trouble covering the standard Jerseys or standard Angus. Has been the main bull till I aquired Highlands and plan to focus on them. $1500. text: ☎ (208) 451-4363. Nezperce Idaho. (04-06)

grass Dexter cowFOR SALE: Purebred Dexter cow (left) due to calve late spring. Grass raised, nice udder, good mother. Registered with American Dexter Cattle Association. $1650. No texting, please ☎ 208-308-1561. Buhl, Idaho.

FOR SALE: Mini jersey cow. 6 years old, just freshened April 3rd. Right now my daughter and I are handmilking and getting around 1 1/2 to 2 gallons milked twice a day. $1500. Call if any questions ☎ 406-621-0197. Roundup Montana. (04-06)

FOR SALE: Purebred black Dexter cow due to calve in late spring. Grass raised, nice udder, good mother. Registered with American Dexter Cattle Association. $1650. Call Jack to come see her. ☎ 208-308-1561. No texting, please. Buhl, Idaho. (04-06)

Dutch Belted milk cowFOR SALE: Dutch Belted Dairy cow. Halter broke family milk cow. This is a dairy breed of cow that could add good milk genetics to your herd. She has been used as a nurse cow and had calves grafted onto her in the past. We used her as a family milk cow last year and had great success with her. She is currently bred to an angus bull for the fall (should be around September/October). We are selling her because we are just not personally equipped to own a cow. For more information call or text Jonathan ☎ 208-650-9043. Rupert Idaho. (04-01)

FOR SALE: Fullblood Registered Native Shorthorn Cattle. These beautiful red roan cattle are the old heritage breed that trace back to two 1820's herdbooks with no outside breeding. Polled and dual purpose--beef and dairy. A2. Quality cattle quality bloodlines, balanced traits for ease of calving, growth, lovely udders, lots of milk. Raised all natural, grass fed only, no hormones or antibiotics. Bred cows, heifers, calves. $1000-$2500. Call Gene ☎ 208-830-7982. Idaho.

FOR SALE: registered Miniature Jersey cow, Bonnie. She is 3 years old. Polled (heterozygous), 41-3/4 inches tall. Gentle. Stands well for milking. Has a great cream content to her milk. A1/A2, healthy. We test our herd for TB, Brucella, Johnes, BLV & BVD. We have a healthy and clean herd. Bonnie gave us a terrific A2/A2 heifer calf in January. We are retaining the calf and selling Bonnie. She is a light colored fawn cow. A terrific family milk cow. $6000. call or text Mike ☎ 610-406-8136. Manti, Utah.

FOR SALE: Miniature Tarentaise bull,
approx 4 years old. Gentle enough for youth bucking bull or breeding bull (not proven), asking $750. Call or text Amber ☎ 406-672-1838. Billings Montana.

Facebook Groups:

Mini Jersey Miniature Dairy Cattle--NW USA (245 members) This is a welcoming place to find and share Mini Jerseys with the neighbors in our region of Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming. Everyone is welcome but please only share Mini Jerseys and breeders within this region.

Western Canada Dexter Cattle (150) Bringing Dexter Cattle enthusiants from Western Canada together to learn, buy, sell, trade and just enjoy the Dexters for what they are.

Canadian Miniature Herefords (115) We are attempting to raise awareness of Miniature Herefords in Canada. Many people around here are unaware that there is even such thing as a Miniature Hereford.

Mini Jersey Miniature Dairy Cattle - Western Canada (86) This is a welcoming place to find and share Mini Jerseys with the neighbors in our region of British Columbia, Yukon and North West Territories, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Everyone is welcome but please only share Mini Jerseys and breeders within this region

FOR SALE: Bulls. Heirloom Mini Hereford, Classic Horned Hereford, mini Rodeo Bulls, Classic (frame score 3) Red Angus. Predictable genetics since 1999. Falster Farm, Winnsboro, Texas. [08-23]

FOR SALE: Miniature heifer calf. I have a miniature heifer in need of a nurse cow or bottle. Her mother was a Brangus cross miniature cow has passed away. Asking $450 for her heifer. 214-625-2651. Dallas Texas. [08-05]

FOR SALE: Miniature Cattle.
Black Baldy heifer, Lowline heifer and mini Hereford bull. All miniature, polled, 2 years old and up to date on shots and wormer. Sell as package $3600, $1200 ea, text Cricket ☎ 575-430-0098. Hereford, Texas.

