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Miniature-Cattle.com breeding miniature cattle Bull stats; how to submit a bull in the sire directory
see also: Dwarfism in Miniature Cattle
see also: Genotyping Cattle; DNA tests for genetic diseases, coat color, breed traits
see also: Herd Health; vaccines & health tests for infectious diseases
see also: Sire Directory; miniature breeds and homestead breeds
see also: Sire Testing; bull collection protocols & health tests for safe semen collection

Bull Stats
How to Submit a Bull to a Sire Directory

Molaug of Tinto - scottishgenetics.com

Gathering records & information that are important to cow owners


Bull Basics

Photo: clear, sharp, lateral side view, head up, feet square, with uncluttered background
Name: --------------------------
Registration: include all reg. numbers & links to any online registry pedigrees
Breed: --------------------------
Breed Blood Percentage: --------%
• Breed Genotype BBR score (required, if tested)
Type (beef, dairy, dual or triple purpose)
Temperament: temperament score
Birth Weight (BW)
Birth Height
SC (yearling scrotal circumference--include breed average for comparison)
Height: 12 mo., mature height, frame score
        • mature height = height measured over hip at > 36 mos.
        • Frame Score (FS), mature height can be estimated using a formula after 5 months of age
        • provide records for height measured over hip at __months of age
        • for across-breed comparisons, measurement over hip is required for all bulls
            • behind withers is acceptable in some registries, but provide measure over hip also
            • height measurement to hook bone is usually not acceptable

Test Results

Genotyping (DNA tests)

chondro status required for:
        • Irish Dexter bulls
        • miniature Zebu bulls
        • % miniature bulls [less than 100% of his breed]
        • obligate test free (PV)
• Polled: Horned, heterozygous, homozygous
• Scurs: scurred, none, unknown
• Color genotype
• Beta Casein: A1A1, A1A2, A2A2
• Cappa Casein: AA, AB, BB
• Genetic diseases traced to your bull's breed

Health tests; infectious diseases and / or Bull tests for A.I. sires


  Progeny (& /or Sire & Dam) Records

CE chart • Number of his calves
• Average BW of his calves
• Calving Ease (CE) scores on his calves
• Average FS of his calves (measured > 5 mos)
• Production records of his parents or daughters
• Grassfed genetics
• Other EPDs if known

Semen Sales; Contact & Order info

Bull Owner: link to owner farm /ranch webpage w/ pedigree, more info or photos
Bull Breeder:
• Other semen order contact (semen owner, collection or storage facility), if applicable
Semen price / straw (conventional)
• Semen price / straw (sexed), if applicable
• Multiple discounts, if applicable
Expected shipping & handling

Email all info to donna@miniature-cattle.com to submit your bull to the homestead and / or miniature breed sire directory. Thank you.

UPDATE: In the near future, the Miniature Sire Directory and the new upcoming Homestead Breed Sire Directory will separate, so stay tuned for that.

go home little cow
go home little cow

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