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Homestead Cattle Directory ( (links below are in transition)
    Homestead Cattle Classified Ads free ads for all Homestead & Miniature breeds of cattle
    Homestead Cattle Breed Directory; low input breeds of cattle w/ grassfed genetics that do well on small acreage
    Miniature Cattle Directory (
        Miniature Cattle Breed Directory
        Chondrodysplasia: Miniature Cattle Bulldog Dwarfism (BD)
    Homestead Cattle Sire Directory (being re-done now)
    Homestead Cattle Breeder Directory
    Homestead & Miniature Cattle Resources
        Glossary of Cattleman Terms
        Herds of Cattle Facts (might be a few you didn't know)
        Social Media Directory: Homestead Cattle Groups on Facebook & MeWe
        Records, Record Keeping, Forms, Formulas, Charts (many free, downloadable and printable for your barn)
            Collecting Your Bull? Sire Traits to Record
            Frame Score (FS) Charts & Formula
            Body Condition Score (BCS) Charts
            How to Estimate Age of Cattle by their Teeth (+ free printable poster)
            How to Estimate Weight of Cattle Using Body Measurements
            Udder Score Charts
            Temperament Score Charts
            Calving Ease (CE) Score Chart
            Gestation Chart for Cows
            How to Calculate Crossbreed Percentages in a Pedigree
            How to Calculate Bloodline Percentage of a Pedigree
        Infectious Diseases of Cattle
        Inherited Diseases in Cattle (and the DNA tests available for certain breeds)
        DNA Mutations: 12 interesting facts
        Genetics of Coat Color in Cattle
        Health Testing: Selling Frozen Genetics; Bulls & Donor Cows
        Homestead Cattle Articles & Links

Homestead Cattle Directory

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go home little cow

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