FOR SALE: Oreo starter herd. 3 belted heifers and 1 belted bull. All are 18-24 mos old. Very gentle and come to feed. $6000 for all 4. Call text Cory 281-414-0859. Katy Texas. [06-17]

FOR SALE: 2 registered mini Hereford cows, one is an 18 mo polled heifer, excellent conformation, the other is a horned 2.5 yo cow, easy calver, she is open right now ready for a bull. Both are FS 0000, $1500 each. ☎ 602-354-6424. Clearwater (Phoenix) Arizona.

Zebu Herd Dispersal: Beautiful, friendly herd of 7 miniature Zebu cattle. Raised in a petting zoo environment. Will eat out of your hand, and love to be petted and scratched. Sizes from 32 to 38 inches. (1) Bull. Dusty is a proven bull and has sired several incredible babies. Dark brown, 5 yrs old and only 36 inches tall, foundation pure -$900. Dixie(2) Cow. Lulu is 5 yrs old, grey, very sweet, loves people, no horns, 38.5 inches, great breeder and pet, foundation pure $1300. (3) Cow. Ellie is 5 yrs old, incredibly sweet, loves people, no horns, dark chocolate brown, would love to live in the house if she could, great breeder and pet, 40 inches -$1300. (4) Cow. Dixie (left) is stunning gorgeous, black and white, 5yrs old, 38 inches, throws incredible flashy colored babies -$1300. (5) Cow. Annabel is 5yrs old, grey, very small at only 36 inches tall, great breeder, foundation pure -$1300. (6) Bull. Bullseye is Dixie’s gorgeous baby, black and white, 2 yrs old, 36.5 inches, no horns -$900. (7) Bull. Trump is a beautiful small bull, light brown, 1.5 yrs old, only 32 inches tall, he is Annabel’s baby -$900. Or, great deal for the whole herd - $7000. Call or text ☎ 541-531-9100 Located in Stephenville, Texas.

FOR SALE: grey yearling AMZA Zebu heifer. She is show quality; a granddaughter of Zeus. She should mature to around 38". She is very gentle; she was bottle fed. $650, ☎ 254-709-0867, Brown's Farm Services - Crawford, Texas.

FOR SALE: Miniature Hereford heifer. Willow is a tiny registered heifer, almost 2 yrs old. She is gentle. She has never been with our bull. $2500. Contact me with any questions ☎ 512-430-2674. Rockdale, Texas. (04-16)

FOR SALE: 2 miniature Herefords:
1 mini Hereford bull, $1500, and 1 miniature Hereford heifer, $2000. Both can be registered with American Hereford Association. ☎ 903-746-3729 or email Mike Shirley Hallsville Texas.

FOR SALE: Registered British White bull. Brucellosis tattoo, TB negative and neg Trich test paperwork. Very calm and docile, has never acted aggressively, we can walk right up to him and pet him, give him treats and lead him. Low birth weight calves avg 55 to 65 lbs. 3 yrs old raised only on pasture and hay. Has only settled cows in my clean, closed herd. Have pics of offspring. Have some heifer crosses out of him and his sire Brick available as well. Bringing in a dairy bull is only reason for sale, this boy is ready to go to work and won't disappoint! $5000. Please text ☎ (602) 980-9203 for more info. Arizona.

Facebook Groups:

Texas Miniature Cattle (860 members) A group for Texas miniature cattle enthusiasts to share photos, information and offer available miniature cattle and related items available for buy, sell or trade. Scottish Highland, Low line Angus, Miniature Herefords, White Park, Belted Galloway, Dexter, Zebu and all other breeds and cross breeds of mini cattle are welcome here.

Texas Miniature Zebu Cattle for Sale (475 members) A place for miniature Zebu breeders in Texas to buy and sell.

Mini Jersey Miniature Dairy Cattle--South Central USA (345) This is a welcoming place to find and share Mini Jerseys with the neighbors in our region of Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Mississippi. Everyone is welcome but please only share Mini Jerseys and breeders within this region, all others will be deleted. Are you frustrated about finding your miniature family milk cow but she's too far away for pick up and shipping is expensive? Let's network and promote the miniature breeders within our area. Lastly, please only share Mini Jerseys that appear to be pure and not out-crossed with another breed. Thank you!

Mini Jersey Miniature Dairy Cattle-Southwest USA (75 members) Feel free to post, list and ask questions! Only post cattle for sale that are in our region!

WANTED: Some Devon or Belted Galloway, or any hardy hornless grass-fed-only cattle. It would be amazing if they're from an organic operation but that's not a must. Email Sagi Ayakon Located in western Washington state. [09-09]

FOR SALE: 4YO American Milking Devon cow, lovely conformation, extremely thrifty, has had one calf and has been milking, producing about 1 gallon per day, and excellent beef qualities. Perfect heritage breed for the homestead - she'll give you milk for the house and raise a calf for beef. text: Alyssa ☎ 425-220-7215. Monroe Washington. [09-01]

WANTED: Some small cattle:
We are looking for small colorful cattle to add to our small herd /fold. We have a little hobby farm in central California and enjoy spoiling and admiring all of our pasture ornaments. We currently have some small framed Highlands and would LOVE to add some more, especially a dun. We are also looking for some flash. Some flashy colored girls, crossbred okay. White Dexter, Lowline cross, British White, White Park, Belted Galloway to give you an idea. We have a great, reliable hauler and can make arrangements for all the proper transport paperwork to be completed. Please let us know if you have something available and what you are asking... We are on a budget. Please call or text ☎ 209.402.4247 or 209.985.1106, Thank you Modesto California. [08-02]

FOR SALE: 2 Miniature bulls. 1 black Angus X miniature Zebu cross - 30 months - $800. and 1 grey miniature Zebu bull - 27 months - $1000. text ☎ 808-351-1916. Windward Hawaii. [07-14]

FOR SALE: Miniature red Dexter shortie bull and a black Dexter cow. Both are polled, registered with ADCA, both are A2/A2... cow might be pregnant... $1400 for the cow.... $1600 for the bull (TN bloodline; from Freedom Farm) ... if interested, text /call me @559-777-1149. Fresno California.

FOR SALE: Red polled Dexter heifer for family milk cow. Registered, Lil Chip, ADCA #043308, genetic tested UC Davis, born 10-20-16. Halter training started. She is gentle, friendly, raised as family milk cow (we are milking her mama now). Ready to breed, $1000, text Rusty ☎ 970-317-3286. Bayfield, California.

FOR SALE: a miniature Belted Galloway and her new bull calf, ready for a new farm. Both are full mini Galloway, and the calf is just the sweetest little guy. Mama calved easily with no assistance on 05/03 and has been hand milked a few times. All 4 quarters are working well. We have loved having them but are moving to another breed for our farm. Two other heifers (another pure mini Beltie and one half mini Beltie x half mini Highland) also available to the right home. All are very used to being around people and love being scratched; $1600 for the cow/calf pair. For more information call or text Melissa ☎ 208-860-1313. Thanks! Located in central Oregon. (05-08)

She's worth itFOR SALE: Mini Homestead Milk cow. (left) Wonderful cow.. never needed to help her deliver a calf... 34 in. high at shoulders. Got a little Lowline in her so she throws some beefy calves. Gives 1.5 to 2 gallons a day of wonderful milk.. (I calf share). Calf is 5 months old. Perfect for a small homestead; very sweet, will do anything for a loaf of bread. $1500 cash only I dont want to trade.. and no- I wont take less.. I love her and she is worth every penny. Doralee text ☎ 360-860-1027. Hansville (north of Tacoma) Washington.

SaphireFOR SALE: miniature cross heifer: (left) DOB 09-20-16. Sire: Miniature Hereford. Dam: 3/4 Dexter (non-chrondo) and 1/4 Jersey. About 44" tall and weighs about 600 pounds. She's pretty docile just from daily human contact but not trained to lead. She is open and ready to be bred. She will be wormed and vaccinated shortly and be ready to go. Asking $1200 OBO. ☎ 530-993-4452 or email: Located in Loyalton, California.

California Miniature Cattle (320 members). This is a group for people in California who are interested in miniature cattle. We hope to learn from each other. Buying and selling of miniature cattle, bulls for stud, A.I. etc.

WANTED: Jersey/Dexter heifer. We are looking for a heifer that is Jersey Dexter cross, a new calf, yearling or young cow. Our milk cow needs company! Call or text Lynn ☎ 907-590-1534. Fairbanks, Alaska.


For Sale: Exotic Water Buffalo, adults & calves many ages and sizes available--raise similar to beef cattle. Contact Josh with any questions 647-924-8367. Caledon East (near Toronto), Ontario, Canada


FOR SALE: 2 Registered Mini Shorthorn bulls. (1) Magic Mike (left) is a red roan 2YO polled bull. Magic is very gentle. (2) Eli's Coming (right) is a bigger, red spotted 3YO horned bull. Eli would be a prospect for a Mini Bucking bull program. He is 700# and has a bit of attitude. His calves are awesome tho. $1500 each, or will consider trades for females. Lazy B Lightning Ranch Mini Beef & Dairy Shorthorns ☎  509-422-6388 evenings. Okanogan Washington.

FOR SALE: 2 bred Beefalo cows, (above) bred to an Angus bull, calved in February-March. Weigh about 1500-1600 lbs. Pick up only, call or text Tommy ☎ (785) 294-2286. Baileyville, Kansas. (01-15)



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42" is the most often quoted height to qualify as a mini, at the hook;
43" is the same height when using the standard top of hip measurement

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Wanted to let you know we sold the miniature bull. Thank you so much for the ad,
we greatly appreciate what you are doing with your website, keep up the good work!
~ Earlene, Double D Highland Farm

Thank you for posting my ad. I sold them (in 2 days).
Thanks ~ Buffy

Hey Donna, My little bull sold on your site once again! :D
THANK YOU so much for having a great web site! You can take this off please.,
Thanks again ~ Wendy Ravenwood Farm

Sold in a few weeks, Thanks for all you do! :)
~ Wendy, Ravenwood Farm

Great service that you are providing. Thanks! ~ Kathy
Kathy and 2 others manage the Miniature Highland Cattle Breeders FB group

Thanks for all your hard work! I love it! Thank you so much!
~ Annie, Hiatt Farms

Thank you so much! :) You're so great to offer this service!
~ Wendy, Ravenwood Farm

Donna, Love it! Thanks for sharing with all of us. Take care,
~ Jane, Valley View Farms

Donna, thank you for your hard work. Love the site! Thanks from Texas...
~ John, Cartier Mini Composites

Thank you so much for helping us to become more available to our customers on the internet.
~ Vanishing Springs Ranch

Your help has been amazing, Thank You!!
~ Shawna

Thank you for the work you do and for helping to promote and sell for people like us.
Bryce B, Star View Farm Ltd, Star View Genetics

Thank you for your time and your efforts in getting this all put together. Really cool!
~ Paul, Walking P Ranch

Thank you for everything, she sold yesterday as soon as we posted her. ~Julie

She has sold. Thanks so much!!! ~CW

I love your site and what a great job you're doing.
~ John, Murray Creek Miniatures

We do get people contacting us thru your site. Thank you for allowing us to be listed here.
Doe Creek Miniatures

We are very grateful of your efforts with the directory –
I can say it seems to have sparked quite a bit of interest in our cattle.
Thank you so much, T

Can you please remove our ad for our Scottish Highland Heifer? We just sold her yesterday.
We trailer her to her new home tomorrow which is only 40 miles from us!!
Thank you so much, Lea, Ross's Windy Acres.

Donna, exciting to see a mini directory!! Thank U so very much!!! Micki

I have a pending sale for a family dairy cow that traces back
to the free listing on the breeders page you organized. Thank you!
NorthWoods Homestead

Thank you so much for taking the time to set this up. ~ Ranell

Thank you so much! ~ K&A Funny Farm

Thanks so much for doing this it's a great help to us
and I'm sure a headache for you sometimes so thanks for doing it!
~ Frogeye Farm

Thank you very much!!! ~ Oliver Miniature Acres

Thank you! We really appreciate the work that you are putting into this website.
It is going to be beneficial to the public and a great network for other miniature breeders.
Again thank you for your time! ~ Sunnyfield Farm

Thanks so much! ~ Gramma Zoo Exotics

Really appreciate your effort! ~ Trembath Mountain Ranch

Thank you!!! ~ Christenson Cattle Company

Thank you so much for your efforts in creating this – most appreciated.
~ Whitehall Flyway Miniature Cattle

THANK YOU! ~ I sold my miniature heifer the first day my classified ad came out!



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